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Post by Toni Danella on Sun Jul 10, 2011 11:05 pm

Okay I got this idea from my Mikey and the thing she put up "Pretty..." I made mine into a little fic. I don't like how it came out but... enjoy (: For you Mikey.
Devin chewed his pencil as he zoned out, his chin in his hand.
He just could not wait to get the hell out of this place and go see Lane… Yes he was still in school and Lane was like in his hundreds but still.
“Mr. Riley-McDaniels, are you listening to me?” The teacher snapped.
“What? I mean yeah. Of course.” Devin nodded.
“Then would you mind telling me the assignment you’re supposed to be working on?”
Lance groaned from behind his brother, kicking his seat and whispering.
“An essay on the most important person in your life.”
“An essay on the most important person in your life.” Devin echoed with a proud smirk.
“And how long is this essay supposed to be?”
“No less than three paragraphs.” Lance whispered. Devin echoed him again.
The teacher narrowed her eyes but left Devin alone.
“Thanks.” Devin smiled back at Lance.
“Yeah yeah. Get to writing. I’m already half done.”
Devin nodded and turned to his paper, beginning to write.
“There are a lot of important people in my life so far. My father of course, I couldn’t live without him. I couldn’t live without my mother, stepmother and all my brothers either. They’re always there for me throughout all the trouble I get myself into. But just a little while ago someone else came into my life and I’d have to say… he is very important to me. This person is my boyfriend, Lane McCormick.
My relationship with Lane is very complicated. He is much older than me but I don’t see that as a problem. He is my mother’s ex-husband which has caused a few problems though… He seems to think I am my mother sometimes, even calls me by my mother’s name. I try not to complain too much but this really hurts me every once in a while. He has made sure to let me know that he loves ME though. Not my mother any more.
Lane McCormick is the most amazing man I’ve ever met by far. I thought that would always be my dad but no… Lane is… well this is going to take a while to explain. Lane is handsome… I prefer to use a different term to describe his looks but I don’t think you would like that too much, haha. His eyes are so deep and blue. Not like baby blue… cool, icy blue. His cheek bones are very pronounced… He is very tan and strong.
I like to think of him as my bodyguard as well as my lover. He has fought in many wars. His body is covered in scars to prove it. I love the scars sometimes but I hate them whenever I think about how much pain he must have gone through. One of his scars is from a knife… Someone stabbed him while he was trying to protect me. After that, I knew that no matter what he would always be there for me. My father is there for me too but if it came down to it and he had to save me or my step mom… well I’m pretty sure he’d save momma. I know Lane would be there for me and I will fight for him just the same. I think I am getting a little off topic here but yeah. Anyways, to sum it all up, Lane is awesome. Got it? Good.”
Devin hadn’t noticed but he’d gotten so into his writing that the bell was ringing and he was the last one working. He blinked and wrote his name at the top, quickly putting it in the bin where everyone else had put theirs.
He then exited the room.
That night the teacher sat at home, reading over the papers with little interest until she came across Devin’s.
She smiled as she read, giving Devin a hundred percent despite the few errors. Devin was one of her worst students and this was the best work she’d ever gotten from him. She was very proud of her student. So proud, she submitted the essay to be shown at the student showcase the school was having.
Teachers submitted the best work they had and one night after school, parents would come in and see their child’s work.
She sent a letter to Devin’s home address the next night, telling his parents that Devin’s essay had been chosen for the showcase.
Chris got it and together he and Dustin read over it, expecting Devin to be in trouble again or something.
“To the parents of Devin Riley-McDaniels,
We are proud to announce that your son has achieved the honor of having one of his assignments featured in the school’s art showcase. This showcase is a chance for parents and other loved ones to see the best of your child’s work. Your son has been chosen by his creative writing teacher for his essay, “Lane McCormick, My Protector.”
The letter went on with information about the showcase.
Chris smiled softly as he finished reading.
“Should we give this to Lane?” He asked.
“Ah think we oughta.” Dustin nodded.
So they showed the letter to Lane and a few weeks later, Devin’s lover was strolling into the school with a small smirk on his face, excited to read what his lover had apparently written about him.
A teacher greeted him.
“Hello sir. If you’d tell me who’s work you’re here to see I would gladly show you where to go.”
“Well thank you. I’m here for Devin Riley-McDaniels?”
“Oh he’s one of my students, right over here.” She led him to a spot where Devin’s essay was, now neatly typed and hung up on the wall.
“I hope you don’t mind me asking but who are you? I’ve met both his parents and they’ve already been down here, I’m just curious.”
Lane smiled politely.
“I’m Lane McCormick, his boyfriend.”
“Oh! Well then I think you’ll enjoy his essay.” She smiled.
“I can’t wait.” He nodded.
She waved and walked off, leaving Lane to read the essay by himself.
His smile started out small but by the end of the essay he was grinning widely at the paper.
He stayed until the end of the night when they let him take home his lover’s paper.
Still smirking softly, he entered his home. Devin was waiting on the living room couch.
“Lane.” He smiled.
“Dev.” Lane said in the same happy tone before plopping down beside his lover, pressing a kiss to his lips. “Yes babe, your protector is home.” He chuckled.
Lane handed him the paper. Devin cursed as he saw what it was.
“Where the hell did you get this?”
“At your school.” Lane smiled.
“Shit… I sounded fucking retarded…”
“No. I love it… I like knowing how you see me, Boo. Its real good too. Especially the part where ya made me sound all sexy.” He chuckled softly, that chuckle that made Devin’s stomach do back flips.
“Hell… you’re going to tease me about this aren’t you?”
“Nope.” Lane shook his head.
Devin raised an eyebrow at him.
There was a pause before Lane spoke again.
“Alright maybe just a little.” He winked, hugging Devin around the waist, pressing a sweet kiss to his neck.
“I love you…”
“I love you too Devin.”
Devin beamed at hearing his own name.
Lane really loved him… Lane was his boyfriend, hopefully his husband someday. Lane McCormick was his protector…

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