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Gabriel Damian Johnson

Post by Calvin Pierce on Thu Jun 23, 2011 8:49 pm

My "sexy" face. Rolling Eyes Gabriel recorded it.

And my annoyed face. I should have confiscated that damn boys camera.

Alright... I started playing along after a while.

I'm just using the same caption Gabe had on his camera for this... bringin sexy back. *shakes head*

Gettin outta the pool. I think it was Gabe with the constant picture taking but Angel couldve taken this..

Playin in some sports tournament thing, I kick ass.

See my six pack? I'd do me.

Wedding day...

I'm young in this one... Barry took it.


Bowling with Angel. He left to go get a smaller pair of shoes and some chick started talking to me. Hate to tell her I'm gay.

Angel definitely took this one. He loves when I smile like this...

Me as a kid. Momma took this one...

We took (New childs name here Razz ) to get his picture taken with Santa one year. We got there and he wanted me to get in the picture with him. Then he decided he was scared so yeah. Just me and Santa...

Angel started taking pictures of me while eating dinner.

Irritated me a bit. He stopped after that.

Gabriel took this one. I was climbing a tree to get something that blew up there, I forget what it was.

I can work a uniform.

Once again, supposed to be for (insert child's name here) But he got scared.

Gabriel had to have taken this one. He's the only one who would see me this angry without a fist in their face.

Gabriel took this one again. I'm Superman bitches!

And I'm Spiderman too! See my web?

Playin ping pong with Angel<3

Gabe came over when I was ironing some clothes for Angel. He had to take a picture because according to him I'm whipped...

The names Johnson... Gabriel Johnson Wink

One of Barry's bitches... I felt bad for him so I took him out for a night.

At the bar.

Look at me with my badass cigar.

Little nipple for ya, just made your LIFETIME Wink

Gabe MADE me be a male model for a little while. Not my favorite thing to do. This chick was annoying....

Now this shoot was more my style.

My personal favorite picture of myself. See the stomach!?

Another photo shoot pic. Ew i look all... cute and young.

Liked this shoot too.

I think this was Gabe's favorite of me. He had it as his cell wallpaper when I was his bouncer to show every guy he fucked that if they did him wrong this was what was waiting for em.

This one's nice. I have a hell of a six pack. Damn

Look young in this one again. Ew.

And we're back to the girls. This was nasty. This chick was all over me. Gabe almost went off on her, it was funny as hell.

Another girl picture, damn these people. Wait a minute... this wasn't even the one the photographers took. Gabe took one when we weren't ready. Damn him.

With momma after she died...

That time at Barry's with Angel. Took five of them bitches to hold me down...


Me and my second beautiful baby boy. Raising him right...

I love this picture. Took it myself. Gabriel McDaniels. My best friend... He got so pissed when I took it cause he'd just gotten done complaining about how he looked like shit that day.

My absolute favorite picture of him... Hes such a fag. But he's my fag. I don't give a fuck what Calvin says, he's still MINE.

My first baby... I love him so much... even though it really doesnt seem like it...

Barry Brooks... not sure why I put this in here.

I took this one of Angel because he just looked really fucking gorgeous that day. I like it. He still thinks I just took it for some porn site so... dont' tell.

He hates this picture of himself but its probably my favorite...

Little dorks... but I love em.

He took this when he was with Brayden... I feel like I should hate it but can't. He's so goddamn adorable. And he's all mine now so... Brayden can suck a dick... Angel JOHNSON is his name now...
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