My Things... Part 1

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My Things... Part 1

Post by Asher Reed on Tue Jun 14, 2011 11:59 am

My computer just got a virus and I almost lost all of my unfinished fics I've worked on for like forever. Luckily I managed to save them. But this made me realize if I get another virus I am totally screwed. So I'm going to put all of my unfinished things on here in case this happens again. I don't knwo what i'd do if I lost everything... You can completely ignore this. In fact I'd prefer if you did <3
Zac blew a strand of hair out of his face as another car pulled up to the drive thru.
“Hello, may I take your order?” Zac spoke sweetly into his headset, not bothering to look at the camera, showing the car.
“I’ll have a McDouble.” A low, rumbling voice came through the speaker.
“Would you like fries with that?”
A pause.
“Sure.” The man spoke as Zac typed in the order and it popped up on the tiny screen outside.
“And to drink?”
“Large Dr. Pepper.”
Zac punched the drink in and totaled up the price.
“That’ll be $3.18 sir, pull up to the first window please.” Zac instructed as he had so many times before. He sighed as he walked off to the first window with the cash register. Yes, he worked at McDonald’s. It wasn’t well paying but he was fourteen and broke. This was all he could get.
Zac opened the window, gasping silently as the man handed him a five dollar bill. The man was… fucking gorgeous.
“There a problem?” The guy raised an eyebrow.
Zac furiously shook his head, cheeks staining red. “No… sorry sir…” He fumbled around with the cash register and handed the guy his change.
“Have a nice day….” He called into the air as the guy drove to get his food.
He’d been so cute… but that was sure to be the last time Zac ever saw him. Just great…. Zac sighed as he watched after him. Soon, his boss’s shrill voice snapped him out of his daze.
“Zac! Get your head outta your ass! I said to switch places with Kaylee! You’re working the second window now!” He commanded.
“Sorry boss.” Zac muttered as Kaylee jogged up to him, eyes rolling.
“He’s a prick.”
“Tell me about it.” Zac nodded as he tossed off his uniform shirt, Kaylee did the same. They were best friends, they didn’t care if the other saw them naked, just shirtless was fine.
“So, I see the blush. Hot guy at the window?”
“Duh.” Zac nodded.
“I wanna see. Go get his order before you piss him off.”
“Kay. Come with before the boss has a fit.” He smiled, dragging her along after they switched shirts. She filled the large cup with Dr. Pepper as Zac filled a carton with French fries and got a McDouble out of the oven. He placed it in a bag, opening the window and handing it over to the man.
“Sorry for the wait sir.” He smiled apologetically and gave him the bag.
“S’alright.” Quincy grunted, peeking in the bag as he waited for his drink. Kaylee made a show of filling the cup, popping on a lid, pressing the regular button on the top, which they never really did and handing it off to Zac. She discreetly peeked at the guy.
“Damn.” She nodded. Zac blushed and took the cup, leaning over to give it to the man. Just as he had it hovering over the man’s chest, it slid from his grip, spilling all over the man’s lap and abdomen. It was freezing cold, and earned a gasp from the guy.
Zac’s hand flew to cover his mouth.
“Ohmygod! I am SO sorry!” He exclaimed. “If you’ll pull over in the parking lot I’ll be out in one moment to dry you off!”
Zac ran past Kaylee, laughing her ass off, grabbed a roll of paper towels and ran outside, calling to Kaylee to cover for him for a moment. He saw the man, parked off to the side as he had asked him too. He jogged over, knocking on the window lightly. The man opened the door and Zac leaned over, rubbing at him with paper towels. It was silent for a moment except for Zac’s repeated apologies, until the man’s low, rumbling laughter filled the air around them.
Zac looked up at him curiously and the guy clapped him heavily on the back, causing Zac’s knees to buckle.
“Oh, sorry kid.” The man apologized, removing the hand as he eyed Zac.
Zac was a rather small boy, even for his age.
“What’s your name?” He asked.
“Zac. And you are?”
“Quincy.” He smirked.
Quincy continued to chuckle as Zac attempted to dry him off.
“Kid, save yourself a whole lotta trouble. I’ll tell ya what. You ride with me to the Laundromat to wash this shirt, I’ll call us even.” Quincy smirked.
Zac blinked at him but nodded.
“Okay, just let me tell the boss first…” He darted off, back to Kaylee, still giggling as she filled orders.
“What?” Her head snapped around.
“I NEED you to cover for me! For like an hour or two!”
“Because the hot guy just invited me to the Laundromat with him damnit. I ain’t passing this up.”
“How romantic. First date over a washing machine…” Kaylee rolled her eyes.
“Oh hush. Now will ya?”
“Fine. You have an hour. Exactly. Hurry up, have fun and don’t get pregnant.”
Zac flicked her in the ear.
“Thank you so much.” He hugged her tight and grabbed his real shirt, not the uniform one from his area. He threw off the uniform and slipped on the regular shirt, then ran outside and back to the car.
Quincy smiled at him.
“Hop in.” He gestured to the passenger seat as he unlocked the door.
Zac slowly walked around and opened the door, sliding into the leather seat.
“So, any reason why you want me to come with?” Zac asked, with a small smirk.
“Well, I don’t wanna go alone, why not ask a cute kid like yourself to help me out.” He smirked.
“That’s what I said.” Quincy nodded.
Zac smiled.
Was this man meaning cute as in hot or attractive? Or as in adorable and childish?
“So…. How old are you?” Zac asked softly.
“I’m… forty eight.” He groaned. “Hell, I’m getting old.”
“You don’t look it.” Zac blurted out the truth immediately. He wanted a forty something year old man…
A closer look at Quincy revealed a few wrinkles and graying hair. But strangely it didn’t make him any less attractive.
“Well thanks.” Quincy smirked. “And how old are you?”
“Fourteen.” Zac sighed.
“You don’t look it.” Quincy repeated with a smile.
“How old do I look?”
“Well… I was thinking at least eighteen… damn.”
Zac frowned, tilting his head.
“Why’d ya say damn?”
“Well… it’s illegal for a forty eight year old man to be attracted to a fourteen year old boy…”
Zac’s breath caught in his throat.
“And now you’re thinking I’m a pedophile. Wonderful.” Quincy cursed himself. “I’m not gonna try anything with ya, kid. Ya just look good is all. Been a while since I’ve seen someone good looking.”
