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Post by Angel Precious McDaniel's on Sat Jun 25, 2011 9:57 pm

I Am

I am Quiet and Speech Impaired
I wonder Why Lance kept things from me
I hear My words lisping
I see My lover with someone else
I want to marry Lance McDaniels
I am Quiet and Speech Impaired

I pretend I was Lance's first time too
I feel cheated and betrayed and Childish
I touch my words with feeling
I worry Lance and I are over
I cry because my lover, instead of having his first time with me, fucked for money
I am Quiet and Speech Impaired

I understand He didnt know we would be at the time
I say thee thells thea thells down by the thea thore
I dream of a life with Lance, married with children
I try not to lose my temper
I hope we can fix things.
I am Quiet and Speech Impaired
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