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Post by Asher Reed on Sun Jun 19, 2011 12:38 pm

“Alright. Now if you didn’t make it don’t be upset. There’s always next time…” The coach nodded at the group of small boys in front of him.
Coach Peters was a rather large man for his job. He had no piercings or tattoos. He had unruly, thick, brown hair that no matter how much he combed or brushed it would never stay put. He was easily six foot five and his biceps really were huge. He was the coach for the local boys soccer team, ages five through nine. He was reading off the names of the boys who had made the team. Tryouts had been last week.
“Brian Sastra… Dane Osmer… Lane Whepley… Kurt Staggers… Kyndal Paxton…”
Kyndal squealed, clapping his hands. Asher beamed and hugged his friend tight.
“Good job!” Asher smiled. Kyndal was six and Asher was seven. They’d played the previous year together but this year the coach was new.
“I hope you make it too!” Kyndal grinned.
Asher nodded and kept listening.
“Taylor Reynolds… Matthew Leth… Cody Kimberly… Clayton Page.” The coach finished. “For the rest of you I’m real sorry but… in the long run this ain’t gonna mean much.”
Asher frowned and hung his head as Kyndal whined and hugged him.
“I’m sorry Ashley…”
“Oh wait. My bad. I skipped someone.” The coach called out as the boys who made the team began to file onto the field. “Asher Reed.”
Asher beamed and jumped up and down, holding Kyndal’s hands.
“Alright, you boys who made it, out onto the field. I’ll hand you your jerseys in a minute.” Coach Peters nodded and walked off to speak with some parents.
Kyndal and Asher ran off to the field, grinning widely together.
“We both did it!” Kyndal squealed as Asher nodded happily.
They sat on the cool grass with the other boys who’d made it.
A few minutes later the coach returned with a bag in his hands. He emptied it on the grass.
“Here boys, find the jersey with your name. If yours won’t fit or its too big come and see me.” He nodded and pulled out a pack of cigarettes, taking one and putting it between his lips, lighting it up. “Asher. C’mere.” He gestured to the young boy.
Asher stood and jogged over to him.
“Yes sir?”
Coach Peters inhaled deeply, blowing out smoke rings before speaking.
Asher coughed at the smell of the smoke in his face.
“Kid, your dad just realized when practice is over every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday he’s still gonna be at work so he won’t have anywhere for you to stay. I offered to babysit ya for an hour until he gets off. So tonight you don’t go home on the bus with everyone else. You come with me, got it?”
“Yes sir.” Asher nodded with a grin. He felt special…
“Kay, you can go now.” He patted the young boy’s back and took another hit of his cig.
“Alright boys. I want you to run as many laps as you can. Til you fall down or throw up. Go!” He blew the whistle. The now uniformed boys began running as fast as they could.
Asher and Kyndal started out running side by side, holding hands. But soon it was clear that Asher was much faster than Kyndal. So he sped up. Soon, the small blonde haired boy was in the lead.
After twenty minutes only Asher was left running. His tiny face was screwed up and beet red but he was still going strong.
The coach watched him for a moment before chuckling. It was a deep, low, rumbling laugh.
“Nice job kid. High five.” He stopped Asher and held out a shovel sized hand.
Asher smacked it with his own tiny one which wasn’t even half the size.
He reached in the cooler and handed Asher a water, then tossing some to the other boys.
“Rest a few minutes then get with a partner for some drills.”
Asher jogged over and sat down beside Kyndal.
“How do you do that?” Kyndal coughed, still out of breath from his running.
Asher shrugged as he chugged his water.
“It isn’t that hard to me.”
“Me either at first… but I can only do it so long.” The brown haired boy shook his head and hacked some more. “So what did Coach Peters want?”
“Oh, I have to go home with him tonight. Just for an hour or two.”
“Cause daddy will still be at work. Someone has to watch me.”
“Oh.” Kyndal nodded. “Coach scares me…”
Asher shrugged.
“He seems nice.”
“Alright boys, get with a partner!” Coach Peters called. Asher and Kyndal stood, still beside each other. The coach tossed a ball to them which Asher caught. He tossed balls to every other pairing before instructing them on what to do. They were to kick the balls back and forth with their partner while running across the field.
Asher started off at a nice pace but soon, Kyndal couldn’t keep up. It was clear Asher was better than Kyndal was at the game.
