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Even more things. Sorry about this <3
Rick walked out the front door, humming to himself. He was going to see Chris and check on his little nephew on the way. He couldn’t wait to be an uncle. Suddenly, he was grabbed from behind. His first instinct was to swing at whoever it was. But before he could turn, a moist towel was held over his face. Rick didn’t know this, but that towel was wet with chloroform….
Everything went black.
A few hours later Rick blinked his eyes open and looked around. Everything was hazy but right now there wasn’t much to see. He was in a pitch black room.
“H-hello? K-Kevin?” He called, voice shaking. He looked down and realized he was tied to a bed. “Kevin? Th-this isn’t fucking f-funny, c’mere…”
A chuckle and footsteps were heard.
“Awake Rick?”
“Yes… wh-who the fuck are you?”
“Oh, you know me. Not too well but if I remember correctly you hate me more than anything.”
“Just tell me who you are and let me the fuck go!” Rick exclaimed.
Quincy McDaniels stepped into view, happy smirk on his face.
“You fucker!” Rick screamed. “Let me go! Now!”
“Eh… maybe, if I feel like it. Or maybe… I’ll just keep you here for a while. I could use a fuck toy.”
Rick visibly tensed up.
“Oh what’s wrong Rick? Scared? You scared of lil ol’ me?” Quincy chuckled, quite proud of himself.
“Fuck you.” Rick spat.
“Damn… that is really not the way to get me to let you go hun.”
“You touch me and you’ll fucking regret it asshole.”
“Oh really?” Quincy raised an eyebrow as he stroked Rick through his pants. Rick hissed and tried to hit, kick, bite, something but he could do nothing.
Quincy laughed.
“Yeah, you can’t do Jack shit sweetheart.”
“KEVIN! ALEX!” Rick screamed.
Quincy laughed harder.
“Well I dunno about Alex, but I got your husband right over there Rick.”
“What?! Where?!”
Quincy flicked on the light revealing Kevin, tied to a chair and gagged, sobbing his eyes out.
“Baby!” Rick tried to reach out to him. “Honey don’t cry!”
Kevin cried harder looking at Rick with big terrified eyes.
“MMM! HMPH!” Kevin couldn’t speak over his gag but he was jerking his head towards Quincy.
Now that the light was on, Rick could see, Quincy was almost naked. He had no shirt or pants, only his white, silky boxers hanging loosely on his hips.
Rick froze as he realized… he was going to be raped tonight. He was going to lose his virginity to the man he hated most and it was going to be painful… And Kevin was going to watch him. Not willingly but he was going to watch…
Rick didn’t beg… he just didn’t. But he was scared to death. More than he had ever been in his life.
“Quincy… c’mon, you don’t want to do this….” Rick looked up at him.
“I don’t?” Quincy raised a brow, still smirking. “I think I do. Hmm, you’re a virgin ain’t that right Ricky poo?”
“Please… don’t…” Rick shook his head.
“Aw, that’s real sweet Rick. Scared?”
Rick nodded.
“Very… Quincy please.” Rick looked up at him pleadingly.
“So…. If I leave you alone, I’m using Kev’s tight ass as my fuck toy.”
“NO!” Rick shook his head furiously. “Don’t! I-I’m a virgin… I’ll be tighter… feel better…”
Kevin made a loud noise of protest.
“Honey I won’t let him touch you again. He can have me….”
Quincy grinned and pinched Rick’s cheek.
“There ya go Rick. See, much easier this way. Kev, your husband cares about ya.” He winked. “Too bad ya gotta watch me fuck him til he’s screaming my name.”
Kevin cringed as did Rick.
“This is gonna be fun.” Quincy chuckled. “Now Rick, I gotta untie ya to undress you. If you try and run away I’ll catch you one way or another and I’ll only be more rough…”
Rick gulped and nodded.
Quincy began to untie him. Rick jabbed him in the eyes and ran.
Quincy simply laughed as he grabbed Rick in a headlock.
“You really think I’m stupid don’t you?” He hissed in his ear as he roughly slammed him against the wall.
Rick whimpered as his head hit the wall.
Quincy’s thick thighs held him in place as his clothes were ripped off.
Kevin was watching in horror, writhing against the ropes tying him down, trying to save his husband but he could do nothing.
Rick stood there, his now bare chest was pressed against the cool wall, Quincy’s hot breath on his neck. He let Rick just stand there, waiting, wondering when he was going to start. It was driving him insane and Quincy knew that. They were both butt naked now. Rick could feel Quincy’s erection pressing against his ass and it was terrifying him.
Kevin was screaming bloody murder through the gag. Quincy grinned widely as he pulled Rick over to Kevin. He bent down so he and Kevin were eye to eye before pulling Rick down and smashing their lips together. Rick pushed his chest but Quincy wrapped his arms around Rick’s neck in a vise like grip, pressing them closer together.
Kevin was fuming.
How fucking DARE he?!
And he couldn’t do a damn thing about it…
“What Kevin? You scared Rick will leave you for a real man? Just like Alex left Mike?” Quincy sneered. “You just wait, he’ll be fucking begging me for more in a minute here.”
Tears rolled down Kevin’s cheeks as Quincy pulled Rick away and pushed him back against the wall. Rick once again felt the large erection pressed against his ass but this time, Quincy wasn’t just teasing. He slammed ball deep into Rick with one thrust.
Rick howled in pain, writing against Quincy as tears rolled down his cheeks.
“I hate you…” Rick whimpered, forehead resting against the cool wall as he prayed that Quincy would give him a minute before moving.
No such luck. Quincy laughed bitterly and began ruthlessly pounding into his virgin hole.
Rick was bawling and screaming, trying to get someone’s attention but no one heard him.
Some quotes and random things I found

Girls are like
apples on trees. The best
ones are at the top of the tree.
The boys don't want to reach for
the good ones because they are afraid
of falling and getting hurt. Instead, they
just get the rotten apples from the ground
that aren't as good, but easy. So the apples
at the top think something is wrong with
them, when in reality, they're amazing.
They just have to wait for the right
boy to come along, the one
who's brave enough
to climb
all the way
to the top
of the tree.

