Robert Roode

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Robert Roode

Post by enigmatic_raven on Fri Jul 01, 2011 10:09 pm

Character Name Robert Roode
As Played By: Player Name Mandy

Favorite Parings: Roode/Storm, Roode/AJ, Roode/Kaz

Pairings I'd Try: I'd be open to just about anything

Pairings I Wouldn't Touch With a Ten Foot Pole: no Abyss...can't really think of anything else

Topics I Like: I like trying to write anything, but I like angst, drama, hate growing to love, etc.

Smut?: Yes

How I Write This Character (Sample and/or Description): Robert Roode is arrogant, strong, and confident, and he only lets his guard down around his closest friends. He can be overly aggressive, especially when someone crosses his friends.


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