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Friends. :)

Post by Asher Reed on Mon Jun 13, 2011 1:04 am

Alright I really enjoyed writing this fic. All my fics seem to have some sad stuff in them. I figured this was a nice change. It was really fun to write. And yes, I stole the I Hate You Guys song from South Park xD Enjoy <33
Joslin made his way to the table with a drink in hand, smiling at his friends. He sat down and took a sip.
“Hey Jamie.” Zac nodded with a grin.
Originally, Zac, Kyndal and Asher were best friends. Asher had made friends with Joslin too so they’d included him in their little group. It’d been forever since they all got to hang out together like this.
“Joslin.” He corrected with a pout.
Zac rolled his eyes.
“Fine. Joslin.” He leaned his head on Kyndal’s shoulder and smiled up at his best friend.
“So hows Rhett?”
Kyndal beamed.
“He’s great… look at this.”
He lifted his shirt to reveal a long jagged cut down his side.
Zac grimaced.
“Damn… that looks bad.”
“Rhett did that to me last week!” He seemed ecstatic about this.
Asher shuddered.
“Weirdo. I mean a little pain is nice but I mean like… a guy raking his nails down my back kind of pain…”
Kyndal shrugged.
Asher pounded back three more shots before speaking.
“So Zacky, hows your hubby and your thousand brats? And I thought you were the prude of the group.” He giggled lightly.
Zac flipped him off before smiling.
“They’re great…” He twirled the large engagement ring on his finger. “And I don’t have a thousand. I have like eleven or twelve…”
“You don’t even know?” Joslin giggled.
“Look, I’m half drunk. I forget.” He laughed.
“You should win the mother of the year award.” Kyndal smirked.
“Oh hush you two.”
“Now your turn Joslin.” Kyndal smiled at him. “Hows that new boyfriend you got… Chord right?”
“He’s… he’s Chord.” He chuckled, shaking his head, a fond smile on his lips as he stirred his drink with the straw. He couldn’t describe their relationship.
“Ash… you got anything goin on?” Zac hummed hopefully.
“Nope. And that’s just fine. Damn you people. You all settled down on me. Zacky’s engaged, Kyndal’s… being abused which is good for him and Joslin let a guy in. What the hell is going on in the world!?” He flailed his arms as they all giggled at him.
“Sorry Ashley baby.” Kyndal frowned. “You’ll find someone. Trust me, being all slutty was fun but… damn I love Rhett so much. Its way better.” He flashed his friend a smile.
“Yeah yeah yeah. Whatever.” Asher looked away. It was clear he was upset…
Zac, Joslin and Kyndal shared a look before standing up without a word.
“Where are you going?” Asher frowned.
“You’ll see Ashley!” Kyndal laughed.
There was a small stage set up where people were doing karaoke which was where the three boys were headed.
They hopped up on the stage and whispered to the man in charge of the music. They were each given microphones and music began to play. A few seconds later Kyndal stepped up.
“Shadows fall on yesterday
It’s like time just slips away
I’m nothing when darkness follows me
The dawn it never shows its head
I’m left dying here instead
With nothing
A lock without a key.”
When Asher realized what song it was he groaned loudly, covering his face.
They’d all been driving together and heard this song on the radio. It was called Ashley. That was their own little nickname for Asher so it became his theme song according to them. They would constantly sing it when he was upset and it made him laugh and cheer up every time.
Zac stepped up to the front of the stage for the next part. He had the strongest voice of the three so they’d given him the hard parts. It was a breeze for him.
“Like the brightest star
You shine through
Ashley baby
You make me feel so alive
I’ve got purpose once again
Yeah, yeah
Ashley baby
You make me feel so alive
I’ve got purpose once again.”
Kyndal echoed him.
“I’ve got purpose once again.” Kyndal was the least talented singer so he didn’t sing much.
Joslin was the attention whore. He made a show out of his lines, prancing around the stage as he sang his heart out.
“If looks could kill
You’d be the one
That takes my world
And makes me numb
I’m nothing without you
I can’t breathe
And as the sunlight burns the sky
I see through my obsessive eyes
I’m nothing without you
I can’t see.”
Zac took over once again for the chorus.
“Like the brightest star
You shine through
Ashley baby
You make me feel so alive
I’ve got purpose once again
Yeah yeah
Ashley baby
You make me feel so alive
I’ve got purpose once again
Yeah yeah.”
Joslin came up and hip checked him out of the way to take center stage again.
Asher laughed at his friend from the table.
“You’re such an attention whore J!”
Joslin shot him the bird finger as he sang with more feeling than the other two put together.
“You’re the strength I need to fight
You’re the reason I still try
I’m the moth and you’re the light
Use these wings so I can fly.”
Kyndal chimed with another echo.