Zac was blushing deeply now but he nodded.
“Okay, I didn’t expect you to do anything sir.” What would a sex god like that want with a little scrawny kid like him? “And, to be honest, I thought you were attractive too…”
“Now did ya?” Quincy smirked.
“Yeah.” Zac blushed deeper.
“You should really stop being so damn cute.” Quincy shook his head.
Well, last night I was watching a Lifetime movie (laugh if you must ) It was called Abducted. The plot is sorta hard to explain so imma change it a bit. I'm just using Mike, Jomo and Alex as the names, I dont' want to use them with this. I dont think it would work. I'm going to be VERY VERY picky about who I choose to do this with, just warning everyone. It'd be AU btw
So, Jomo is a prison warden and Mikey ish his husband. Jomo is running for governor. Anyway, he and Mike are married but Jomo is actually cheating on him with his campaign manager. Jomo is pretty much a total ass to Mike. He always bosses him around and tells him he cant do things because it would look bad on himself and he wouldnt win the election. Mike starts to think he's cheating but doesn't say anything. A few of the prisoners are helping Jomo with things. One of them would be Alex. Alex is immediately attracted to Mike. Every time they see each other, they just have little, like "moments" Like, in the movie the girl's car won't start so he gets in and helps her with it. Then, as she's walking away he stops her and is like "I'm sorry but SOMEONE has to tell you. You look beautiful in that dress." I found it cute Anyways, little stuff like that happens until one day Alex is just helping out like normal and he grabs a gun. He holds it to Mike and makes him use his ID and shit to get him off the prison grounds. he tells Mike after they're off the property, he can go. so he drives him off of the prison grounds and tells Alex to tell him where to pull over and get out. but Alex says no. he lied. he isn't gonna let Mike go. so he starts throwing a fit and Alex locks him in the trunk of his car. he drives Mike out to this cabin in the woods in the middle of nowhere. He locks Mike in there and says he's going to get some supplies. He orders Mike not to move or try to escape, cause he could get hurt out in these woods. The second he's gone Mike busts through the window and runs outside. sure enough, theres some sort of animal that starts chasing after him. they never really showed what exactly it was. but its chasing him when Alex comes back. He shoots whatever it is and checks on him, not even getting pissed that he broke out of the house. He just carries Mike back. He sits Mike down and plays a tape for him. It is Jomo, back at the prison, bribing Alex to kidnap Mike and murder him. Jomo is saying things like "i see the way you look at Mike. Do this and you can have your way with him." In the prison, Alex is being charged with assault of a few other prisoners. It will keep him in jail for much longer. Jomo says if Alex does this and murders Mike he can make sure that Alex won't get caught, and he'll be free.
Mike is shocked when he hears his husband said that, wanted him dead. He's scared that Alex is going to kill him now but Alex says he can't. He can't hurt Mike. He tells him to go, take the tape of Jomo bribing him and take it to the police.
Mike is furious at first that Alex kidnapped him in the first place, he screams and slaps him across the face. Alex growls but won't hit Mike. He stays calm. Eventually Mike calms down but says he doesn't want to go to the police. So Mike ends up staying in the cabin with Alex and they start to fall in love.
One night Mike just kisses him out of nowhere. Alex immediately joins in and responds since he's wanted him since he first saw him back in the prison. Mike starts like groping and trying to take control and Alex takes his wrists in one hand and roughly pins them against the wall above his head. I really love this part. It shows that his rough, prisoner side is still there. Its simple but i like it and this MUST be in the thread
anyways long story short, they fuck, fall in love, Jomo gets thrown in jail. <3
I repeat i dont want to use Alex, Mike and Jomo for this. I love them all but not for this idea. *shrug* that was wayyyyy too long hehe
Rick woke up startled, sweat pouring down his face. His whole body was clammy.
He sat up and quietly let a few tears slip from his eyes. He couldn’t wake Kevin…
He’d just had another nightmare… about Alan.
After that night when he was only thirteen… he’d had them every day for a few years. Then they stopped.
Now… Alan was getting released from prison… tomorrow.
All week he’d been having them again.
He needed it to fucking stop.
He got up and got dressed. He left some dumb note about going out to the store for Kevin and he left. He walked for hours until he reached his uncle’s old home… the place all this had happened at… He stepped inside, the place was exactly the same as that night. Hell, Rick’s blood was dried on the mattress. He shuddered and seated himself on the bed, lying down on his stomach and letting the memories take over…
The pain, the tears, the crying, the roughness, the smell of his uncle’s breath washing over the back of his head.
He had no clue why he was doing this to himself. By the time he was done remembering, he was sobbing just as hard as he had been the day it actually happened.
He stood and walked downstairs. He seated himself on the big arm chair, right across from the door where Alan had always waited to greet his two nephew’s every weekend.
He waited there the whole night, eyes not closing except to blink. And sure enough, sometime the next afternoon, Alan McGuire came walking through the door. He was much bigger than Rick remembered, covered in tattoos now. Guess prison does that to a person.
But if Rick thought he was big before.. He was huge now… And Rick was terrified…
Why had he done this? Why had he thought he could take a man who had just spent so long in prison? Oh god…
And just like when he was a little kid, he was shaking and trembling in Alan’s presence. It was pitiful really, watching the big strong man turn into a wuss before your eyes…
Alan seemed confused as he slammed the door shut and locked it.
“Ricky, whatcha doin here? Comin to welcome me home, eh?”
“N-no.. I’m sorry s-sir. I’ll g-go…” He stood and hung his head, making his way quickly to the door.
“Honey why you calling me so late?
It's kinda hard to talk right now.
Honey why are you crying? Is everything okay?
I gotta whisper 'cause I can't be too loud”

