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Joslin Cruz

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Joslin Cruz
As Played By: Hannah
Favorite Parings: Joslin/Asher, Joslin/Devin, Joslin/Quincy
Pairings I'd Try: Joslin/Rick, Joslin/Lane,
Pairings I Wouldn't Touch With a Ten Foot Pole: Joslin/Chris? I dnno.
Topics I Like: Drama, Tragedy, Romance
Smut?: Definitely!

How I Write This Character (Sample and/or Description):
Joslin smirked as another man wakled up to him.
"Hey darlin, wanna play lion?" The guy asked as he sat down beside him.
"Sure, but ya gotta tell me how to play big boy." His eyes were all black tonight. He had contacts that made it look like he had no whites in his eyes. It was quite creepy.
"Its real easy. You get on your hands and knees and I'll throw you my meat." He smirked.
Joslin chuckled.
"Sounds fun. Your place or mine?"
"Fine by me." He stood and took the mans hand, leading him out of the club.
He had a five year old child sitting at home. That child had heard so many of Joslin's late night fucks. He was left alone constantly. He had a whore for a mother...
*1 Hour Later*
"Thats right bitch, suck daddy's dick." The man commanded, head thrown back as Joslin swallowed him whole.
Avery, Joslin's five year old son toddled into the room.
"Momma?" He tilted his head to the side.
"Baby! Baby what are you doing out of bed?" Joslin gasped, throwing the man back on the bed and tossing a blanket over him.
"I heawd ew say daddy... I thought he was hewa. I wanted to mewt daddy..." The small boy whimpered.
"Oh baby..." Joslin drug a hand down his face. He was such a fucking terrible mother.
"Look you have to go home." he looked up at the man on the bed.
The man looked disappointed but he nodded and left.
"Momma what wew ew doing wif dat guy?" Avery asked.
"Nothing baby... nothing at all... we were just talking..." Joslin frowned at his son.
"Otay mwomma..." Avery nodded and toddled off to his bedroom.
Joslin waited until he was asleep again before getting a hoodie and putting it on. He pulled the hood tight around his face so you couldn't see him then he headed outside.
He walked and walked until he arrived at a small sort of poetry house. It was very quaint, only maybe twenty people in the place. A small stage was in the center of the room. People would go up and sing or read poetry.
Joslin came here often. Here, he was Jamie again. The shy, sweet, naive little boy came back when he got up on this stage and sang...

Joslin Cruz

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