“Asher!” Coach Peters called. “Why don’t you come and practice with me? Let your friend rest a bit.”
Asher frowned. He wanted to play with Kyndal…
“Okay sir.” He nodded and jogged over to his coach. The large man set a ball on the grass and kicked it to the small boy who ran up to kick it back to him.
Coach Peters smiled at the boy and kicked it once again. They continued this for a good ten minutes without any mess ups.
Practice went on for the next two hours and soon the bus pulled up to the field to drop off the kids.
Asher hugged Kyndal before Kyndal ran off to the bus. Asher jogged over to Coach Peters.
“Are we going now Coach?”
“Yeah kiddo. And you can call me Byron when it’s just us.” The man nodded and took Asher’s hand, leading him to the parking lot to a large pickup truck.
Asher went to climb in the back seat.
“Hey… Asher.” Byron whispered. Asher looked up at him curiously.
“Can you keep a secret?”
“Well if you promise not to tell your daddy or anyone you can sit up front with me. But you CAN’T tell. Or we’ll both get in trouble.”
Asher thought this over for a minute before grinning.
Byron opened the passenger side door and lifted the small boy into it.
Asher giggled and buckled his seat belt as he looked around. He’d never gotten to sit up front before.
Byron plopped in the driver’s seat and started the car, driving to his home.
When they arrived he lifted Asher out of the car and led him inside.
“Here kid. You can wander around and look at whatever you want.” He plopped down on the couch and kicked off his shoes.
Asher smiled and walked off.
Two hours later, Asher’s father arrived to pick him up. Asher hugged Coach Byron around the waist before leaving with his dad.
This continued for the next month or so, Byron would let Asher sit up front as long as he didn’t tell his dad. And he never did.
Now today was different. When they arrived at Byron’s house, he pulled Asher to the large back seat. Byron had learned that Asher could keep a secret so now it was time…
“Why are we back here?” Asher tilted his head.
“Well Asher… I just hurt really bad. Give me a minute and I think I can walk to the house.” He made a face as if he was in great pain.
Asher frowned deeply.
“Is there anything I can do to help?” He asked worriedly.
“You want to help?”
“Of course.” The small boy nodded.
Byron undid his pants slowly.
“Um…” Asher frowned, squirming a bit as his coach pulled out his large cock. He was getting uncomfortable but he’d already said he would help…
“It really hurts…” He said, rubbing his dick. “Can you rub it for me?”
“…okay.” Asher bit his lower lip, blushing as he reached out a nervous hand and stroked the thick member which immediately began to rise.
“What is it doing?” The boy asked, seemingly afraid as the soft cock began to turn into a full on erection.
“That just means it feels good honey.”
Asher nodded, his cheeks beet red as he wrapped both of his tiny hands around his coach’s throbbing dick and pumped it slowly.
“Oh that’s good Asher.” He moaned, his eyes shut in bliss.
A few minutes passed and he came. When he did, Asher screamed and threw himself off the seat onto the floor. Yes, the cum spurting out had scared him shitless.
Byron laughed and ruffled his hair.
“That means you fixed it baby. It don’t hurt no more.”
Asher nodded slowly as Byron tucked his cock back in his boxers and redid his pants.
“Now this has to be a secret. Just like you sitting up front on the way home. You can’t tell your daddy or else we’ll both be in big trouble.”
That night when Asher went home he went straight to his bedroom without eating dinner or saying a word to his father. He felt sick…
The next practice, when they arrived at the coach’s house he once again pulled Asher to the back seat, making the same face of pain.
“Asher… it hurts again…” He sighed as he pulled out his member.
Asher slowly reached out and rubbed it gently. Byron moaned as he had yesterday for a minute before stopping him.
“That feels great Asher but you know what would feel even better?”
“What?” He asked curiously.
“If you kissed it. Doesn’t your daddy do that when you get a boo boo? Kiss it and make it better?”
“Yeah..” Asher nodded.
“Could you do that for me?” Byron asked sweetly.
“Okay…” Asher bit his lower lip before bending over and kissing the weeping head of his coach’s erection, shuddering as the precum got on his lips.
“Oh that’s a little better… can you lick it?”
Asher paused for a moment before sticking out his tongue and awkwardly licking up the side.
Byron moaned even louder, stroking Asher’s hair.
“I need you to try and fit as much of it in your mouth as you can.”