Rick cursed as his phone rang loudly. Sydney groaned as the ring woke them both.
“Ignore it.” She purred, cuddling closer into his strong chest.
Rick checked the caller ID and put it down before she could see.
“Can’t babe. It’s important.” He stood and left the room, standing outside the door and answering it.
“Kev you can’t call so late…” He whispered.
“Sorry…” That angelic voice answered him. “I just missed you is all…”
I call you up
When I know he’s at home
I jump out of my skin
When he picks up the phone

Alex picked up the phone and dialed his best friends number. The McGuire’s. Although Chris was his best friend he wasn’t really calling for Chris… But if anyone asked, that was what he was doing…
“Hello?” A deep voice answered
Alex jumped a foot in the air. He’d been so caught up in his thoughts he’d forgotten he was calling…
“Hello?” The voice repeated.
Rick. Alex shook his head. That voice was so sexy… he wanted to listen to it all day.
“Hey, it’s Alex.” He spoke up finally.
“Oh hey Lex.” You could just hear that dazzling smile he was making.
“Chris home?”
“Nah, he’s at his soccer game, remember?”
“Oh yeah…”
“So that all you wanted?” Rick sighed.
“Um… nah we can talk if you want?”
“How bout you come on over here and we can talk? Mom and Dad aren’t home so we can break out the Playboy or Playgirl. Whatever you’re in the mood for.”
They both knew the other was bi. So was Chris. They were completely comfortable with it.
And going over to Rick’s and jerking off to porn together sure sounded like a nice idea…
“Alright I’ll be there. Bye.” He hung up and went straight to the bathroom. He stripped down, making sure he wasn’t too hairy anywhere. He didn’t want anything embarrassing to happen.
Once he was clean he put on his jacket and walked over to Rick’s place.

What can I do if he’s lookin at me?
Should I shoot him a smile?
Should I get up and leave?

