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Vance Bradshaw

Post by Vance Bradshaw on Thu Jul 14, 2011 3:15 am

Vance Bradshaw
As Played By: Savannah

Favorite Parings: Vance/Dewayne, Vance/Beau, Vance/Brantley, Vance/Kevin
Pairings I'd Try:Vance/David
Pairings I Wouldn't Touch With a Ten Foot Pole:Vance/Chris
Topics I Like: Angst, Romance, Fluff, Tragedy, Dark Themes, Sick Fic's, Drama, Humor

How I Write This Character (Sample and/or Description):
"Come on guys, where's the ball?" Vance grinned, running into the large green field, large yellow field goals on either side.
"Umm Actually Vance, we didn't bring one." Lucas stepped over to his friend
"Well then how are we going to play?"
Ryan stood with Lucas, they were bestfriend with this boy, they had grown up with him but that was over now.
They would not be friends with a faggot.
"We're not." Ryan, the large of the three boys nodded at him, waiting until Tyler and Brandon stood beside him, all of the staring at their QuarterBack.
The bright smile slowly faded from Vance's face. "Guys?...."
They all just stepped forward menacingly.
They did that for only a few more moments before Vance turned on his heel, dashing off into the green field with his five best friends rushing after him, gaining on him....
No need to say
Vance Bradshaw never made him home that night.
He never even left that field.

Vance Bradshaw

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