Asher did as he was told but only about three inches would go in and this was gagging the small boy.
Soon Byron came again. Asher tried to move his head but Byron grabbed the back of it, holding him down and cumming in his mouth.
“You did so good baby.” He kissed the seven year old deeply.
Asher gagged and coughed for a good five minutes before throwing up right on the seat.
“I’m so sorry… it just felt so good.” Byron apologized.
Asher was shaking, he just looked plain sick to his stomach…
After this, Byron stopped for about two weeks.
Asher thanked god he wasn’t asked to touch his coach again.
Every day when they got to his house after practice they would go straight inside instead of in the back seat.
The next day was no different. Asher walked into the guest bedroom to change from his dirty, sweaty uniform. He was completely naked when Byron walked in.
Asher quickly tried to cover his crotch but Byron took his hands.
“No its okay baby, you look nice.”
Asher hung his head, nervously looking around the room, feeling exposed.
Byron dropped his pants, revealing that he wasn’t wearing underwear.
“Can you rub it again baby?” He asked sweetly.
Asher nodded and sat down on the floor, reaching up to stroke the large dick.
Byron sat on the floor with him as Asher rubbed his cock. He reached out and began stroking Asher’s nipples, pinching them gently and rubbing the small nubs.
Asher let out a tiny sound of pleasure at this feeling.
“What are you doing?”
“Doesn’t it feel good baby?”
“…y-yeah…” Asher turned bright red, embarrassed.
“Don’t be shy baby.” Byron smirked. “Wanna try something that will feel even better?” He asked.
“O-okay.” Asher said nervously.
Byron lifted Asher and laid him on the bed, bending down and taking the tiny cock in his mouth.
Asher couldn’t help but cry out. He’d never been touched like this. Byron palmed the boy’s balls with one hand as he sucked him off
Asher’s eyes were wide like a deer in headlights as he moaned loudly. He felt so ashamed for feeling good but he did… It wasn’t long at all, maybe a minute or two before Asher came, his small amount of cum going right in Byron’s mouth.
The small boy shook lightly, looking terrified at what he’d just done. Byron had already made himself cum. He got off so much to the image of the small pleasured child.
“Now you really can’t tell your daddy okay? If you do I’ll get sent to jail. It will be all your fault and everyone will hate you.”
Asher whimpered, his eyes tearing up as he thought of this.
“I-I don’t want people to hate me…”
Byron dressed him before smiling.
“Well you don’t have to worry about that if you don’t tell.” He kissed the boy firmly on the mouth and exited the room.
Asher stayed on the bed, shaking.
This continued for almost a year. The oral molestation… Today was Asher’s eighth birthday. They’d just gotten back from practice.
“Wanna go out for ice cream?” Byron asked.
“Yeah!” He nodded immediately. If they were out in public he wouldn’t have to touch him…
He called Asher’s father and told him they’d be out a little later tonight since he was taking him for ice cream.
Asher was so happy when Byron drove him out to the ice cream parlor and they really had ice cream cones. He thought maybe he would be okay tonight… He’d have a nice birthday…
No such luck. After they finished their cones they went outside and sat on the park benches out back. They were the only ones left there, it was already dark out.
“You ready for your real birthday present baby?”
“What?” Asher looked up at him.
“I have something even more fun for you for your birthday.”
“Do I have to play with you?”
“No baby… it’s a new type of play.”
Asher looked confused. Byron took his hand and pulled him behind a large tree. He laid the small boy on the grass and stripped him.
Asher shivered in the cool air. He was so scared… Byron pulled a small dildo out of his pocket.
Asher eyed it. He didn’t know what it was but it looked sort of like Byron’s dick… only smaller, he noted.
Byron knew if he turned Asher over onto his stomach it would hurt less but he needed to see the look of pain on the boy’s face. See him begging him to stop…
“What are you doing?” Asher asked as he felt the dildo pressed against his ass.
“Get ready. Trust me this will feel good.” He lied and shoved the dildo inside of Asher’s virgin tight passage.
Asher cried out, tears quickly filling his big blue eyes.
“N-no… I don’t l-like this.” He shook his head, squirming backwards, trying to get the dildo out of him. But Byron pushed him back onto it.
“Stop moving.”
“N-no… it h-hurts.”
Byron ignored him. He moved the dildo in and out of the boy several times , tearing and stretching him nice and good before removing it.