A half hour later they sat on the couch together, open magazine on Rick’s lap. They’d settled on Playgirl.
Rick thumbed through the pages, looking bored. He stopped flipping but Alex thought nothing of it, taking over the job himself, looking through the pages.
A few minutes passed and Alex realized Rick was staring at him, small smile on his face.
Shit. Did he have something on his face or something? Why was Rick looking at him like that?
What should he do? Should he smile at him? Or should he leave the room to get out of this awkward moment?!
So what did he do? He began palming his crotch to a picture of a naked bodybuilder.
Rick chuckled and began doing the same.
“Lex you mind if I lose the pants? Its easier and I don’t wanna stain these?”
“Sure… no problem. Me too.”
They both shed their pants.
“Um, just in case mom and dad would get home, lets go into my room… oh no, Chris’s is bigger.” He nodded.
The day was almost over. It was getting dark outside. It was Zac’s eighteenth birthday. They’d had fun all day and now it was almost over. But this was the part Zac was excited for the most.
“Memaw, can you watch the kids for me and Quincy? I want to go out on a sort of date night with him.” He smiled at his grandmother.
“Sure baby. Now when you say date night that means….?” He raised an eyebrow, smirking.
“Well… I won’t be back to get the kids until tomorrow afternoon.” He gave a look.
“Ah, well you have fun and for god’s sake, wear a condom.”
“I’m on the pill.” Zac nodded with a giggle.
“Alright then. Damn you’re tiny. He hurt me when he, y’know, but you? How the hell do you take it?”
“Dildos and a high pain tolerance.” He winked, chuckling.
Mike shook his head.
“Go have fun. I’ll watch your babies.” He nodded.
“Thanks memaw!” He jogged to Quincy who was at the door, bag of a few necessities in hand, they were coming back tomorrow. Zac stopped and tapped David on the shoulder.
“Do you have the stuff?” He asked when David turned.
“Oh, of course. You can keep everything in this bag. Happy birthday kid.” He winked, handing over a large bag of things that Zac had asked for. He didn’t use them anymore so he figured he’d give them away.
Zac grinned, nodding.
“Thank you.”
“Welcome kid. Go nuts.”
Zac walked over to Quincy who drove them back to his house. He had made sure Aaron wouldn’t be home tonight.
Quincy plopped down on the couch and when Zac walked past, he grabbed him around the waist and tugged him down on top of him.
Zac giggled as he snuggled into Quincy’s chest.
“Yes, Precious?”
“I want a present…”
“Oh, baby, I don’t got one other than the party back there…” He bit his lip.
“I know.” Zac nodded, looking up to face him.
“Then what do you want?”
Zac moved up so he was straddling Quincy’s face. He brought his mouth up to Quincy’s ear and licked up the lobe.
“You.” He whispered, letting his hot breath, dry the saliva he’d just left.
Quincy shuddered lightly and Zac grinned to himself. Mission accomplished.
He grabbed Quincy’s groin through his jeans to get his point across.
“You’re adorable when you try to be sexy precious…” Quincy smirked lightly as he scooped Zac up and swiftly walked into the bedroom. Zac blushed.
“I think it was working…”
“Never said it wasn’t.” He winked as he sat down on the mattress with Zac. “Now Zac, I’m a bit slow on the uptake. You’re gonna have to let me know what you meant by you want me…” He grinned as he laid back, arms folded behind his head.
Zac smiled and left the room. A minute later he returned with a small radio. He set it down and pressed play.
“It's your birthday so I know
you want to ride out,
Even if we only go to my house
Sip mo- weezy as we sit upon my couch
Feels good, but I know you want to
cry out…”
Quincy’s laughter filled the room and he stood, licking his lips as he watched Zac dance to the music. Zac could rarely get him to lose control of his careful attitude but he just might do it tonight. He looked so damn good in those ever tight jeans. And this was what Zac was trying to do. Get Quincy to let go around him, pounce on him, go crazy, fuck him into the mattress, just for this one night…
As the music played, Quincy had approached Zac and now, he turned Zac around to face him. He began dancing with him. You might not think a man that large could do a sexy dance but he was a stripper. He could do it and do it damn well. Zac smirked as he turned around and began grinding on Quincy, rubbing his ass against the growing bulge in his jeans.
Quincy was slowly letting go… he was groping at Zac lightly. Not enough to make him feel dirty but enough to let him know he was very turned on right now.
Zac took Quincy’s hands and placed one of them on each ass cheek. He then moved them up to his belt, tugging at it.
Quincy smirked but undid the belt easily, throwing it across the room. Zac grinned widely to himself. This should be fun. He spun around and tore Quincy’s shirt open, earning him a purr.
“Lucky I didn’t like this shirt…” He smirked as it lay in pieces on the floor. Zac giggled as he tossed Quincy’s belt away with his own. Quincy shucked off his shoes, then grabbed Zac’s and flung them off, next doing away with Zac’s shirt.
Zac’s tongue snaked out to wet his lips as he moved in to take one of Quincy’s nipples in between his teeth. Zac licked and tugged at the nub as he gently pushed Quincy, leading him back to the bed. Quincy smirked as he spun them around and tossed Zac on the bed. It was funny really. He could throw Zac around like a rag doll without any effort at all. Zac giggled as they undressed each other the rest of the way.
He’d been working on stretching himself for a while now. He’d used a dildo every night, gradually getting bigger and bigger until last night, when he had used one that was about Quincy’s size, maybe bigger.
Here are character faces I want to use.
Matthew Lush
Jarrod Matthew
Christopher James
Vinnie Vigilante
Jesse Dorran
Frances McFelcox
Andrew Cruz
Tyler “Toxiphobia” McNabb
Lucas Klein
Gerardo Andres
Daniel Avery “Daniel The Photographer”
Carl Gaudreault
Harry Bundell
Kyler Emerson Murray “Kyler Krunk”
Casey Gomez (Looks like Alex McKee)
Chris “Skittles”
Alexander Downy
Matthew Hansey
Lucas Brenton
Hugo “Kumi” Matringe
Matthew “Mattyface” Curry
Nate “Napalm” Owen
Colton Davis Onushko
Blake Bliss
Aoi Panic
David Schmitt
Shane Springs
Oliver Sykes
Antony Jerram
Ash Stymest
Austin Victoria
Benjamin Godfre
Brady Jensen
Brent Corrigan
Christofer Drew
Danny Worsnop
Luke Worrall
Oscar Spendrup
Philip Scherrer
Dylan Rieder
Renato Ferreira
River Viiperi
Shane Harper

