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Post by Trever Murdock on Sat Jul 02, 2011 5:52 am

Alex, incase you dont see it I made you some picks they are right before this in my art wORKS<3
Trever cried harder, swinging his arm at the bigger boy who was straddling him, pressing him down into the muddy ground. "Let me go!!!"
The older boy snorted, this boy was at least even twenty now, he had baby sat Trever since he was a new born..
"No, you know better and if you fucking keep screaming Trever I swear." He took the boy's curly black and blond hair in his grip, shoving his face into the mud. This has gone on Since Trever was a child...This man would beat and rape him, and then when he told his momma and daddy no one believed him...He was only five.
Before the child knew it he could feel the man's nine inch dick pressing at his entrance, shoving in ruthlessly. Trever screamed, his heart breaking pleas for held falling on deaf ears, the man, or Perry rather punched him in the small of his back, hissing in his ear. "One more time and we are goin out to my shed you hear me?"
"Y-Yes sir.." Trever sobbed hopelessly as the man brutally violated him, leaving behind blue and purple bruises on top of cuts along his small body. Trever was not as big as other kids but he wasn't small. He got picked on a lot for the marks this man put on him, he was ridiculed and laughed at.
He was tired of it.
But there was nothing to be done, the man had all the power, He came deep inside the small boy, laughing at the big streams of water, clearing a trail down the boy's otherwise muddy dirt smeared face. Perry buckled up his pants, giving the boy one more kick in his ribs for good measure before strutting off with a large grin, leaving Trever a trembling, cum covered mess in the small puddle he was in. It had rained the day before but the boy had soiled himself he would never admit it though.
Trever picked himself up like he always did, his back out of place and aching him, he limped home to his father who was outside looking for him. Randal Murdock looked at his child with a deep frown, stepping up and glaring.
"Where are you been Trever?"
"Don't give me that Perry is raping you bullshit, where were you."
"I...." The boy put his head down. "I was playing in the mu-"
A crack sounded as the back of his fathers hand met his cheek
"Don't be late again, come on we have work to do." The man stalked off, daring Trever not to follow and run off to his mother about this.
Trever had no choice, he sniffled and sucked it up, following his father out to their shed outside where he was put to work lifting bricks and rock's; some of the rocks weighing more than him, and putting them along side the home.
Needless to say, this worsened his poor back, it wouldn't do...He had been to a doctor, the man had said if he hurt it again he would need surgery.
A very expensive Surgery.
That equaled a lot of money.
Money they simply didn't have.
Trever did his work, limping in the home to be met with his mother's sweet voice, laced with concern she checked on her only child. She was pregnant with number two as it was.
"Baby are you okay? You dont look good...." She knew her child wasnt lying about Perry but do to her husband she couldnt acknowledge him.
"Im good momma...I gotta go take a bath."
"But supper baby." The women frowned. "I know your hungry."
"I want a bath..." He pleaded with his eyes, trudging up the stairs into the bathroom where he locked the door. A five year old boy took one look at his dirty, cum coated self and burst into tears. Trever was all alone, his mother couldnt help him, his father wouldnt allow it so he had no one...
He sat on the toilet seat, ignoring the shooting pain from his ass to his spine. He cried into his small hands, heavy sobbing racking the poor boys body.
He got a bath in, he had learned around when he was four to wash out his hole, when he didnt it got infected and needed more costly medical things.
His father was furious at him for making them spend the money.
Now Trever did it all b y himself and he was damn good at it too, he had learned to be his own doctor, his father stopped taking him, he would rather Trever suffer than have to pay to have someone see him.
Once throughly washed he got himself out, one hand on the tub as he tried to pick himself up. His back gave out on him, sending him crashing back into the marble bath tub.
"Ah!" It was small, he pressed a hand over his mouth, curling on his side and bringing his knees up to his chest, more tears running now side ways from his eyes.
He wished he had never been born sometimes.
Trever knew if he didnt do something about this tonight...It would be over, he would be cripple...
He would rather be dead than disabled.
He forced himself out of the tub, walking naked, still dripping wet to his room and opening the door, locking it closed. He had a large full length mirror in his room, and a net over his bed that kept a lot of stuffed animals his mother picked up for him.
He picked it up, closing his eyes a moment, trying to bit the tears away and he got it to hand above his bed. He was hunched over, it was ad looking. He found some tools he worked on his toy trucks with up here and laid on his bed, looking up at his reflection in the mirror.
Was he really going to do this?
He had to...
God it would hurt.
He took a deep breath and nodded, assuring himself it would be alright. He plunged the knife into his belly, yanking it down, crying out softly and turning his head away, blood already oozing form his mouth. The pain of being cut open, so sloppily hurt. He looked up into the mirror, taking a moment to remember left was right and right was left. He moved around his bowels, let out a wavering whine when he felt his back bone.
Oh God.
He was up to his elbow inside himself...It was so disgusting and squishy...He took a deep breath and went to work, shoving the column of bone around inside of himself, GLUING Some broken bones back there together again. The child was sobbing uncontrollably by the tie he was done, he pressed the now gaping hole back with the two sides of skin, taking one of his mothers already threaded sewing needles through his skin and tying it off.
Trever simply passed out from the excruciating pain he was in, not waking until late the next evening when his mother was knocking on the door.
He blinked his eyes open, and sat up, ready for the pain and there was incense pain but he was alright...
A small smile traced his lips.
He made his way to the door slowly, unlocking it and peeking at his mother.
"Hey baby, me and daddy are going out...Perry is coming to baby sit."
The boy closed the door in her face. He was sickened by the fact that she was so sweet but she could not help him? He couldnt help himself.
Or could he?
He had done it before.
He sat in his room, planning things out, every once win a while he would sneak out and set something up, making his whole home a boobitrap for Perry.
His parents left three hours later, no sooner had they pulled from the drive did Perry come in a grin at him. "C'mere."
"No." The boy licked his lips, snorting at Perry. "Come get me."
"If I do that you know you'll pay right?
"Up yours."
And it was on, Perry lunging for him while Trever bolted off, taking the man on a special rout through the home. He got to his room, grabbing up his large mirror just as his line tripped Perry, it was one of his traps, the man growled, getting up and snatching his door open just to be met by a mirror to the face.
Trever hadnt planned it but that was all he needed, he knocked the other man off the wooden banister and too the first floor.
Perry was dead.
Too bad he killed him before he found out, two months later he was pregnant. Fucking five years old...
Would have been fine, Perry wanted a kid but no, Trever had killed him. His father wanted to make him have miscarriage but his mother refused that idea quickly.
For nine months he didnt know what to do. He had the child, and wouldnt know you?
His father took it.
A week later he disappeared, one week after Rhett Braxton was brought into the world.
Now days, Trever was feared by many, he was a doctor, a professional and a sadistic bastard.
It could have been avoided but it wasnt...just because of senseless bastards.
His father, the day he was conceived cursed the child for being unwanted. When he was born he was told he was a mistake and now, everyone knows...
What a horrible mistake they made.

What a Mistake... Trevsi10
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