He then unbuckled his own pants.
Asher’s eyes went wide.
“N-NO!” He shook his head, never had he looked so frightened. He was young and didn’t know what was happening but he wasn’t stupid. The dildo had hurt. Byron was at least four times the size of that dildo. He knew it would hurt more.
He was once again ignored as Byron slid into him, groaning loudly in pleasure.
“Oh fuck yes…”
Asher screamed bloody murder.
“HELP! HELP!” He didn’t care if everyone hated him for getting Byron sent to jail. This hurt…
Byron’s hand came down across his face hard.
Asher gasped and shut up, tears still pouring down his face.
Byron continued thrusting into the boy nice and hard.
It wasn’t long before he came. Asher was oh so tight. Asher whimpered, covering his face and sobbing. Byron bent down and began felching, swirling his tongue inside of Asher, getting out all of the blood and semen. He licked him nice and clean before redressing the boy. He then pulled his pants up.
“This is gonna be the best birthday you ever have. You’re a real man now.” He kissed the boy’s lips and then carried the sobbing eight year old back to the car.
Asher stopped crying during the car ride. Byron dropped him off at home and he had to pretend everything was okay. He celebrated his birthday with his father like normal. Cake and cartoons all night. He even had Kyndal over.
After cake Asher took Kyndal up into his bedroom.
“Kitty… if I tell you something will you promise not to tell ANYONE?” He asked softly.
“Sure Ashley.” Kyndal nodded happily.
“Coach Peters… is bad…”
“What do you mean? He’s really nice!” Kyndal tilted his head.
“He… well he did a lot of stuff.”
“Like what?”
“He made me… lick on his peepee.”
“Ew? Why would he do that?”
“He said it felt good…”
“Well I guess its not too bad.” Kyndal shrugged.
“Yeah… you’re probably right..” Asher shook his head and went silent. They laid down in the bed together, cuddling. Kyndal was asleep first.
After his friend was asleep Asher cried softly as he thought of that unbearable pain. He prayed that it was just for his birthday… maybe they’d go back to normal. For once he’d do anything to just suck Byron off…
But once again, luck was against him.
The next day at Byron’s house he was raped once again.
This went on for two months. After every practice he was brutally raped.
Asher just wasn’t the same anymore. He was always quiet, rarely ate, rarely smiled. Every time someone would make a sudden movement or talk with a lot of hand gestures he would flinch and back away.
After around two months the boy couldn’t take it anymore… it hurt so bad… he had to tell someone…
Byron dropped him off at his home and drove off with a wave. Asher limped inside. He’d just been raped so now he thought was a perfect time. There was still evidence. No one could say he was lying.
“Hey baby.” His father smiled softly.
“What is it?” He frowned.
“Coach Peters… he did something bad.”
“What’d he do baby?”
“He… put his peepee in my butt.”
“What?” His dad blinked at him.
“He put his peepee in me… he started on my birthday… and did it every practice after that.”
His father seemed in shock.
“B-baby… you can’t lie to me about this. This is VERY serious.”
“I’m not lying daddy.. Look…” Asher dropped his pants revealing many things. Large hand shaped bruises all over his thighs along with just fingerprints. When he turned around there were more all over his ass cheeks. He bent over, ass facing his father. He winced as he spread open his cheeks with tiny hands. You could clearly see blood and semen seeping out of his hole. It was obvious he’d been raped. But instead of saying anything, his father stood and walked away.
“Daddy where are you going?”
“To bed. You go too.”
“But daddy… what are you going to do?”
“What do you mean?”
“Aren’t you going to do something?”
“About what?”
“Wh-what I just told you?”
“Stop lying.”
“Shut up and go to bed.” That was all that was said before his father’s bedroom door was slammed shut.
His father just couldn’t take it. Knowing how that man had violated his son. He didn’t take it well. So what did he do? Pretended his son was a liar even though it was clear he wasn’t…
Meanwhile, Asher was heartbroken. How could his father just ignore him like that.. He was being hurt and no one would help him… if his daddy wouldn’t, who would?
The raping continued over the next year… every time Asher tried to get help from his father he was ignored and told to be quiet.