Brayden was trembling as he knocked on the door to Gabriel Johnson’s house. He took shaky, heavy breaths as he thought of what he was about to do.
Gabriel opened the door a few minutes later.
“Let Angel go.” Brayden said.
“Kid, how many times do I have to say the word no before you leave me alone?”
“This time is different Gabriel. I have an offer for you…”
“Oh yeah? And what would that be?”
“You let Angel go home and you can have me in exchange.”
“What for?”
“I’ll be your fuck toy, you can beat on me, sell me, whatever you do with Angel. Just… let him go. Have me. I’ve only been fucked three or four times, I’ll probably be just as tight as him…”
“Lemme think about it. Come back here tomorrow and I’ll give you my answer.” Gabriel slammed the door in his face.
Brayden walked a little bit away and sunk to the ground, pulling his knees to his chest. He was terrified but he couldn’t let Gabriel hurt Angel anymore. He slowly walked home to Higgy’s place.
“Brayden, where were you babe?” Higgy asked as he opened the door.
“I had something to take care of… hug me?” He asked softly, looking up at him.
Higgy frowned but nodded, lifting the small boy and sitting down on the couch holding him to his chest.
Brayden buried his head in the crook of Higgy’s neck and didn’t move or speak for the rest of the night…
Higgy was worried about his lover, he didn’t know what was wrong with him… They slept together just like that on the couch.
The next morning, Brayden woke up before Higgy. He pressed a kiss to his lips, staying there for a good minute, kissing him passionately before standing, grabbing all his things and heading off. If Gabriel said yes, he wanted to be prepared.
Brayden walked to Gabriel’s house and knocked. Angel opened the door.
“Bwayben!” He hissed. “What aw ew thinking?!”
Brayden took another look and smiled as he saw a few bags in Angel’s hands. Gabriel had taken his offer…
“I’m thinking I’ll be keeping you safe.” Brayden hugged him.
“Higgy’s going to hwave a fwit! Dwid ew twell hiwm abowt dwis?!”
“No. Of course not. He’d never let me and I had to.”
“Bwayben he’s going to flip. He’s going to come here and try to beat Gabriel’s ass and I hate it but Gabriel can take him.”
“Please, Angel, try and talk him out of coming. You take your things and go over there, let him clean you up and help you out and tell him why Gabriel let you go. If he starts to yell just please try and talk to him. Tell him I wanted to and it was all my decision. Even lie and say something about I didn’t want to be with him anymore, I don’t know. Just anything to get him to not try and hurt Gabriel.”
“Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, OW!” Chris hissed as Dustin repeatedly stepped on his feet. “Who the hell wears cowboy boots to ballroom dance?!”
“ME!” Dustin waved his raised hand in the air like an idiot, grinning proudly.
Chris couldn’t help but giggle.
“You are such an idiot…. But you’re my idiot.” He chuckled, kissing his cheek.
“Mhm…” Dustin hummed. “Now lemme see if I can do this…” He stopped purposely stomping on Chris’s toes and tried to get the rhythm going.
He placed his hands on Chris’s hips.
“Right, forward, left, right…” You could hear Dustin muttering to himself as he danced, still doing terribly.
Chris simply grinned at him.
They were all out, getting private ballroom dancing lessons.
By all, it meant:
Chris and Dustin
Alex and Mike
Kevin and Rick
Zac and Quincy.
Rick and Kevin were the only ones doing the dance correctly. Rick was very talented at this, spinning and dipping Kevin left and right, goofy grin on his face.
“Chris, don’t you remember the dance lessons mom and dad made us take?” Rick asked as he spun Kevin to his chest and back again.
“Well yeah but I was leading last time.” He grumbled.
“Oh yeahhhh, then you turned into a chick.” Rick smirked.
Chris flipped him off.
“Very formal Chris. Nice.” Zac chuckled.
“Hush shorty.”
Although Dustin was walking bow legged, Zac and Quincy were by far the most entertaining to watch. Zac’s head came up to Quincy’s mid chest, and only up to his shoulders when Zac stood on Quincy’s feet.
“I’m not short! I’m fun sized!” Zac stuck his tongue out.
“Whatever helps ya sleep at night Zac.”
Mike and Alex were about the same as Chris and Dustin. Alex was stepping on Mike’s feet every ten seconds.
“Goddamnit Alex!” Mike cursed.
Dustin attempted to dip Chris but his grip slipped and Chris fell on his ass.
“Dustin.” He whined.
“Chrissy c’mere.” Mike nodded, pulling Chris over. “Alex get.” Mike kicked Alex in the ass towards Dustin.
“Ew I don’t wanna dance with him.” He pouted.
“Well then go home. You gotta leave if you ain’t dancing and Chrissy and I are having fun.” Mike nodded.
“You’re mean to me.” Alex whined. “C’mon then.” He grumbled at Dustin, going to place his hands on the other man’s hips.
Chris and Dustin both laughed.
“You think you’re leading?” Chris raised an eyebrow.
Alex muttered something under his breath and placed his hands on Dustin’s shoulders instead, allowing Dustin to grip his hips.
Zac paced in front of the door to his uncle’s house. He knew and loved his Uncle Chris but he wasn’t here to see him today. He was here to see Dewayne. They’d only met maybe once or twice but Zac needed to ask someone a favor and Dewayne was the only one he could think of who was only very distantly related to him. Sure there was Dustin and Higgy but Biddy or Chris would try and murder him if he tried this with their lovers. He took a deep breath before knocking on the door. Dewayne answered.
“Um hey… Zac right?” He raised an eyebrow.
“Yeah and you’re Dewayne?”
“That’s my name… don’t wear it out.” He smirked. “You here to see your uncle? Well he and my dad are out right now…”
“Not exactly… um, can I come in?”
“Sure…” Dewayne said slightly confused as he backed out of the doorway and let Zac in, shutting the door behind him.
“Okay, thanks.” Zac stood nervously, looking up at Dewayne.
“Well, not to be rude, but if not to see your uncle then why are you here?”
“Um, I sort of wanted to see you…”
“Me? Why?” Dewayne raised an eyebrow.
“Er, you’re single right?”
“Yes… but Zac, you’re sweet and all. I just… sorta like someone right now and I don’t know…” It sure sounded like Zac was asking him if he was interested. But Dewayne had developed a crush on his mother’s new doctor…
“Oh that’s fine! I actually have a crush too. That’s part of the reason I’m here…”
Dewayne simply stared, head tilted to the side in confusion.
“Well… I’ve never really had a boyfriend before. And I really like this one guy… I’m sorry this is just kinda hard to ask you…”
“Spit it out Zac, I promise I won’t laugh at you or anything.” Dewayne smiled softly.
“Well I’m thinking I want to try and make a move… or just, something could happen at anytime and I want to be ready… I’ve never even kissed anyone before. So, I was wondering could I… practice on you?”
Dewayne smirked softly.
“Like, how far? No offense but I don’t wanna have sex with someone I don’t really love…”
“Oh! Not that far, I just… was wondering if I could give you head… maybe try a hand job?” Zac blushed lightly.
Dewayne chuckled.
“Well I’m good with that.” He grinned.
Zac blushed deeper.
“Said you wouldn’t laugh.” He stuck out his tongue.
“I lied.” He winked. “Now if you’re serious, let’s go up to my room in case my parents get back.”
Zac nodded and took Dewayne’s hand, stomach fluttering as he was led up the stairs to Dewayne’s room.
Dewayne plopped down on the bed and folded his arms behind his head.
“Show me what ya got, Zacky.” He smirked and gave Zac room to work. “Oh and lock the door please.” He was fully clothed. Zac locked the door before biting his lip and humming as he looked Dewayne over.
Zac thought for a moment, how to be the least bit sexy. He channeled his ‘inner sexy’ and pounced on Dewayne. Dewayne seemed a bit surprised but smirked nonetheless as Zac’s hands explored his body, tugging at clothing. Zac pictured Quincy underneath him as he licked his lips before attaching them to Dewayne’s neck. Dewayne let out a light moan, the cold piercing feeling so good on his skin.
Zac smirked hopefully as he continued, biting and licking the skin, leaving reddish marks behind.
“That feels nice… whenever you do something with that crush of yours, be sure to wear the ring in your lip. Not the stud. It’s sorta pointy and could hurt him but the metal feels nice.” Dewayne offered some advice.
Zac nodded smiling as he pulled back, grinning proudly at the small bulge in Dewayne’s pants.
“Well you’re talented with your mouth so the head should be good to.” Dewayne smirked.
Zac nodded as he went back to being sexy. Quincy would want someone sexy like he was attempting to be. He’d been doing strip teases in front of the mirror lately and he thought he was pretty good. At least a bit sexy. He just needed practice with the actual sexual stuff. So here he was. He rolled his hips, grinding their groins together, sluttish groan escaping him. Yeah, he’d been practicing that too.
“Dayummm Zacky, you sound like a fucking sex kitten.” Dewayne laughed. “Never would’ve guessed.”
Zac beamed.
“Exactly what I was going for. Good.”
“Innocent turned whore?”
“Huh, nice job kid.” Dewayne smirked.
Zac smiled but went back to doing his best to get Dewayne erect.
“Alright, ignore the pitiful attempts at dirty comments that I’m about to say to you.” Zac blushed. “Just going to try this out.”
Dewayne nodded with an amused smirk.
“Please go ahead.”
Zac licked his lips, smirk forming as he roughly cupped Dewayne’s balls through the rough fabric of his jeans. Dewayne groaned.
“You want me?” He whispered hotly in Dewayne’s ear as he licked up the earlobe.
He felt Dewayne shudder underneath him.
“You want to be inside of me?” He said, cooling his saliva with his own breath on Dewayne’s ear. “Y’know… I’ve been saving myself for you Qu-Dewayne. I’m so tight… just waiting.” He breathed.
“Alright, that was way too sexy for a fourteen year old…” Dewayne cursed.
Zac grinned.
“Good… do you mind if I strip? Like dance and shit?”
Dewayne chuckled softly again with a nod.
“Hell no… please do.” He sat back and watched eagerly.
Zac stood up, sly smirk on his face as his tongue snaked out to wet his lips. He turned around, ass facing Dewayne. He paused as he saw a radio.
“You mind?” He asked as his pointer finger hovered around the on button.
“Not at all.” Dewayne grinned.
Zac nodded as he turned it on. Perfect song was playing. Love Game.

