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Post by Chord Lyric VanDeKamp on Thu Jun 09, 2011 2:34 am

I was always voted for best smile in my school.

Pshhh Aristotle can kiss my ass, I am rocking the sun glasses

Im like...the fucking Austin Powers of dork town xD I am so kick ass

She was so gorgeous....
Well he lol Ben dressed like a girl 99% time while we were dating

Big brother taking me to the air port, I was sent to a private school millions of miles away from home

Thats 'I want you' face, Joslin gets this s lot lol

SMILE!!! Everything is easier when you smile...

Cuz they're all thinking im to white and nerdy

Whatcha doing? Picture? Get my good side!!

All my love for Bruno, He has this picture on his bed side table.

Damn Aristotle and his damn camera of doom xD

Belly button pierced, yeah im a guy, so what BITCHES!!!

You see, a guy named Luke hit Joslin and I went to beat his ass and we had a major fight and so yeah....lost me some teeth.

Talk about A deer caught in head lights

I was so giddy, Ben agreed to let me have Bruno for the day

I enjoy this picture, it looks so....peaceful...

Im awesome gangsta!!

Me, my brother, some chick with green hair and Jarred...


Yes I know, im gay and Ben was looking like a chick but we were doing good at the time, I didnt mind....

Aristotle writes:

Seriously? Who takes these pictures

The fuck? Doggie? Awww pretty doggie!!


Me and my brother again<33He is an ass but I love him


!It was so pretty in the town I was in, I mean it was a big city and I was on my own and I loved it...

No I didnt love him...ever...

Or did I?

Maybe Just a little, for just a little while...

We were checking out chicks on the side walk, I found Joslin!!

This was after one night I finally got Joslin in bed, thought he was finally going to have something with me and by morning he was gone...
I was heart broken.

In the bar, Aristotle still had his damn camera even though it was dark, damn him.

Stop with the random fucking pictures people and Aristotle that means YOU!

Balcony at my parents house with Kelton

Right after winning first place in track.

Damn I look like a fatty in this picture!! Joslin better not see this

Some guy stalked me in school, painted this for me...I love it because its awesome.

We had been doing graffiti and once again, OUT COMES ARISTOTLE WITH HIS CAMERA OF DOOM!!

At the park to meet Ben and Bruno<3

Ben was cute, I hope he finds true love some day.

Me and Aristotle<333 I love his cheerful ass

I was zoned out thinking about Joslin...

Ginning brightly!!! My son had just been born.

What in the fuck was and IS that over there in the grass? TWO SQUIRRELS BUTT FUCKING OMG!!!

1 LOVE YOU!!!! I love you

I look kinda like im on drugs or something...I hate that look!

I had like a stick, I was by a tree doing pull ups, I have no time for a gym.

I enjoy this picture, Aristotle adores it, he has a copy on his phone.

Me and my brothers friend Stuart.

Ben dressed lke a girl ALOT I know I have a picture somewhere of him normal looking.

I had my guitar, did you know I was a musician?

Ohhh you touch my taalaalaa!!!! Ummm my ding ding dong!!

!If only you know how nice and big it was, you would want it..


Relax how'd that song go, im not sure I know?

I look like.... retarded, I dont like thisss

I like this one, I look kinda good but never as good as Joslin...

I was blushing because of Joslin... damn him

WTF where is the rest of me?


Joslin makes me feel like shit for what I did to Ben...I had no choice....

Hey, you cant say I wasnt and Im not good to Ben, im really good to him...

Stuart is a sweet kid, how can he be friends with someone like my brother

My tongue is so fucking epic!

What was that?? Im so fucking blank....

Get the damn mic outta my face bitch!

Stuart has like...a big crush on me, its cute but I dont return the feelings..I love Joslin...and he doesnt return my feelings...its so fucked up.

I am so hopeless....Joslin dont want me and I cant have Bruno either....

I am digging the yellow shades!

I like the background on this one<333

Skate board yes!!!

Now that was like a random chick at a bar??

Ben (Sigh)

Bruno...Ben named him that just because I hated the name...Spiteful bitch




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