One day he just disappeared. When Coach Byron tried to rape him one day he kicked him in the balls and ran out the door. He ran as fast as his little legs could carry him to his own home. His father wasn’t home yet but he knew he only had a little bit of time before Byron got to his house to look for him. He ran to his bedroom, jogging around with tearfilled eyes as he packed all of his things. His family was rich, he had a lot of things. He soon realized he couldn’t carry it all. Tears rolled down his cheeks as he left some of his possessions behind. He struggled with his couple suitcases as he walked out of the house. He was only nine years old and already moving out…
He walked aimlessly around. He knew Kyndal was living with some large man named Gabriel. They’d met once or twice but he had no clue where the house was…
He sighed to himself and made his way to a park, hiding behind a large rock and curling in a ball. He slept there for the night….

**Seven Years Later**
Asher danced his ass off with Zac as men crowded around the two, mostly drawn towards Asher since they knew Zac was off limits. Quincy would murder them if they said two words to the boy.
Asher was just shaking his ass when one of the men in the crowd caught his eye. He’d never forget that face…
Byron Peters.
No, he wasn’t one of those pussy bitches who completely froze up or started freaking. He looked the man over. He did stop dancing but only because he was annoyed by the way Byron kept grabbing at his ass. Like he hadn’t had it enough. He pulled Zac back to their table, rolling his eyes.
“Zac… know who that is?” He nodded at the man.
“My old soccer coach.” He smirked as if they were old friends.
“oh my god! I’ll kill him!”
“Chill Zacky. I’m good.” He chuckled.
“But oh he’s such an ass! I can get Quincy to kill him!”
“Zac its fine. Oh but I might have a little fun… Imma call Joslin and Kitty… its revenge time.” He winked.
“Oh yes. I’ll help too.”
“No. You’re too good and innocent. Go to sleep child.” He chuckled.
“No fair.”
“Go. This is for the grown ups.”
Zac rolled his eyes but left.
Asher called Joslin and Kyndal and soon the plan was set.
Asher made his way back onto the dance floor. He found Byron and grinded up against him, dancing as sexy as ever. The man was hard within minutes.
Asher leaned in and pressed his lips to Byron’s ear.
“Wanna come back to my place?” He whispered hotly.
“Hell yes…”
Asher smiled sweetly and led him to his home. He and Aristotle were friends for now although Asher had a huge crush on him so he figured this wasn’t cheating. Plus, it was for a good cause.
His bedroom was pitch black as he led Byron in.
The man’s hands grabbed and tugged at clothing as his lips found Asher’s. The scent of Byron still made Asher’s stomach churn. He couldn’t stand kissing him again but he did. He tongue fucked Byron’s mouth. He knew if Byron wanted, he could cum already.
The man moaned as Asher grinded against him. His own tiny soft hands undressed the man who used to molest him. When Byron was completely naked, Asher grabbed a coil of rope. He ripped it into four pieces and used them to tie Byron down. It seemed like he was just being kinky but he wasn’t… He was making sure Byron couldn’t get away.
When he was tied nice and tight Asher stood up, still fully clothed himself.
“So big man, do you know my name?” He asked, sitting down on the edge of the bed.
“Um… I don’t think.”
“Really? I don’t look… familiar at all? Don’t remember me?”
Byron looked him over before shaking his head no.
“Oh cause I know you…”
“You do?” He asked, confused.
“Yupp, Coach. Well you just dug your own grave.” He shook his head. “You don’t even have the courtesy to remember my name? Hell. I’m gonna have to make you remember.”
“Its Asher. Asher Reed. Ring a bell?”
Byron’s eyes widened.
“Yeah, oh.” He folded his arms. “Ya see I was gonna let you go if you remembered me but your dumb ass didn’t.” He rolled his eyes. He flipped on the lights revealing Joslin and Kyndal standing, smirk on their faces. Each one held a small duffel bag.
“Look… I’m real sorry about what I did to you kid… theres no need to do this…”
Asher made a mock sad face.
“Guys you here that? He’s sowwy. Maybe we should let him go..” He said sarcastically before they all laughed.
Byron looked around at them.
“Kyndal?” He raised an eyebrow at the boy. Kyndal nodded as Asher laughed again.
“You can remember his name but not mine? I don’t recall him sucking your dick.”
Byron said nothing but he was clearly getting frightened.
“Well Joss, Imma have to make him remember me. You got that knife?”
“Mhm.” Joslin smiled, reaching in his bag and pulling out a butterfly knife. Asher tossed it around a bit before smiling.