Let's have some fun,
This beat is sick
I wanna take a ride on your disco stick.

Zac smirked as he slowly, teasingly slid off his purple and black studded belt, tossing it carelessly across the room. There was really no need for the belt. It was so loose and saggy while his skinny jeans clung to his petite legs anyway. They didn’t fall or loosen one bit without the belt. He pulled down the zipper slowly, turning to face Dewayne as he undid the button. Still, they didn’t fall down like he wanted them to. He wouldn’t ruin the sexiness of his dance by talking but he really needed to wear looser pants whenever he planned on doing this for Quincy.

I wanna kiss you
But if I do then I might miss you babe

Dewayne laughed at Zac’s difficulty to remove his jeans.
Zac turned around, ass purposely sticking out as he pulled down his pants, underwear unknowingly coming down with them.
He realized it after a moment but figured it worked for him. He let his underwear come down, revealing more and more of his perfectly globed ass. Once he was down to the crack, he teasingly yanked them back up, but continued to pull down his pants. He shook his ass, swaying his hips to the beat of the music. Soon his jeans were around his ankles. He bent down and tossed them off along with his converse sneakers.
“Tighty whiteys?” Dewayne raised an eyebrow with a wide grin.
Zac didn’t respond, simply staring at him with those eyes. His baby blue, innocent yet so seductive eyes.

