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Revenge. Empty Revenge.

Post by Daffy D. on Fri Jul 08, 2011 3:46 pm

Hello There Ricky Darling

I am writing to explain many things to you.

I love you, you know? I watch you everyday...I ADMIRE you

You see I live across the way in a big home with nice soft walls that are white and bright, nice been and women in coats talk to me.

They are nice.

Unlike YOU.

You were never nice to me you rotten boy, all you ever do is walk your baby around the yard and do yard work and make LOVE to that sick bitch!

Never even thought to stop by and say Hi to me did you?


Of course not because your a SELFISH little brat!

How dare you say you care...least I think you said that...
In my mind I can still hear you.


But you see, your driving me CRAZY!

I cannot take any more of watching you from afar! I must be...CLOSER.

And I will be, once you get this I ask you look outside your bed room window and let me in...=D

Scared arent you sweetheart? Oh you should be...Your so beautiful you know Ricky-Rick?

I wanna rip your skin off and wear it as a coat!

Oh ahahah do not fear me, it would do you no good...I am here. I am everywhere.

I escaped.

I am COMING for you...just you wait...

And I am going to get that little Kevvy bear of yours to...

I might already have him.

I shall let him go if you love me!!!

You see I am beautiful too! My boils are not too puss filled, only ones about to POP.

My warts dont sag....

Rick baby cant you see? You want me...

And even if you dont...


Biddy giggled to himself, reading over the letter and sticking the envelope in his parents mail box, addressed to Mister Rick McGuire.
Thia will teach Rick not to eat his cookie!
And with that, Biddy snickered all the way home, waving at Kevin and Rick as they passed in a truck.
Most likely to get the mail.

Daffy D.
Daffy D.

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