“Perfect.” He winked and got on his knees in between Byron’s legs. He took his right thigh and plunged the knife nice and deep into his skin.
Byron screamed in pain.
“Oh does it hurt?”
“Too bad.” Asher just moved the knife, making a letter A. Then an S, H, E, R.
“Think you’ll remember the last name on your own?”
Byron nodded vigorously.
“Meh, I don’t believe you.” Asher giggled before plunging it in his leg once again, this time carving an R, two E’s and a D.
Blood was pouring off of Byron’s leg onto the sheets now but Asher really didn’t care.
“Now, whats my name?”
Byron simply cried.
“Say my name or I’ll carve it in the other leg.”
“Asher Reed!”
“Good boy.” He patted his head. “Dildo, Kitty?”
“Which one?” Kyndal chuckled as he pulled out two nicely sized dildos. Not as big as say, Quincy or Gabriel but maybe Rick or Dustin sized.
“Oh, I brought one too.” Joslin smirked, pulling out a huge dildo. “You can keep this when you’re done. I don’t need it anymore since Chord is bigger.” He winked.
Asher raised an eyebrow.
“No way that scrawny bitch is bigger than that. Its like eleven inches.”
“Well fine… but he’s close!” He pouted. “Nine and a half.”
“Oh whatever, hand over the dildo.” He took Joslin’s dildo. “But keep yours out too Kitty.” He smirked.
He took the dildo and held it in front of Byron who trembled.
“Asher don’t… I’m a virgin.”
Asher snorted.
“Like he wasn’t?” Joslin snapped in the man’s face. “He was fucking eight. You’re getting what you deserve you bastard.”
“Put the claws away Jos.” Asher smirked.
Joslin nodded and folded his arms.
“Now open up wide Byron.” Asher cooed like he was a mother trying to feed a baby.
Byron opened his mouth reluctantly and Asher shoved the dildo in as far as he could.
Byron gagged and gasped for air around it.
Asher began moving the dildo, fucking the man’s mouth ruthlessly. By the time he was finished, Byron was coughing up blood.
“Ouch, did that hurt Byron?”
“Yes…” He trembled as he continued to cough.
“Well there’s more to come. Each of you, grab an arm.” Asher nodded to his friends. “Make sure he doesn’t try and run. I need to flip him over.”
They did as they were told. Asher untied Byron and quickly flipped him over onto his stomach, retying his hands and feet.
Kyndal handed it over. Asher ran it through his hands before letting it snap down across Byron’s back.
He screamed.
Asher cracked it on the older man’s back a good ten times before stopping. The man’s back was now covered with blood. You could hear him sobbing.
“Please stop… I’m so sorry…” The man begged.
“Hmm… don’t think so.” Asher took the dildo and aligned it with Byron’s hole. He paused as Kyndal and Joslin encouraged him to go on.
He didn’t want to stoop this low… he’d be just as bad as Byron. Well maybe not but close.
“You just got really lucky.” He snapped, slowly untying the man. “I’m going to let you go only because I don’t want to be as bad as your sick ass. I EVER hear of you touching another little kid I will cut your dick off and rape you with it. Understand?”
“U-understand.” Byron nodded. As Asher untied his last foot the man dressed quickly and took off running.
Asher sighed and plopped on the bed.
“What was that?” Joslin frowned.
“I didn’t want to be on the same level as all those sick rapists.” He shrugged. “I think I did good though.”
“Yeah. He was screaming like a bitch.” Kyndal nodded.
“Damn right.” He chuckled.
“So why ain’t Zac here?”
“I wouldn’t let him. In case Byron got loose and the plan didn’t go right, I know Quincy would murder me if it was my fault Zac got hurt.” He shrugged. “Plus he’s too sweet. I dunno if he could handle watching that.”
“Nice point.” Joslin nodded.
“So thanks for helping me out guys.”
“No problem.”
“Wanna stay the night?” He hummed.
“I can’t.” Kyndal frowned.
“Why?” Asher whined.
“Rhett and I had plans.” He smiled apologetically.
“You and your stupid relationships.” He groaned.
“Sorry, I love you Ashley.” He hugged him and jogged out.
“Can you stay Jos?”
“Yup.” He nodded. “Um… we sleeping in the guest room?” The bed was covered in blood.
“Yeah.” Asher laughed.
Joslin pecked his cheek and together they fell asleep.

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