It's complicated and stupid
Got my ass squeezed by sexy Cupid
Guess he wants to play,
Wants to play
A love game
A love game

Zac gave his ass a nice hard slap, not even wincing like he had during his practice dances. There was now a red handprint on his left ass cheek.
Dewayne gave an appreciative nod as Zac’s shirt was thrown across the room, leaving him in only his underwear, choker, and cuffs. It was incredibly… sexy.

Hold me and love me
Just want to touch you for a minute
Maybe three seconds is enough for my heart to quit it

He pulled Dewayne up from the bed, arms wrapping around his neck as he planted a firm kiss on his lips, his first, though you’d never guess by the confident way he did it.
His legs tightened around Dewayne’s waist as he trusted Dewayne to hold him, which he did. He grinded their now erect members together.

Let's have some fun,
This beat is sick
I wanna take a ride on your disco stick
Don't think too much just bust that kick
I wanna take a ride on your disco stick

Dewayne moaned as Zac hoped he would. He was now even more erect than before.
“Fuck Zac… nice.” Dewayne groaned as Zac palmed him through his jeans.
Zac nodded, small smirk on his face as he backed Dewayne onto the bed again.
He stayed standing and slid down his underwear. Dewayne moaned at the sight of his erection. Zac stroked himself as he stared right at Dewayne, boring into him with those eyes. He tweaked his nipples as he ran his thumb over the leaking tip of his cock.
Dewayne groaned, back arching as he watched the erotic sight.
“C’mon Zac…” He whined.

I'm on a mission,
And it involves some heavy touchin' yeah.
You've indicated your interest,
I'm educated in sex, yes.
And now I want it bad,
Want it bad.
A love game,
A love game

Zac was the one who laughed this time. A light, tinkling, yet sexy chuckle, as he straddled Dewayne’s waist.
He began to work on getting rid of Dewayne’s pesky clothes. They were gone within minutes, strewn carelessly all over room.
Dewayne now lay butt naked underneath of him. Zac swallowed as he eyed Dewayne’s hard member. How the fuck was that supposed to fit in his mouth?
“Problem?” Dewayne smirked.
“Not at all.” Zac grinned as he leaned down so he was level with Dewayne’s erection. “Alright, can ya give me like pointers or something? Like tell me what feels good?”
“That’s what I’m here for.” Dewayne winked.
“Alright. Here goes nothing.” Zac tried to take Dewayne’s whole member in his mouth.
“Woah there, slow down. It’s easier if you start out little. Plus, no guy will admit it, but they like to be teased a bit. Depending on who you’re planning on doing this to, they might even beg you if you’re into that.”
Zac grinned slyly. Yes, Quincy begging him… that would be sexy as fuck… but he doubted he’d do it…
“Alright, like this?” He ran his tongue over the leaking slit at the tip of Dewayne’s cock.
“Mhm….” Dewayne groaned, nodding.
The fifteen year old stepped into the bar. Unlike if most kids his age would come in here, he didn’t get asked to show an ID. He was very large for his age. Larger than most of the full grown adults here.
Gabriel sat at the bar and glanced down it looking at all the men here.
One caught his eye. A man about his size, if not larger, long brown hair, perfectly sculpted body and face. Sexy as fuck. He stared for a few minutes and the guy caught him at it.
He shot him a grin and a wink.
Gabriel smiled back and the man stood and walked over, taking the seat beside him.
“Hey there.” He smirked.
“Hi..” Gabriel smiled, becoming lost in the guy’s eyes.
“So I saw you staring and figured I’d come over. What’s your name?”
“Gabriel. Yours?”
“I’m Barry. Nice to meet you.” He shook his hand.
They talked and drank all night.
“Can I walk you home?” Barry asked.
“Um, sure.” He nodded happily. He really liked this man…
“Great.” Barry flashed him a dazzling smile and took his hand, leading him out of the bar.
Gabriel led them to his house… well trailer. You could see through the window things being thrown around. Then a girly shrill voice screamed.
“Where is that boy?!”
Gabriel sighed. He didn’t want to go in there… he didn’t want to fuck her tonight….
“Problem?” Barry frowned.
“Um… yeah sort of. You can go home though. I’m just gonna stay out here.”
He plopped down in the cold grass, letting his head rest against the cool metal.
“Look… wanna stay at my place tonight?” Barry sighed.
“Oh… no… I don’t wanna intrude or anything. You just met me.” He shook his head.
“But I like to think of myself as a pretty good guy… I wouldn’t be very good if I let you go in there and let her do whatever she’s gonna do to you.”
“Well… thank you…” Gabriel nodded slowly as he stood, fighting off a smile.
Barry then led him to his home. Gabriel had no clue what he was getting into….
Zac plopped down in the spinning chair in front of the computer and opened up a new browser. He logged on to his new favorite website. It was online chatting for gay teens only. But Zac wasn’t stupid.
He knew there were older men, predators if you will, who got on and tried to get one of the younger little twinks as their prey.
And Zac, Zac was the perfect prey.
And he wanted to be. He had this fetish. He wanted to feel tiny and vulnerable, completely at some older man’s mercy…
So, he did some research and he knew all the signs of a predator in a chat room.
Questions about your age and where you live, repeatedly asking to see a picture of you but avoiding sending you a picture of them, suggesting meeting in person a lot…. The list went on and on.
These past two weeks, Zac had been talking to some guy whose username was “Quincy666” Short and simple. This guy had shown all the qualities of a potential sex offender and Zac had been talking to him more and more. He’d already sent naked pictures of himself and it was only week two. By next week, he’d be getting what he wanted.
He clicked the log in button on the chat box.