Your Existing Situation

"Searching for a close bond with others which are accepting and kind. Needs a safe, peaceful atmosphere."
Your Stress Sources

"Seeks freedom and the chance to do as she wishes; avoids restrictions or things that try to hold her back. Feels an intense amount of pressure being put on her and would like a chance to escape in order to do the things she wants and needs to do for himself. However, she lacks the determination and motivation to escape and pursue her own personal gains."
Your Restrained Characteristics

Open and emotionally involved in relationships and easily finds satisfaction through sexual activity.

Current situations force her into compromise and placing her own hopes and desires on hold for the time being.

Feels trapped in a helpless situation and is desperately seeking relief. she is able to find pleasure and happiness in sexual activity.

"Believes her hopes and dreams are realistic, but needs reassurance from others. Has strict standards when looking for a partner and wants guarantees that she will not be disappointed or lose."

"Feels trapped in a helpless situation and is desperately seeking relief. she is able to find pleasure and happiness in sexual activity, as long as there is not a lot of conflict or emotional difficulty."

Your Desired Objective

"Longs for tenderness and for a feeling of acceptance from a partner. Appreciates things that are beautiful, pleasing to the eye, and stylish."
Your Actual Problem

"Tension and stress is brought on by trying to cope with conditions which are out of her control, using up all her strength and leaving her feeling inadequate. she wishes to escape into a more peaceful and problem-free environment, in which she will no longer have to assert herself or deal with so much pressure."
Your Actual Problem #2

"Prefers to be left in peace and avoids arguments, confrontation, and conflicts."

“If she loves you, if she really loves you, you’ll know it. If you can wake up to her staring at you and it’s not even mildly creepy, if you catch her smelling the shoulder of the hooded sweatshirt you lent her for an autumn walk at the beach, and not for BO, if she makes you a pancake in the shape of a shark, if she calls you drunkenly at four in the morning to talk, if she laughs at your jokes when they’re funny and makes fun of you when they’re not, if she keeps her fridge stocked with Guinness tallboys for when you come over, if she tells you how she wishes she were closer to her sister and that her dad makes her sad: She loves you, of course she loves you.”

I've learnt that...
you cannot make someone love you. All you can do is be someone who can be loved. The rest is up to them.

no matter how much I care, some people just don't care back.

it takes years to build up trust, and only seconds to destroy it.

it's not what you have in your life, but who you have in your life that counts.

you can do something in an instant that will give you a heartache for life.

no matter how thin you slice it, there are always two sides.

you should always leave loved ones with loving words. It may be the last time you see them.

we are responsible for what we do, no matter how we feel.

there are people who love you dearly, but just don't know how to show it.

true friendship continues to grow, even over the longest distance. Same goes for true love.

just because someone doesnt love you the way you want them to, doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have.

maturity has more to do with what types of experiences you've had and what you've learned from them and less to do with how many birthdays you've celebrated.

no matter how good a friend someone is, they're going to hurt you every once in a while and you must forgive them for that.

no matter how bad your heart is broken the world doesn't stop for your grief.

just because two people argue, it doesn't mean they don't love each other.And just because they don't argue, it doesn't mean they do.

we don't have to change friends if we understand that friends change.

you shouldn't be so eager to find out a secret. It could change your life forever.

there are many ways of falling and staying in love.

no matter how many friends you have, if you are their pillar, you will feel lonely and lost at the times you need them most.

the people you care most about in life are taken from you to soon.

although the word "love" can have many different meanings, it loses value when overly used.

love is not for me to keep, but to pass on to the next person I see.

there are people who love you dearly but just don't know how to show it.

even when I have pains, I don't have to be one.

every day you should reach out and touch someone. People love that human touch-holding hands, a warm hug, or just a friendly pat on the back.

I still have a lot to learn......

“Maybe it’s the way you make my heart skip a beat, how sometimes I forget how to breathe, how my giggles always follow tears, and your fingers go through my hair. Or maybe the way you smirk when I do something that makes me go red, or the way you kiss me when I’m feeling sad. It could be the way you pick me up so I can fly when we haven’t seen each other in a while, or that cute little thing you do with your nose. It could be the nights when I rest my head on your chest and I can hear your heart starting to race, seeing your cheeks go red as I dance to the beat. It just may be the way you make my gloomy days shine and will dance with me in the ran and guide me through this crazy thing called life. But somewhere amongst these things, somewhere in the madness, I fell for you, and this fall will be never ending.”

“I love her, plain and simple. She’s everything I think about when I go to sleep and she’s everything I think about when I awake the next morning. And when I’m dreaming a bad dream and I wake up and scared and alone, the thought of her comforts me. She makes me feel complete, in spite of my loneliness. She is the shining light in my otherwise darkened world.”


“Stay still damnit.” Alex snapped.
Rick winced but sighed and stayed still.
“Does this hurt?” Alex pressed on Rick’s bloody knee lightly. Rick whimpered and nodded. Alex sighed, bending down and pressing a kiss to it. “Better?” He smiled softly.
“No, but thank you.” Rick managed a small smile, wincing as his jaw stung.
Alex wiped the blood off of his lips and sighed as he looked Rick over.
“Rick… I’m going to murder those guys…” Alex shook his head.
Alex was seventeen and Rick was thirteen. Rick had just gotten his ass beat by some bullies at school.
“Chris would murder em too if he was here.” Alex sighed.
Chris was out of town with his and Rick’s parents so Rick had been staying with Alex.
Rick was hurt everywhere. His knee was bloody, so was his nose. His lip was puffy. His eye was black and swollen.
“Ow… Alex this fucking hurts…”
“I know babe. Anything I can do to make it better?”
Rick hummed. There was one thing but he wouldn’t dare ask that…
“Ricky, I know that face. What can I do? There’s something…”
Rick shook his head.
“How about this?” Alex smirked, he knew what Rick wanted. He leaned in and kissed him sweetly.


