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Post by Joslin Cruz on Thu Jun 09, 2011 12:23 pm

I can take more of that popsicle in too... *wink wink*

Damn I'm thin...

Playing ditz here. Apparently it turns some guys on if they feel theyre taking advantage of someone Rolling Eyes

Don't think I'm all weird... there was a squirrel over there...

On my date with Chord. Damn boy had a camera. Why am I smiling so big...?


I look really innocent here... I'm not acting this time...

I need to gain some weight.

I really dont like this picture. I look weird... well i always look weird but still.

Bitch wants me...

Jamie singing... yes Jamie. Not Joslin. Notice I'm normal here?

Some dude I took home. *shrug* he was cute <3

Jamie and one of Daniel's friends, Ken. He was cool <3

Jamie sexy dancing with Ken again <3

No one can tell who you are in the dark...

Zoned out thinking about someone.. not Chord if thats what youre thinking Embarassed

Jamie makin a duck face:P

This chick had a huge crush on me. It was pretty adorable. Too bad I'm gay.

Holding one of Avery's stuffed animals. Thinking about that person again...

I dont know.... some photoshoot *shrug*

Jamie again. He's such a retard.

Damn I'm sexy Wink

My Jacket is rockin. And my eyes are red, love this picture

Jamie again. Damn, why was I so nasty?

Eating pretzels in Ashers car

I'd just woke up. I look like shit

I take random pics of myself cause im that sexy

Ima monster RAWR

Waiting for someone to fuck me. Ughhh, someone do it now...

I totally look high here...

What the hell you lookin at?

I was crying and Chord walked in....


I dont even know... but I'm holding a dolly:)

Thinking about Chord again... I mean... no... I'm... oh fuck it. Yeah I'm thinking about him..

I I love you dick

Love this picture of me <3

Yum, dont you want me?

Vampire teethh Razz


My body is readyy

I have a nice ass.

Yes I'm on one of those kiddy rides. Deal with it

Sorry forgot to shave down there tongue

Pink hairr <3 I like this pic

I love my contacts in this one <3 They scared Avery though.

In the Asher's car again. Don't you love my makeup?

Just got back from my date with Chord. It went really well... I was all giddy and Asher took a fucking picture...

I feel so small...

In Avery's kiddy pool <3

Chord gave me a watermelon lollipop cause he knows theyre my favorite. I swear that boy is never gonna stop...

Walking around outside... I needed something to clear my mind

I love this one. Perfect. Right after my transformation... from naive loser to sexy slut.

Chord's pool. I love sitting out here...

Creepy huh? I wonder why Chord wants me so bad

Fuck me.

Thats my stink face:P

Right after a fuck. I'm all sweatyyy tongue

With Sally and Drew, some friends Smile

I'm amazing at hula hooping:)

This guy was straight. Thats just how sexy I am.

Maybe if I put on enough makeup I can hide everything inside...


I was so fucking stupid.

With Asher <333 He's the only one I still talk to who knew Jamie...

Avery <3 He is my life....

And then theres Chord... wait a minute... why the hell are you on here..?

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