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Post by Angel Precious McDaniel's on Tue Jun 28, 2011 4:51 am

Hello!!! I have done one of my challenges, the is the ten song challenge and the rules MUST be followed or you MUST confess!
You take your ipod and put it on shuffle.
You write a small prompt based on the song the ipod lands on.
You can only write for the duration of that song!
My pairing was Gabriel/Angel
And I did skip four songs, four because I just couldnt do them, one because I was too lazy to try, and one because im not too familiar with the song.
Please enjoy, below are the songs I skipped and below them are my fic challenge thing

Cool to be a fool - Joe Nicholas
Mrs. New booty - Bubba sparx
We can work it out - The Beatles
Shes a bad MamaJama - Carl Carlton
Yeah - Usher, Lil John, Ludacris...ect
Red White and Blue - Toby Keith

1. How Do I Live - Lee Ann Rimes

Gabriel blinked, the early morning light filtering in through the window woken him. He had been up late last night making love to Angel..
He turned over, expecting to see the smaller man in bed, curling up and snuggling him, instead there was an empty space, and all of the other man's tryings were gone. Panic immediately hit the large man, he threw the covers off of himself, jolting from the bed and out the door, bumping into something on his way out of his front door.
He had bumped into Angel, who was carrying a box of things, needless to say he knocked the small boy to the other side of the room, the contents of his box flying everywhere
The man boy looked up at him with large frightened eyes
Gabriel snatched the small boy up, pressing him flush to his chest, the fear clutching his heart lessening.
"What are you doing?"
"I was going to move us back into our room...."
"O-Oh..." He looked to realize the things in the box were his things,...Angel was moving them both...
"Because its our one year anniversary and I wanted to do something special for us..."
Gabriel smiled, shaking his head and simply hugging the boy.
Why had fear gripped him so hard?
Because he had thought angel had left...and he had no Idea how to live without him.

2. Something - The Beatles

Gabriel chuckled lightly, watching Angel move around the room. Yes he had never expected his life to be like this...In love with someone like Angel but he was....
There was a time when he though Gabriel would have been much better but now he thought no one could ever complete him like Angel did. He couldn't help but grin back as the small bot sent him a smile, one of the brilliant sweet kind smiled the boy gave. Angel was perfect in his own way, just something about him and Gabriel could not believe he was the one lucky enough to have the boy in love with him.
"Come here...." He nodded, opening his arms for the small boy. Angel slowly stepped over to the bed, falling into Gabriel's strong arms.
Gabriel then again, never saw himself cuddling either...
Something about Angel....
He accomplished the impossible and Gabriel fucking loved it.

3. Turnin me on - Lil Wayne and Keri Hilson

The first time Gabriel met Prince had been something...
He had been sitting at the bar, Angel had just now been permitted to sit in a chair like a human.
They had been fighting, arguing over only God knows what when those eyes flashed..;
Angel gave a sly smirk, looking at one of the men who had slid up to look at him,. He quickly knocked over all drinks at the bar with one hand, pulling himself up on the table.
"Who thinks they can turn me on? This fucker aint doing it!"
The men looked at each other, their jaws hitting the floor as soon as Angel began dancing, his ass swaying with the loud blaring music in the bar, some of the man were actually stepping up to try, only to back down when Gabriel growled at them, but Angel or Prince rather didn't care, he hopped down and stalked over to the stage where a pole was sat up in the middle of the bar, Gabriel following and trying to grab him all the while.
"Angel Get your ass down here!"
The man paid him no mind, taking one hand around the pole and swinging a leg over it, pulling himself up, spinning around the metal rod.
Gabriel had been pissed....But he couldn't deny the growing tent in his pants.

4. As good as I once was - Tody Keith

Gabriel smiled at Kyndal, his bitch Angel sitting on the floor beside him. He had just sold the boy and the man was coming to take Angel off. The man had shaggy black hair, emerald green eyes..
His name was Trever Murdock.
As the man began to take Angel the poor boy squealed and begged for him to come help. Gabriel rolled his eyes, laughing at the small boy. Kyndal just looked back and gave the kid a sympathetic sigh.
But by morning...
Trever came back with several large men, claiming he was not giving Angel back.
This did not go over well. Gabriel might no have been as good as he once was, he was older, many fights had worn him but he was still very dangerous.
He wasnt good as he once was, but he was good enough to kick Trever's teeth in and take HIS bitch home.