Quincy sighed as another woman refused them spare change.
“This fucking sucks.” Rick groaned, laying back on the newspaper they had laid on the side of the street.
Zac had died much to Quincy’s dismay and Kevin was out from trying to have another child.
Everyone had either died or moved away. Long story short, after Kevin and Zac were gone, Rick and Quincy were unstable… they’d stopped working and earning money and lost their homes. They were out on the streets, constantly looking for money. No one ever gave them any.
They were alone, starving, weak.
“Yeah it does..” But he wasn’t one to complain.
They were up all night, sitting beside each other on the sidewalk as people walked past, every single one refusing to give them anything until one man stopped in front of them.
He knelt down and examined them both.
“Spare change?” Rick held out the paper cup he had.
“I’ll do you one better. How’d you two like to stay in my mansion for a while?”
Rick blinked, looking over at Quincy.
They were both wary, they didn’t know this man but anything was better than this…
“What’s the catch?” Quincy asked.
“No catch. Just a small payment of course.”
“Listen we don’t have cash…”
“We can arrange something. So, yes or no?”
Rick and Quincy shared glances before nodding.
The man smiled and got a taxi. They all got in and were taken to a large mansion.
“Now, you two can share the guestroom. Go ahead in and rest, I’ll be in in a bit.” He pointed to a door.
Rick and Quincy raced for it, both collapsing on the bed and snuggling into the mattress.
They were immediately asleep.
A few hours later they were awoken by a knock on the door.
Rick groaned but stood and opened it with a tired smile. Quincy came a second later.
“Sleep well?” The man asked.
They both nodded.
“Well good. Now, I’d like to talk to you two about the payment…”
They shared nervous glances but backed up, letting the man in.
The three of them sat on the bed.
The man spoke first.
“Well, my name is Shannon and I’m the owner of Have either of you heard of it?”
Quincy shook his head while Rick hummed.
“I may have been on it once or twice… or twenty times…”
Shannon smiled.
“Please tell your friend what that is?”
“It’s.. a gay porn site but they only have like… bears. Y’know big, hairy, usually muscular or fat.” He shrugged.
Quincy nodded slowly.
“Well, would you two consider yourself bears?” Shannon asked.
Rick shrugged.
“I mean.. yeah I guess so…”
Quincy nodded with a shrug of his own.
“So as your payment to live here, I’d like the two of you to have sex, and allow me to film it for the site.”
“What?” Quincy blinked incredulously.
“You heard me correctly.”
“You really think people would pay to watch us fuck?” Rick asked.
“Of course, you’re both muscular, very sexy I think. Now who would bottom?”
Quincy’s head immediately turned to look at Rick as Rick’s head lowered.
“Me.” He admitted bitterly.
“So will you do it?”
“Um… can we have a moment to talk about it?”
“Of course.” Shannon left the room.
“So… what do you think?” Quincy asked.
“I think I’m nervous as fuck and not crazy about the idea but we need this…” Rick sighed.
“You’re right… we do…”
“But…I… okay.” Rick nodded reluctantly.
“You’re a virgin aren’t you Rick?”
“I’ll be as gentle as possible. I promise.”
“Alright… don’t be too sweet though… it’s a porno. Sweet don’t get viewers.”
“I know but still. So we’re doing it?”
Quincy stood and opened the door where Shannon was waiting.
“Well?” He asked.
“We’ll do it.” Quincy nodded.
“Alright, you probably wouldn’t guess this, but we film porn just like real movies just in one take. If you two will follow me, I’ll give you a few scripts to choose from. We‘re very professional about this.” He turned and made his way down the staircase. Rick and Quincy followed.
Quincy’s hand found Rick’s and squeezed it tight.
They picked through scripts until they found one that sounded less painful for Rick. However, it involved Rick being a twink. This should be interesting.
“Alright you two can go shower and get cleaned up. Then we’ll work.”
“Do we have to shower together?”
“Yes, well you’ll be fucking soon so I suggest you get used to each others bodies now.”
They nodded as they were shown the bathroom and given some clothes to put on afterwards.
Quincy stripped down and got in the shower, setting the water and standing there, waiting for Rick.
Rick took a deep breath and stepped in. He scanned over Quincy’s body. He was so fucking huge…
He tried to calm himself. If Zac could take it, he could too…
Quincy placed a hand on Rick’s moist shoulder.
“It’s gonna be fine Rick… trust me.” He stepped closer and hugged the other man.
Rick sighed and pulled back.
“Alright I’m gonna try and get turned on here. Prepare yourself.” He took his cock in one hand and began looking Quincy over.
It really was easy to get aroused by this man. He was the definition of a sex god…
Rick chewed his lip as he pumped his cock to the image of Quincy’s body.
“Y’know… you look really sexy right now.” Quincy noted. He smacked Rick’s hand away and took over the job.
Rick gasped, looking at him strangely.
“Hey. We’re gonna be fucking soon. I’m allowed to touch.” He smirked. “How bout I prep you in here? So when we go out there you’ll be a bit more stretched?”
“Sure…” Rick nodded.
Quincy’s hands were already wet he didn’t need to do anything else to them. He turned Rick around and had him lean against the wall. He slid a finger around his tight pucker before slowly sliding it inside.
Rick frowned at the feeling. Quincy massaged his walls for a while before inserting a second. Rick hissed at this, tight walls automatically trying to push the finger out.


Please accept my apologies, wonder what would have been
Would you've been a little angel or an angel of sin?
Tom-boy running around, hanging with all the guys.
Or a little tough boy with beautiful brown eyes?

“Zac… I’m so sorry… please forgive me?” Rick pleaded with his son who stood in front of him, arms folded.
Zac looked at him, hurt shown in his big blue eyes. Just like his mother’s.
“And why should I Rick?” He hadn’t called him daddy yet… not even father.
“Because I didn’t want to kill you…”
“Then why did you Rick? What the hell did I do?”
“Exactly…” Zac turned and walked away.

