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Barry Brooks

Post by Barry Brooks on Sun Jun 26, 2011 5:30 pm

Barry Brooks
As Played By: Hannah
Favorite Parings: Barry/Blaine, Barry/Gabriel
Pairings I'd Try: Pretty mcuh anything
Pairings I Wouldn't Touch With a Ten Foot Pole: umm, dunno
Topics I Like: Romance, Angst, Tragedy, Drama, Hurt/Comfort, Fluff
Smut?:Definitelyy, Barry needs his sex.

How I Write This Character (Sample and/or Description):
Barry pressed the boy's face to the dirty carpet as he straddled his back, thrusting into the bare ass.
The boy was silent, tears falling onto the carpet below him. He knew better than to say anything. Barry would only try and hurt him more. He just cried silently. And he would continue to do so until he was ordered to speak.
Suddenly, the boy was thrown around onto his back. He opened his mouth immediately, he knew the drill...
First, the creamy, white substance was splattered in his eyes, some getting into his mouth.
"Swallow." Barry commanded, his eyes showing the sick pleasure he got out of abusing the small boy.
Not really small... This slave was the largest out of all twenty here. It was unusual one could get a boy so large to cooperate. But if anyone could do it, Barry could.
The boy trembled as he swallowed the cum, the bit that had got in his eyes burning like crazy.
And then... the warm, stinking liquid came pouring down on his face and body. The boy clenched his eyes shut in an attempt to make the burning more bareable as the hot liquid went right in his mouth. He made the rookie mistake of pressing his lips shut. Barry rared back and kicked him across the face with one size eleven boot, knocking a few teeth loose. The boy spit them out on the carpet.
"Seems like someone has forgotten how things work around here. Bitch, you know you are not to close your mouth while someone is relieving themselves over you."
The boy hung his head.
"S-so-sorry.." He whispered softly.
"Well sorry doesn't cut it. Jeff. Jackson. Over here." He gesutred the two largest men in the room over to them.
The young teen closed his eyes.
"Now keep your mouth open." Barry snarled.
The boy's lip trembled but he did as he was told. Within seconds his mouth was full of piss. He whimpered and wiped his face with his hands when they were done.
After all of this his eyes still burned like crazy from the cum...
"M-master... towel?" The boy whispered.
The whole room bust out laughing. Well all of the owners, the slaves stayed silent as always.
Barry chuckled himself but reached over and grabbed the boy's already torn shirt and ripped a piece off. He threw it at the boy who grabbed it immediately and tried to wipe his eyes.
An hour passed and the same boy was still in the center of the room with Barry. He'd been beaten and raped countless times by almost every man in the room.
Finally Barry threw him a blanket and drug him off to the side of the room with most of the other men. A new slave was kicked to the center.
The young boy curled up in his blanket, lying down on the hard floor, a bleeding, cum and piss covered mess.
This boy was Gabriel Johnson...

(I know theres a lot of Gabriel in this but its the only thing I had written with Barry <3)

Barry Brooks

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