5. This Afternoon - Nickelback

Gabriel groaned lightly, his surrounding finally registering.
Lots of empty beer cans. Some friends sprawled out on the floor....
And Angel, covered in his own blood and coated in cum.
He let out a small groan. What in the hell did they do? They did what Gabriel always did on Saturday's he invited his friends over and they hung out but no...He never let the touch Angel.
And then his eyes landed on Barry. He faintly remembered inviting the man over because Barry had called...But he wouldnt have let the touch Angel.
He sat up, his head aching like hell, he stood, gently scooping Angel up, jumping when the small boy squeaked and flinched away, he had thought he might be dead.
"Im sorry..." He sighed softly, taking Angel into their room and just sitting him down until he got everyone gone and figured out what as aspired here last night.
Turns out they had gotten him drugged up and he had been the one to do that to Angel..
Damn Barry...
But how had they gotten him to do that?
Trever Murdock.
After that, Gabriel spent his Saturday afternoons getting back at those men for the fact Angel was now scared of him...again.

6. Eleanor Rigby -The Beatles

Gabriel looked up at the dark cloudy sky, it was raining hard but Gabriel didn't care, he sat out here alone, in the mud beside a head stone at his home.
Why he did this to himself there was no tellings, everyone else just though he was slowly losing his mind but this was not the case. Gabriel had reason...A reason while he kept this place sacred, making sure it was always nice and clean...Always sitting out there with it in the late evenings or sometimes during the day...
Why did Gabriel do this?
To remind himself what his life would be like when he killed Angel.
Slowly the man stood and made his way inside, he had been mad...and now, looking down at Angel on the couch who was curled and afraid, he was no longer mad, he no longer wanted to hurt Angel.
Because really, if he did and Angel never came back, he would spend forever out at his tombstone...apologizing.

7. Halo - Beyonce

Gabriel had been horrible at one point, Kyndal could tell you that, but he had watched as the cruel spiteful man he knew known as master was changed into a father and loving husband by one boy named angel...
A Precious Angel...
And to Gabriel it was true, Angel McDaniels, now Johnson was an angel...
Gabriel could see his halo in the early morning light, when he would wake up from maybe a bad dream about Barry or one of his kids...Or angel
He would look over and there was that small boy, always there by his side.
To Gabriel things were simple, you could be a slave or a master...
He had been both but now it seemed he was neither. Gabriel Johnson was no longer a master or a slave, he was a lover and a husband to this boy who hand changed his whole life and made most of his dream come true.
If not for Angel he didnt know where he would be or with who but right now it didn't matter, what did matter was that he had Angel and he would always have Angel, no matter what. Angel was his saving grace, he was everything Gabriel needed and more, so yes, Gabriel though Zac and Quincy were brilliant for one thing.
Making that wonderful boy and naming him how they did...
It was so true...
An Angel for Gabriel..
Who's halo shined bright.

8. Teenage Dream - Katy Perry

Angel was a teenage even though he had children and a husband and he had problems adults face...
Now he was in a dream it seemed.
In the beginning with him and Gabriel it had been hell but now...
It was amazing.
Gabriel made him feel so special sometimes. His heart stopped every time the man only looked at.
He remembered the first time they made love, when he got pregnant with Cade...
And then the next day Angel had gotten him up early and they had made like a fort out of all the blankets and pillows in the house. It was so amazing even though someone looking in would say it was bad, considering how Gabriel was.
But unlike all the other couples,
Alex and Mike
Kevin and Rick
Quincy And Zac
This was real, this was a saw of what someone could take to stay with someone they loved, it was in no way story book or perfect but for Angel and Gabriel it was good, a dream come true.
And thats all that mattered.

9. Telephone - Lady Gaga

Angel had finally lost it. After Gabriel had cheated on him he took one night and he fucking let his voices go.
And they went...
They took Angel out to some desolate part of town with a small club, he drank and he danced, he ignored the cell phone Brayden had gotten him.
Gabriel called hundreds of times, Angel did not pick up, neither did Misery who had gone out with him.
It didnt mater to them, it was easily ignored with the loud banging music.
They werent taking no calls, they were dancing.
But it would have been nice for Gabriel to stop calling.
Didnt matter.
Angel went out and he got back for what Gabriel had done. Not he didnt cheat but...
Gabriel didnt know that.

10. Monster - Lady Gaga

Gabriel was...
A monster, Even in Angel's eyes but not like his father was, in Angels eyes Gabriel was a monster because he had his heart and he could destroy it and he knew there was a chance Gabriel would do that...
Eat his heart...
Gabriel was a wolf in disguise, a monster, he could have anyone he wanted...
And he wanted Angel.
The boy found that hard to believe but he couldnt stop it now, his heart had been devoured and there was nothing he could so about it now.
But if you asked Gabriel, Angel was a monster in his own way, he STOLE Gabriel's heart so now...
Gabriel feared him.
Angel had gotten under Gabriel's skin and now there was no stopping him.
That boy was no Angel.....
Well maybe...just a little but still! He was a monster!!
Who was he kidding? Angel Johnson was a sweet as they came...sometimes.

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