I payed for the murder before they determined the sex
Choosing our life over your life meant your death
And you never got a chance to even open your eyes


Sage looked up at the ceiling and laughed. He just laughed and laughed and laughed. The ceiling was plain white and there was nothing interesting about it. But to Sage it was just hilarious. So was the desk lamp. And the carpet… Everything was hilarious…
When you’re on cocaine.
This was his first time trying cocaine and he was loving it. Everyone had advised him against trying it, said it was awful. What the fuck were they talking about? This was awesome.
“Dumb bastards.” Sage giggled aloud.
However his high only lasted a half hour. And after it was over he crashed. It was hell, his whole body ached.. He felt like shit…
So here was the down fall…
He needed more… something to make him feel better after this shit.
The next morning he went out in the cold December air, jacket pulled tight around himself. His teeth chattered as he went back to the same alleyway he’d gotten the first bit of the drug last week.
Sure enough there was the same guy as last time.
The man was big and burly with a buzz cut. Quite frankly, he frightened Sage but he was the only source to get what he needed…
The man laughed.
“Back for some more already?”
Sage nodded.
“You know the price. Cough it up and I’ll give ya what you want.”
As Sage rummaged around in his wallet to come up with the cash, a small boy walked into the alley.
And by small, he didn’t mean young. He meant fucking tiny. Ridiculously small. He looked anorexic. As if the wind could blow him away, or a single fall could break his weak bones.
Sage watched in shock as the boy asked the man if he had any special illegal weight loss pills.
“Why the fuck do you need to lose weight?” Sage asked incredulously.
“Um hello? Do you see me?”
“Yeah I do. You’re fucking tiny.”
“Liar.” The boy shrugged as the dealer went through his stash.
“I got the perfect thing for ya kid.” He held out a plastic baggy which contained a single white capsule. “You take this, you’ll lose as much weight as you want.”
“Just one pill?” The boy asked.
“Yupp, and if it don’t work I’ll give ya a refund.”
“Alright…” The kid nodded and paid the money as Sage did the same for his cocaine.
The small boy walked off. Sage hummed before jogging to catch up with him.
“Hey..” The boy muttered, looking away.
“I’m Sage Moore.” He felt like a kindergartener again, trying to make friends.
“Sean McDaniels.”
“So… you really think you’re fat?”
“I don’t think I’m fat.”
“I KNOW I’m fat.” He gave a smirk.
Sage shrugged.
“I guess I can’t judge you, I’m the one on drugs..”
“So… um.. You doing anything tomorrow?”
“Not really.” Sean shrugged.
“Wanna go out to a club or something?”
“Uh, sure.” Sean nodded. He’d never really been invited to go clubbing. His brother always went but he didn’t tag along.
“Alright meet me at that club…Rumors? You know it?”
“Yeah I know it.” Sean nodded with a small smile.
“Alright then, tomorrow at ten?”
“Sure.” Sean smiled and walked off with a wave.
The next night Sean got dressed. He wore a simple white tank top and jeans that were meant to be tight but hung off of his small waist along with a studded belt. He walked off to the club Sage had told him to be at and sure enough, the other boy was waiting outside in a leather jacket, Bullet For My Valentine t-shirt, and ripped blue jeans.
He waved Sean over and together they walked into the club.
Sean had one drink but he was a lightweight and didn’t want to get drunk so that was it.
Sage got tipsy and did some karaoke, which he was really rather good at. Most of the night they just danced around together.
At the end of the night, Sage kissed his cheek but that was it. They went their separate ways, agreeing to hang out again next weekend.
By the next weekend, Sage had gone back to the drug dealer four times. His need for the drug kept growing… however, his cash supply was decreasing fast.
He needed money… if he didn’t have money he couldn’t get his drugs and if he didn’t have his drugs… he didn’t know what then.
The cocaine had taken over his life in such a short amount of time.. It WAS his life now…
Sean’s worry about his new friend was increasing but there was nothing he could do.


Sydney chewed her lip nervously as she strolled into the tattoo parlor, clutching tightly onto Derek’s hand.
“Syd baby, you want this remember? Think of how good that tattoo is gonna look on your beautiful back.” He rubbed a few soothing circles on her back.
She nodded as a man stepped up to them. He was very large, muscular, covered in tattoos from head to toe except for his face. A smirk seemed to spread across his face as he saw Sydney. He looked pretty sleazy at first but Sydney was a perfect victim for any sleazy man and that grin only doubled it.
Derek instinctively wrapped an arm around Sydney’s waist and pulled her close. She got where he was going and leaned her head on his shoulder. When necessary they acted like a couple. But Derek was gay. Yes, they had fucked before. Only because they were both drunk off their ass. They kissed sometimes to keep up the act but they were pretty much just good friends. Best friends.
“So lil lady, you here for a tattoo?” He raised an eyebrow as he changed his gloves.
Sydney nodded.
“A few actually. Can you do portraits?”
“Sure can cupcake.” He winked. “Well where are you thinking of getting them?”


List of What If Threads

What if Alex never left Mike?
What if Sydney never aborted Zac?
What if Zac got with Aaron?
What if Rick never knocked Kevin up?
What if Rick left Kevin for Biddy?
What if Mike and Dustin never met?
What if Dewayne was Chris’s?
What if Alan never raped Rick?
What if Angel never died?
What if Kevin lived?
What if Mike and Alex never met?