“I can fly.”
There were three more choruses in a row. Each of them sang one.
“I’ve got purpose once again.” Kyndal sang sweetly.
“I’ve got purpose once again!” Zac finished off. On the last word he did some fancy run with his voice.
They hopped off the stage to applause while Kyndal pouted.
“Show off.” He stuck his tongue out at Zac.
“Sorry had to give us a big finish.” He winked as they made their way to the table where Asher was indeed laughing his ass off.
“You guys are ridiculous.” He shook his head and stood.
“Lets go… sleepover at my place!” He flailed his arms around. He was rich, he had the biggest house out of them.
They all agreed and headed off to Asher’s place.
When they got there they all filed into Asher’s large bedroom.
The bed was king sized with neon green sheets and bright blue pillows. The room was covered in posters of models, actors and singers who Asher found attractive. A lot of them were nude shots.
The room never failed to make Zac shudder. He wasn’t used to the whore lifestyle like the other three. Sometimes seeing Quincy naked even made him uncomfortable. He’d always been somewhat mature but in this way he was so childlike it was laughable.
The rest of the room was covered in stuffed animals.
Joslin was the first to jump on the bed, bouncing up and down, singing loudly.
“Baby, my room is the G-Spot
Call me Mr. Flintstone
I can make ya bed rock!!” He laughed.
Asher hopped up with him and tackled him down on the bed, giggling.
“Bitch no you can’t! I got a tempur-pedic!”
Zac and Kyndal shook their heads at the two, laughing with them before plopping on the bed with them.
Asher’s phone rang. He grabbed it while hopping on the bed.
“Hellllo?” His voice vibrated.
“Hey Asher…” A slow sounding voice answered.
Asher’s face lit up with this huge grin. The other three had never seen him look so… giddy about someone other than a friend.
“Oh hey! Whats up?”
“I was wondering if you were coming to study tonight.”
Asher cursed to himself. He forgot he was supposed to help Aristotle tonight.
“Oh crap. I forgot hun. I’m so sorry but I have some friends over right now.”
“Oh that’s alright Asher… tomorrow then?”
“Yeah of course. Bye?”
“Bye.” He laughed in his slow way and then the line went dead.
Asher hung it up, beaming. He turned to face his friends to find all three staring at him with open jaws.
“You lied to us!” Zac shrieked.
“Huh?” Asher frowned.
“You have a boyfriend!” Kyndal squealed.
“No I don’t!”
“That look, we can tell! You were just on the phone with him!” Joslin pointed accusingly.
“Was not! I don’t have a boyfriend!”
“LIAR!” They all three shouted at him.
“Who was that?” Zac asked.
“It was a friend! Gosh!” Asher folded his arms across his chest.
“A friend who you LOVEEEE.” Kyndal sang.
“Nuh uh! I… maybe I like him a little alright? But we’re just friends… and I’m not going to tell you his name so you can tell him I like him and ruin it.” He pouted.
“We would never!” Joslin exclaimed.
“Do we know him? Hell please tell me its not one of my kids.” Zac wrinkled his nose.
“No and ew no! Well… one of you knows him.” Asher shook his head.
“Which one?” Kyndal asked.
“Not telling!” Asher stuck his tongue out.
“Errr, come on!” Joslin whined.
“Nope, now give up before I kick you out.”
“Fine.” They pouted at him.
“Oh! Speaking of phone calls, I gotta call Quincy and check if its okay if I stay here tonight.” Zac smiled and pulled out his phone.
“Oh put it on speaker.” Joslin clapped his hands.
Zac laughed and did as he was told.
“Hello?” That familiar deep voice answered the phone.
“Hey baby. It’s me.”
“Hey precious.” You could hear the large man smile.
“Babe, I’m at a friend’s house. It alright if I spend the night?”
A pause.
“What friend?” His voice had that edge in it that Zac just loved.
“Asher baby.”
Another pause.
“Have I met him?”
“Don’t think so.”
“Whats he like?”
In other words, “has he touched you?”
“He’s sweet, hun. He won’t lay a hand on me unless he wants slapped. Me, Asher, Kyndal and Joslin are having a sleepover.”
“Alright. Whats the address?” He asked. You could hear him get a pen and paper. Zac giggled and gave him the address.
“I love you precious… See you in the morning.”
“I love you too. Bye baby.” He hung up to coos and awws from Kyndal and Joslin as Asher pretended to gag.
“He’s so protective! Its adorable!” Joslin grinned.
“He really is! I bet he’d kill for you!” Kyndal nodded.
Zac smiled.
“He already has.”
“UGH!” Asher rolled his eyes. He was ignored.
“I bet Rhett would kill for me.” Kyndal beamed.
“And I dunno if Chord could kill but he’s fucked a guy up for me.” Joslin nodded.