Twinkboy321 has joined the chat.

Seconds later….

Quincy666 has joined the chat.

Twinkboy321: Hey there: )
Quincy666: Sup Zac?
Twinkboy321: Not much… check ur email;)

There was a few minute pause in which Quincy loaded his email. What awaited him were new pics from the night before. There were five.
The first was Zac on the bed, legs crossed, in his underwear. The second, the underwear came off, legs spread wide. The third, Zac’s head was thrown back, his hand gripping his cock. The fourth, Zac was bouncing on a huge dildo and the fifth, his cum was in midair.
Quincy grunted in approval at his screen as he scanned over the pictures.
As Zac suspected, Quincy was much older than his online age of seventeen. He was in his late forties and was planning on getting Zac alone and taking advantage of him. But he had no clue that this was what Zac wanted.
After a few minutes, Quincy was too busy jacking off to the pictures to reply.

Twinkboy321: U like?
Quincy666: Hell yeah. One helluva body.
Quincy666: Sux that I can look but not touch.
Twinkboy321: Yeah, mayb if u were here I’d have more than just a dildo…

A long pause.

Quincy666: Where you from again?
Twinkboy321: D.C. You?
Quincy666: Virginia
Twinkboy321: That ain’t too far away is it?
Quincy666: Few hours at most.
Quincy666: We should meet.

Zac smirked at the computer. Yes. Now just one final test to be sure.

Twinkboy321: Well… I dunno…
Quincy666: Why not? : (
Twinkboy321: I’m usually a pretty good kid… not the sorta one who meets ppl online…
Quincy666: C’mon, please?
Twinkboy321: Quincy… I’m not sure about this
Quincy666: Zac I really want to. For me?

Zac grinned at his screen.

Twinkboy321: …. Okay.
Quincy666: Very Happy *hugs Twinkboy321*
Twinkboy321: *laughs* So, can I have a pic of you??
Quincy666: I told you, camera’s broke.
Twinkboy321: Oh, right. Sorry.
Quincy666: S’okay. You’ll see me soon. Let’s set up a time and date.
Twinkboy321: Well, I ain’t doin anything next weekend?
Quincy666: Kay, next Saturday night?
Twinkboy321: Night?
Quincy666: Oh, if you’re scared, noon is cool too…
Twinkboy321: Nah, its good, just clarifying. Place? I can’t drive yet and I can’t get a ride so can you get to D.C?
Quincy666: Totally. No prob. I’ve been there b4
Twinkboy321: Well, what about that street corner, right by the monument?
Quincy666: Sounds perfect.

How was Zac making this so easy? A secluded street corner. Perfect…

Twinkboy321: So, its set: )
Quincy666: Yup it is. Now, how bout some more pics to hold me over til we meet? Wink
Twinkboy321: Oh, if you insist hahaha : ) One sec. brb

An hour later, Zac returned to chat.

Twinkboy321 has joined the chat.

Quincy666: : ) where’d ya go?
Twinkboy321: I was making you a present, silly.
Quincy666: *raises brow* what sort of present?
Twinkboy321: …. It’s easier to show you… check email again.

This time when he opened his email, a video link awaited him. He curiously clicked on it, mouth salivating and gaping at what he saw.
The video started out with Zac standing in a dimly lit bedroom in just boxer shorts. He adjusted the webcam and stepped back, flashing the camera a dazzling smile.
“Quincy… this is all for you.” He whispered hotly, long black hair falling in his face in a smooth curtain.
Quincy had already begun palming himself through the rough fabric of his jeans.
On the screen, Zac pushed play on a radio nearby and began swaying his hips, sliding down his boxers inch by inch.
Finally, his cock was revealed as he kicked off his boxers. He pumped himself a few times before grabbing a bottle of lube and a huge dildo.
He held up the dildo to the camera. It really was big… nine inches long and four around.
Quincy looked at the screen incredulously. No way that kid could take that dildo…
But Zac could. He squirted some lube into his hand and rubbed it over the dildo. He then laid on his stomach on the bed. He made a face and stood, leaving the room. He came back a few minutes later, another person following him.
“This is my friend Asher. He’s just holdin’ the camera for me so it looks better.” He smiled.
The camera was picked up and Zac once again laid on his stomach on the bed. He reached back and spread his ass cheeks, the camera zoomed in on his tight hole. It then zoomed out as Zac pressed the tip of the dildo to his ass. It showed him slide the first inch in and then the camera moved to his face. Eyes scrunched shut, mouth open, heavy breaths coming through. A loud, sluttish groan sounded. Then back to the dildo. Eight inches in. Only one more inch to go.
The person holding the camera reached out with one hand and helped guide the last inch in.
“Ohhh.” Zac licked his lips and let out a shaky moan. He waited a moment before gripping the dildo and slowly moving it in and out of his tight heat.
“Oh Quincy!” He threw his head back. “Oh! God! Quincy!”
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