“Zachary?” Their Calculus teacher, Mrs. Jones called on Zac to answer the problem.
“I believe the answer is 64.” Zac answered confidently.
“I believe the answer is 64.” Quincy mocked from the row behind Zac, causing all his friends to snicker. “And I believe you’re a nerd.” He chuckled.
“Very good Zachary.” She nodded, smiling encouragingly as Zac sunk low in his seat, face a cherry red from Quincy’s comments. He stayed silent the rest of the class.
The bell rang and Zac sighed of relief as he grabbed his huge pile of books, pushed his glasses up on his nose, and walked out the door.
All of a sudden, he tripped over something, tumbling to the ground with a gasp. His glasses fell onto the ground in front of him. He looked up with blurry eyes to see Quincy and his friends hovering over him, snickering. One winked and walked off. Zac took this to be the one who had tripped him. The rest followed him down the hall except for Quincy. Quincy stayed back. Once all his friends were gone, he scooped up Zac’s books in a neat pile, and picked up his glasses. Zac looked up at him curiously, hair falling in his face. Quincy paused a moment, their eyes meeting. Quincy and his friends regularly teased Zac for being scrawny and nerdy but now… without his glasses, Quincy actually found Zac sort of attractive… He gently brushed a strand of hair out of Zac’s face, tucking it behind his ear, fingers ever so slightly caressing Zac’s cheek. They seemed to be in a sort of trance as Quincy slid the cracked glasses back on his face. They just stared for a moment until they snapped out of it, quickly looking away.
“Uh, here….” Quincy stood, waiting for Zac to do the same before handing him the pile of books.
“No problem… Bye then.”
Before Zac could respond, Quincy was half way down the hall.
Zac shook his head as he walked to his next class…
Meanwhile, Quincy plopped down at a table in the library, beside his brother Quinton. He had his free period now.
“Dude.” He nudged Quinton.
Quinton rolled his eyes as he looked up, he was more shy and reserved while Quincy was pretty much the school bad boy.
“Y’know that nerdy kid? Zac?”
“Yeah. What about him?”
“I’m not sure… y’know what, forget I said anything.” Quincy shook his head.
“C’mon, you got me to stop reading and got me all interested. No going back now.” Quinton shut the book he’d been reading and looked at his brother.
Quincy rolled his eyes this time but sighed.
“Well, he’s sorta… cute without his glasses.”
Quinton bust out laughing.
“You mean to tell me that you have a crush on the little nerd you’ve been teasing for the past twelve years?”
“I never said crush. I said he’s cute. Lots of people are cute. Jen is cute. Barry is cute. So is Zac. I’ve just added him to the list. Now me, I’m sexy. Not cute.” He nodded, earning an eye roll from his brother.
“So, what happened with Zac?”
“Well, John tripped him and his shit felt everywhere. I felt bad and picked it up for him. His glasses fell off too. So, I went to put em back on and we just sorta looked at each other for a second or two… we shared a moment, y’know.” He held up his pointer fingers, apart at first but he moved them together until they were side by side.
“The hell was that?” Quinton asked.
“What was what?”
“The motion or whatever.”
“Oh, we shared a moment.” He repeated the thing with his fingers.
“You have mental problems don’t you?”
“Probably, now, prom is next week right?”
“You going? I ain’t.”
“Ain’t is not a word.” Quinton rolled his eyes.
“And you’re a tool. Now answer the question.”
“Yeah, I’m taking Matt.”
Quincy rolled his eyes.
*Later That Day*
The crowd of seniors slowly filed into the auditorium for the announcement the principal was making.
By coincidence and much to his dismay, Zac was seated right smack dab in the middle of Quincy and his group of asshole friends. He cursed his bad luck as their principal, Mrs. Woods, stepped onto the stage with the microphone.
“Now, as you all know, prom is this Friday.”
There were a few girly giggles and hollers from the popular girls.
“And I’m sure you’re all excited.”
Another couple yells.
“And just as I’m sure of that, I’m sure there are some of you without dates…”
Silence. No, Quincy didn’t have a date but he had no desire to go.
“We’re going to fix that. We’ve set up an online quiz. Anyone without a date will fill out the questions and the computer will pair you up based on your answers. At this year’s prom, I plan on seeing EVERY student attending.”
A few snorts.
“Yes, it is mandatory.”
A few ‘what?!’s and ‘fuck no’s.
“In order to pass your senior year, and graduate, you must attend the dance on Friday.” She repeated.
Quincy glared.
“Bullshit..” He started slowly, nudging his friends, soon, his whole crowd of friends were chanting it. “Bullshit! Bullshit! Bullshit!”
A few teachers tried to get them to stop but it was useless. Zac just stayed silent, sinking down in his chair. He was surrounded by them all chanting.
Mrs. Woods stormed over.
“That’s it! Detention tonight! All of you! This entire row!”
Zac looked up at her.
“But ma’am I wasn’t chanting!” He exclaimed but she ignored him.
He glared after her, he had never gotten detention before and he was freaking out. He was on the verge of tears, causing the other boys to laugh at him. Quincy had gotten detention so many times it didn’t matter, but he was pissed about the dance thing. He really didn’t feel like going to the dance with some random guy or girl…
*In Detention*
Zac grumbled as he grabbed one of the laptops and sat down at a desk. He was supposed to take his personality quiz in detention. He hated this. Everyone at this school thought he was a nerd… he didn’t want to do this…
He talked quietly to himself.
“First question, favorite color? Hmm… what the fuck does this have to do with anything?” He rolled his eyes but nonetheless selected blue.
Across the room, Quincy was also taking his test.
They had no idea but every answer was the same.
Favorite Color?
Favorite Drink?
Dr. Pepper