“So sweet!” Zac cooed.
“My god! Rhett this and Chord that and Oh Quincy’s so sweet.” Asher mocked. “You guys suck.” He whined. “Fuck it. I’m makin cookies.” He left the room to giggles.
They continued talking about their lovers.
“So why did Chord hurt some guy for you?” Zac asked Joslin.
“Well it was before we were official. I fucked some guy but I called Chord’s name. He got pissed and hit me. Gave me a fucking black eye. Chord found the guy and kicked his ass.” Joslin nodded.
“Aww that’s adorable…. So Kyndal tell us more about Rhett?”
“Well… you know how I am. And he’s so… rough in bed and… DAMN I love it. And sometimes I purposely piss him off just so he’ll hit me nice and hard…”
“You’re so fucking weird. Quincy hit me once and… it…” He shuddered and trailed off as Kyndal continued.
“Look it!” He lifted his shirt and pointed out several scratches and bruises. “He gave this to me a month ago and its STILL THERE.” Kyndal beamed.
A few minutes laughed and he was completely naked as Joslin and Zac played their favorite game… How did that mark get there?
Joslin poked a handshaped bruise on Kyndal’s left ass cheek.
“That one?”
“OH! That’s my favorite!!! That’s how fucking hard he spanked me! Just last night! How sexy is that?!” Kyndal’s cock twitched just thinking about it.
“Woah there! Put the dick down!” Zac laughed at him.
“Sorry just… damn you don’t know what thinking of that does to me.”
“Um… I think I do. I just watched it.” He giggled.
Kyndal blushed.
A minute later, Asher walked in the room with a cookie in his mouth and a pile of them in his hands.
They all bust out laughing.
Asher chewed and swallowed the cookie before raising an eyebrow.
“What? Think I was kidding when I said I was making some?”
They nodded.
He shrugged and sat down. Joslin reached for a cookie.
“Bitch please. I made these. You ain’t getting none.”
Joslin pouted but stopped.
“Why’s Kyndal naked?” He asked it bored, like he was asking for the time.
“We’re looking at the bruises Rhett’s given him.”
“My god is that all you can talk about? Your boyfriends?” He pouted. “You know what? I wrote you a song.” He picked up his guitar and strummed it.
“I hate you guys!” He sang. “You guys are assholes! Especially Kyndal! I hate him the most!”
They all laughed at their friend.
“Come on sing with me! You know the words! I hate you guys! You guys are assholes! Especially Kyndal! I hate him the most!”
Zac shook his head and snatched a cookie with a smile.
“You BITCH!” Asher flailed his arms. Kyndal reached for one only to be punched in his bare balls.
He dry heaved and rolled off the bed.
“YOU WHORE!” He tackled Asher onto the floor before throwing up all over the pretty pink carpet.
“NOT THE CARPET!” Asher wailed, covering his face. Some of the puke got on a large stuffed teddy bear. “MR FLUFFLES!” He screamed.
A shout came from the bed, followed by hysteric laughter.
Zac’s eyes were wide like a deer in headlights and Joslin was laughing his ass off.
“What?” Asher frowned as he scrubbed the carpet clean.
“What da fut wad in dos tooties!?!” (What the fuck was in those cookies?) Zac exclaimed. You could barely understand him. When he opened his mouth you could see his tongue was swollen. It was still swelling rapidly.
Asher covered his mouth and giggled.
Even Kyndal giggled while clutching his crotch.
“Shit Zacky… forgot.. You’re allergic to grapes…” The cookies had raisins in them…
“Bewy awerdic!” (Very allergic!) Zac exclaimed, glaring. “Dis id nawt fuwwy!” (This is not funny!)
They all laughed anyway.
After a few minutes even Zac was giggling along with them.
“I do ook pwey fuwwy on’t I?” (I do look pretty funny, don’t I?) He chuckled.
They nodded at him.
“Tiww!” (Still) He pouted.
His tongue swelled so much he ended up having to call Quincy to bring his allergy meds to him. On the phone even Quincy had no clue what in the hell he was saying. Joslin acted as translator.
Within an hour Zac’s tongue was normal sized and they were still all giggling about it.
“Asher I’m stealing your song.” Zac nodded before singing. “I hate you guys! You guys are assholes! Especially Kyndal! I hate him the most!”
“Why me?” Kyndal pouted at him.
Zac smiled and shrugged.
They showed Zac some pictures and a video they had of him trying to talk with his tongue swollen.
“That’s going on youtube!” Joslin nodded happily.
“No!” Zac exclaimed.
They held him down while they put the video and pictures on line as he flailed around.
Yes, they fucked with each other mercilessly, had arguments, even a few fist fights but they were best friends. Always would be. They made sure nothing changed that…

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