It continued but every single answer matched…
The next day, they received their results which contained their new date for the dance.
Zac’s eyes widened as he pulled the name out of the envelope. There in big, bold, capital letters…
Shit. He was dead meat…
Quincy’s friends were surrounding him as he opened his own envelope.
His friends bust out laughing. Hysterically howling, snorting and chuckling.
Quincy cursed, groaning aloud and bashing his head off the desk. His friends one by one left, leaving Quincy alone.
His brother stepped up behind him, glancing at the paper with Zac’s name.
“Ah, so this a good or bad thing?” Quinton asked.
“Bad. Horrible…”
“Horrible cause he’s a nerd or horrible cause if you two hit it off you’re gonna be the school joke til graduation?”
“Both.” Quincy muttered, head still on the desk.
“Don’t care what people think.” He shrugged.
“And that’s so easy.” He rolled his eyes.
Quinton rolled his eyes back and shrugged again.
“So, you should buy Zac some contacts.”
“You said he’s cute without glasses.” Quinton reminded.
“Oh… yeah…”
“Speak of the devil…” Quinton smirked as Zac walked up to them.
“Um… you’re Quincy right?” He pointed at the correct twin with his head in his arms.
“Yeah.” Quincy grunted.
“How’d you tell?” Quinton asked.
“Well you had a book in your hand. Dead give a way.” He smirked.
Quinton chuckled.
“Yeah, I don’t think I’ve seen Quincy read a book he wasn’t forced to.”
Zac smiled softly.
“So, you two are goin to the dance together, right?” Quinton asked.
“Um, yeah, I guess.” Zac nodded.
“Fun, fun.” Quincy piped up, earning a flick in the ear from his brother.
“Be nice.” He scolded.
“Its fine.” Zac shrugged. “I’m used to it.”
Quinton frowned.
“Quincy. C’mon. Give the kid a break.”
Quincy popped his head up, obviously fake grin on his fake.
“Hello! I’m Quincy! Isn’t it just a beautiful day today!” He beamed sarcastically. “Happy enough for you?” He grunted to his brother.
Quinton rolled his eyes.
Quincy sighed, extending a hand to Zac.
“I’m Quincy.”
“I know. I’m Zac.”
“I know.” Quincy repeated, nodding.
“So…. You’re my prom date…” He stated rather than asked.
“We have the same favorite color so we’re obviously soul mates.” Zac smirked, sarcastically.
Quincy chuckled, nodding.
“Yup, totally. I think I love you.”
Zac smiled shyly, giggling.
This was going better than expected…
Quinton smiled as he quietly walked off.
*Thursday Night*
It was the night before the dance and Quinton and Quincy were both being fitted for tuxedos.
“This thing is itchy.” Quincy grumbled, tugging at the collar.
“I can’t believe you’re actually wearing a tux.”
“Well I wanna look nice.” He shrugged as a small box fell from his pocket.
“Shit.” He cursed as he tried to grab it. Before he could, Quinton got it.
“What’s this?” He raised an eyebrow.
“Nothing. Now give it.” Quincy snapped.
Quinton smirked as he opened the box.
Quincy glared, cheeks a light red.
“Shut up.”
Inside the box was a pretty red rose corsage. For Zac. He’d actually made the effort to go out and buy it.
“You’re so sweet!” Quinton sang.
“You’re an ass.”
Quinton chuckled as he handed it back to his brother.
“So, you gonna be a gentleman?”
“I’m gonna try.” He shrugged.
“I got a limo for Matt, you wanna ride along?”
“Just get Zac’s address at school tomorrow so we can pick him up.” He nodded.
*The Next Night (Prom Night)*
Quincy frowned as he knocked on Zac’s door. A minute later, the door opened revealing a man with pretty blue eyes and shoulder length blondish hair.
“Zac! Is this your date!?” He called, grinning.
“Yeah momma. Now go.”
“No way. This is prom Zachary, now you stand next to him so I can take a picture.”
Zac blushed deeply as he walked over to Quincy.
“Can you please play along for a minute? Just let him take a few pictures?”
Quincy smirked.
“Sure… But first…” He handed Zac the rose corsage.
“Oh, thank you.” Zac smiled as he led Quincy inside. It was beautiful. Zac put it on.
Quincy threw an arm around Zac’s waist, pulling him to his side, smiling for the camera politely.
Zac’s mother, Kevin, had them pose for a good ten minutes until Quinton told the chauffer to honk the horn out front.
“Um, I’m sorry sir but the limo is waiting out front.”
“Limo?” Zac and his mother asked incredulously at the same time.
Quincy smiled and nodded.
“My brother is taking his date and he said I could take Zac along.”
“That’s so sweet. Oh Zacky he got you a limo!” His mother gushed.
Zac groaned.
“We’re LEAVING now! Bye momma!” He took Quincy’s hand and tugged him outside.
“It was lovely meeting you Mr. McGuire!” Quincy called, chuckling as he was drug outside.
Quincy opened the limo door and let Zac in first, crawling in after him.
“Sorry, his mom was taking pictures.” Quincy chuckled.
Zac’s face was already tomato red.
“I’m so sorry about that…”
“It’s fine, kid.” He chuckled softly, throwing an arm around Zac’s shoulders as they were taken to the dance.
They arrived and Zac was friends with the girl taking their tickets.
She gave him a look that said “The fuck are you doing with Quincy?”
“Quiz.” Zac mouthed.
She nodded. Made much more sense.
They handed the girl their tickets and walked inside. Of course, slow song… Quincy pulled Zac off to the dance floor, placing his hands on his hips. He took Zac’s hands and put them around his neck.
Zac smiled as Quincy swayed them to the beat. They earned some strange looks but for once, Zac didn’t care.
Quincy had a much better time than he thought he would. Zac and he did hit it off, Zac turned out to be actually really funny, clever…
Soon, the dance was ending and all in all, it hadn’t been a bad night. Quinton sighed as he walked up to Quincy.
“Hey, Matt’s been dropping hints all night about how he don’t want to go to the hotel afterwards. But I already paid for the room. Do me a favor and take Zac? I don’t wanna waste it.” He held out a room key.
All couples went to the nearest hotel after dances and… well, fucked. Quincy didn’t plan on fucking Zac but he liked the kid. Maybe it’d be fun spending more time with him.
“I’ll ask him but I ain’t gonna pressure him.” Quincy nodded, snatching the key and heading back to Zac.
Zac looked up from where he’d been standing, pouring himself a glass of punch.
“Hey.” He smiled.
“Hey.. Listen, my brother got a hotel room for his date and him but Matt don’t wanna go. You wanna use the room instead?” He raised an eyebrow, holding out the key.
Zac bit his lip, thinking for a moment before nodding.
“Sure… sounds nice.” He wasn’t too sure… not knowing if Quincy would try something…
“Look, Zac. We don’t gotta do anything if you don’t want. Quinton’s got the room stocked with popcorn and movies. We can just watch movies or talk. It’s cool.” Quincy reassured.
Zac smiled again, nodding.
“That sounds nice then. Just let me call my mom and let him know I won’t be back til morning.” He said, pulling out his phone, dialing the number as he walked off to the side.
“Hello?” His mother answered the phone.
“Hey momma. It’s Zac. I’m not gonna be back til the morning, kay?”
“Why?” Kevin repeated.
“Well… Quincy got us a hotel room.”
“Oh hell! Wear protection sweety!”
Zac blushed a deep red.
“Momma we’re not gonna fuck!”
“Whatever you say. Bye Zac!”
Zac rolled his eyes as he hung up the phone and returned to Quincy, cheeks still red.
“Well what’d he say?” Quincy asked.
“He told you to wear protection…” Zac blushed.
Quincy laughed, taking Zac’s hand and walking them over to the hotel across the street.
Quincy walked up to the room. His brother was the corny, romantic type so as expected, the room was stocked with chick flicks and horror movies, the fridge had nothing but chocolate and popcorn. The sheet on the bed was red, the pillows were heart shaped.
“My god…” Quincy rolled his eyes. “Sorry, my brother is corny and cliché.”
Zac giggled lightly.
“I think its… sweet.” He looked around the room. There was only one bed…
“Well looks like we’re gonna have to sleep together but I’ll behave. Promise.” Quincy winked.
Zac smiled, nodding as he laid down on the bed.
“Movies?” Quincy asked.
“Oh, yeah, totally. Got any horror ones?”
“Tons.” Quincy gave a toothy grin as he made a bowl of popcorn and picked a good movie sure to scare Zac.
He then tossed off his shirt, and plopped on the bed, arm around Zac’s shoulders. Zac tentatively curled up to Quincy so they were cuddling, the bowl of popcorn resting on Quincy’s abs.
Zac watched the movie, flinching at some parts, squealing at others. At one part, he jumped and squealed, knocking the popcorn over as he buried his head in Quincy’s chest.
Quincy laughed, ruffling his hair.
“You scared?”
“No, I just scream like a girl for fun…”
Quincy chuckled again, tugging Zac up so their faces were inches apart.
“Well I’m here.” He whispered.
Zac blinked at him before leaning in and pressing their lips together. Quincy was slightly shocked but he’d wanted this all night. He’d just promised he would behave so that was what he’d done. But now, he pulled Zac closer, tongue forcing its way into Zac’s mouth.
Zac purred, massaging Quincy’s thighs.

Quincy smiled over at his fiance and child… He hated to disturb the adorable scene but…
He stood and lifted Jude carefully. He carried him back to his room, shutting the door quietly.
Then he made his way back to his and Zac’s room in their brand new house. He shut their own door, locking it tight and hopped back on the bed, tickling Zac’s ribcage.
Zac squeaked and opened his eyes.
“Its my birthday! No tickling!” He muttered.
“Well I needed a creative way to wake you up.”
“Why did I need to be woken?” He yawned.
“Do you want your birthday sex?” He hummed.
Zac grinned tiredly and nodded. Quincy was already in his boxers. Zac sat up and woke himself up before beginning to strip.
Quincy smiled at his small lover, caressing his cheek as he waited for him.
Zac was soon in just his tighty whiteys, smirking up at Quincy.
“So.. Since its my birthday… you have to do what I say, right?”
“Mhmmm….” Quincy hummed, his lips nipping at Zac’s ear.
“So, whatever I say while we’re making love I want you to do, alright?”
“Alright babe…”
Zac tugged down Quincy’s boxers and kissed up his thick member. Quincy offered two fingers to Zac but he shook his head.
“No prep.”
“What?” Quincy blinked.
“No prep.” Zac repeated. “I want to feel it.”
“You’ll feel it either way precious. You always do.”
“Still. None.” He nodded.
Quincy sighed reluctantly.
“Can I rim you?”
Zac hummed thoughtfully and nodded.
Quincy grinned. Yes, his brother Dustin was the rimmer but he enjoyed it on occasion. Plus, it was a form of prep.
He tugged off Zac’s underwear and kissed his pert ass cheeks, running his thumb up and down the crack.
He spanked it a few times before letting his tongue swirl around the tiny red pucker.
Zac groaned, pressing back against him. Quincy’s large hands held tightly on to the lithe hips as his tongue plunged inside.
“Gah!” Zac yelped.
Quincy chuckled as he made a slurping noise. He began lapping at Zac’s ass, earning him many pleased squeals and moans. He jabbed at Zac’s prostate with his tongue.
Zac gave one final call as his cum spurted onto the mattress.
Riley walked to the door, getting the mail and calling out to his parents.
“Momma, daddy, mail’s here!”
Zac jogged down the stairs and grabbed the pile of mail, thanking his son.
“Stupid, stupid, stupid…” He flipped through the mail, bored. “Oh, that’s mine.” He winked at his son as he sat the PlayGirl magazine aside.
Riley laughed at his mother.
Zac frowned as he came across an official looking envelope with his name on it…
He opened it and read through it, eyes becoming more and more horrified with every word.
“Momma whats wrong?” Riley asked worriedly.
“I’m… I’m going to war.” He blinked, showing his son the letter.
It clearly stated that Zachary Evan McGuire had been drafted to war. He had a week to gather his belongings. It was a random drawing. Zac was over eighteen now so it was completely legal…
“No momma… you can’t be… daddy won’t let this happen.” Riley shook his head furiously.
“I have to.” Zac said, shaking his head.
“DADDY!” Riley called.

Quinton wrapped an arm around Zac’s waist as they boarded the plane and took their seats together.
“It’ll be alright Zac… just stay with me. I’ll protect you.” Quinton whispered, pecking his temple. He had to protect him, for his brother…
Zac nodded, putting on his seatbelt as they waited for the plane to take off.
Quinton slouched a bit towards Zac.
“You can sleep on me if you want to.”
“Thanks…” Zac did lay his head on Quinton’s shoulder and let his eyes slip shut.
Quinton and Zac hadn’t always been the best of friends…but they were suffering the same fate… they’d both been drafted so they needed each other. Well Zac needed Quinton.
*Hours Later*
“Zac… Zac… wake up.” Quinton whispered, shaking the small boy gently.
Zac blinked an eye open.
Zac nuzzled Quincy’s neck, placing a kiss to it and sucking lightly.
“Precious, if you make me hard we will need to fix that. And by the time we walk a mile back to our house, I will be soft again.” He whined lightly, Quincy didn’t really whine.
Zac smiled up at him.
“Do I have to stop?” He pouted cutely as he left a hickey on Quincy’s neck.
“No.” It felt far too nice.
“Good, I wasn’t gonna anyway.” He giggled to which Quincy smirked at him.
They were in their park, Quincy was sitting on the large rock while Zac sat in his lap.
Zac’s hand moved to palm his lover’s crotch as he continued to suck and nip at his neck.
Quincy groaned.
“Zac… damnit.” He was slowly but surely getting an erection. It used to be a challenge for him to get it up but with Zac it never took more than a few minutes.
Without warning, Quincy stood and pushed Zac to the ground. It was quick but not rough at all.
Zac blinked in surprise.
“Um, what are we doing?” He chuckled lightly.
“I told you we didn’t have time to go home. You alright doing it here?”
“Oh, definitely.” He smiled with a nod.
“Good cause I was gonna anyway.” He winked as he mocked Zac from earlier.
Zac giggled and tossed off Quincy’s shirt, hands running over the toned chest.
Quincy grinned and grunted as he tried pulling off Zac’s tight, skinny jeans.
“You need a new style precious… damn things.” He growled and pulled harder but they didn’t want to budge.
Zac blushed.
“Sorry… I don’t like this pair… Rip em.”
He didn’t have to say that twice. Quincy shredded the jeans in half, they fell off of Zac’s legs.
He immediately went to work, trailing kisses up Zac’s tiny legs, massaging his thighs.
Zac hummed as Quincy slid off his underwear and sucked on his tiny member.
“Oh!” Zac gasped as he looked down at Quincy, cock in his mouth. It was always so sexy even though Zac’s dick was small.
After a moment Quincy smiled and held up three large fingers to Zac’s mouth.
Zac simply shook his head.
“Baby wet em.” Quincy nodded.
“No prep…”
“Yes prep..”
“Pleasee?” Zac whined.
“Just this once, please. I love it when you tear me just a little…”
“How bout we compromise… I’ll just use one finger.”
“Or how bout none?”
“Precious.” Quincy sighed.
“Fine. One finger for one minute. Kay? I’m counting too.”
“Alright baby.” He nodded with a sigh.
Zac took one finger in his mouth and wet it thoroughly.
Quincy pulled back and gently slid it in Zac’s hole.
Asher leaned into Aristotle’s chest, purring softly.
Aristotle wore a small smile as his fingers combed through the soft blonde hair of his boyfriend.
Asher had managed to get through to Aristotle and get him to give him a chance. They’d been dating for several months now. Almost a year. And they still hadn’t had sex. This was a big deal for Asher. He needed his sex… But he would wait for Aristotle. He had been good so far. He hadn’t even mentioned it.
They’d been sitting like this for about fifteen minutes, Asher in Aristotle’s lap. And already Asher could feel his boyfriend squirming, itching to move. He had ADHD, he needed to move…
Asher giggled at him and rolled out of his lap. Immediately Aristotle began bouncing around on the bed.
Asher laughed lightly and pressed their lips together.
Aristotle, not expecting this, made a noise in the back of his throat. But after a second or two he kissed back. And a few seconds after that he let his tongue slide into Asher’s mouth.
Asher had taught him how to kiss with tongue perfectly two weeks ago.
“Alright. Now if you didn’t make it don’t be upset. There’s always next time…” The coach nodded at the group of small boys in front of him.
Coach Peters was a rather large man for his job. He had no piercings or tattoos. He had unruly, thick, brown hair that no matter how much he combed or brushed it would never stay put and a small beard to match. He was easily six foot five and his biceps really were huge. He was the coach for the local boys soccer team, ages five through nine. He was reading off the names of the boys who had made the team. Tryouts had been last week.
“Byron Sastra… Dane Osmer… Lane Whepley… Kurt Staggers… Kyndal Paxton…”
Kyndal squealed, clapping his hands. Asher beamed and hugged his friend tight.
“Good job!” Asher smiled. Kyndal was six and Asher was seven. They’d played the previous year together but this year the coach was new.
“I hope you make it too!” Kyndal grinned.
Asher nodded and kept listening.
“Taylor Reynolds… Matthew Leth… Cody Kimberly… Clayton Page.” The coach finished. “For the rest of you I’m real sorry but… in the long run this ain’t gonna mean much.”
Asher frowned and hung his head as Kyndal whined and hugged him.
“I’m sorry Ashley…”
“Oh wait. My bad. I skipped someone.” The coach called out as the boys who made the team began to file onto the field. “Asher Reed.”
Asher beamed and jumped up and down, holding Kyndal’s hands.
“Alright, you boys who made it, out onto the field. I’ll hand you your jerseys in a minute.” Coach Peters nodded and walked off to speak with some parents.
Kyndal and Asher ran off to the field, grinning widely together.
“We both did it!” Kyndal squealed as Asher nodded happily.
They sat on the cool grass with the other boys who’d made it.
A few minutes later the coach returned with a bag in his hands. He emptied it on the grass.
“Here boys, find the jersey with your name. If yours won’t fit or its too big come and see me.” He nodded and pulled out a pack of cigarettes, taking one and putting it between his lips, lighting it up. “Asher. C’mere.” He gestured to the young boy.
Asher stood and jogged over to him.
“Yes sir?”
Coach Peters inhaled deeply, blowing out smoke rings before speaking.
Asher coughed at the smell of the smoke in his face.
“Kid, your dad just realized when practice is over every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday he’s still gonna be at work so he won’t have anywhere for you to stay. I offered to babysit ya for an hour until he gets off. So tonight you don’t go home on the bus with everyone else. You come with me, got it?”
“Yes sir.” Asher nodded with a grin. He felt special…
“Kay, you can go now.” He patted the young boy’s back and took another hit of his cig.
“Alright boys. I want you to run as many laps as you can. Til you fall down or throw up. Go!” He blew the whistle. The now uniformed boys began running as fast as they could.
Asher and Kyndal started out running side by side, holding hands. But soon it was clear that Asher was much faster than Kyndal. So he sped up. Soon, the small blonde haired boy was in the lead.
After twenty minutes only Asher was left running. His tiny face was screwed up and beet red but he was still going strong.
The coach watched him for a moment before chuckling. It was a deep, low, rumbling laugh.
“Nice job kid. High five.” He stopped Asher and held out a shovel sized hand.
Asher smacked it with his own tiny one which wasn’t even half the size.
He reached in the cooler and handed Asher a water, then tossing some to the other boys.
“Rest a few minutes then get with a partner for some drills.”
Asher jogged over and sat down beside Kyndal.
“How do you do that?” Kyndal coughed, still out of breath from his running.
Asher shrugged as he chugged his water.
“It isn’t that hard to me.”
“Me either at first… but I can only do it so long.” The brown haired boy shook his head and hacked some more. “So what did Coach Peters want?”
“Oh, I have to go home with him tonight. Just for an hour or two.”
“Cause daddy will still be at work. Someone has to watch me.”
“Oh.” Kyndal nodded. “Coach scares me…”
Asher shrugged.
“He seems nice.”
“Alright boys, get with a partner!” Coach Peters called. Asher and Kyndal stood, still beside each other. The coach tossed a ball to them which Asher caught. He tossed balls to every other pairing before instructing them on what to do. They were to kick the balls back and forth with their partner while running across the field.
Asher started off at a nice pace but soon, Kyndal couldn’t keep up. It was clear Asher was better than Kyndal was at the game.
“Asher!” Coach Peters called. “Why don’t you come and practice with me? Let your friend rest a bit.”
Asher frowned. He wanted to play with Kyndal…
“Okay sir.” He nodded and jogged over to his coach. The large man set a ball on the grass and kicked it to the small boy who ran up to kick it back to him.
Coach Peters smiled at the boy and kicked it once again. They continued this for a good ten minutes without any mess ups.
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