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Rhett Braxton

Post by Alex Jr on Mon Jul 18, 2011 7:40 pm

Thahs mah sexy half smile.

Ah dunt know why ah was in ah suit, maybeh et was somethin fer Trever

Sex on tha beach...Ya wanna?

Misery had ah camera, heh is soh annoyin

Mah first fight with Trever.

Damn, Waot...This migh ave been Kyndal

Thah one Misery took when ah was smiling at Kyndal, ah love thah boy

Quincy took this one, wheh were aveing a little bachelor party before ah married mah lshart stack.

Trever took this one, wheh were walkin an heh was snapping random pictures that tard.

Random chick ah got stuck with at ah slave trade.

Quincy pushed meh from out two story room down in ta tha beach

Laughin at Trever an Quincy wrestling in tha water while Misery refereed

Gettin things ready fer tha honey moon ahm takin Kyndal on

AHmma take Misery's camera

And break it

Over es head.

Ah think Kyndal snapped this one..AH let em get away with et.

Anoder one Kyndal took, qah dunt mind him...Ah like em taking pictures of meh

Damnit Misery, heh moved out an heh is still taking pictures of meh

Trever took this one, Heh came over fer meh birthday

Someone clocked mah brother up side es head, it was funny as hell


Hmm Sexy "You want meh" face

Ah dunt like this picture...ah look gross

Kyndakl took et, ah was kinda smilin at em

Gettin reada to ride mah Motercycle

Someone hurt mah Kyndal...Ah had ta kick their ass

Ah look like ah might beh high in this picture, ah was tired

Quincy took this one of meh on that beach, thah water was cold

Misery took this one, ah was smilin at Angel, errr laughing at em when Kyndal was talkin dirty ta em


In mah Kelt

WTF? Ah look cross eyes, MISERY!!!!


With mah momma an er birthday

A smirk, ah was lookin at Dustin, heh was beain all southen

Ya cannot say ah dunt look good to ya.

On mah Honey moon with Kyndal, heh married meh...

Random slut as got dared ta fuck

Ah cant keep em offa meh...Kyndal sare could though xD

This girl had a crush on meh fer many years, I hate ta tell er ahm gay..an married

My first child...My and KYNDALS first child...

hehe is truly beautiful, jus like es momma

Thats meh holding him, gettin ready ta feed em fer tha first time

Taking our baby to the park.

Yes heh is in pink...Only real boys wear pink xD

My precious baby....Best day of mah life was when Kyndal had em

Better picture of em...heh looks like es momma/...

An speaking of es momma, this er es Kybdal BRAXTON...
Soh sweet....

heh is tha love of mah life, heh is ev'ry thing ta meh
He is really sexy n beautiful isnt heh?

Ah would die fer em...

Mah pet Misery, ah love em ta death.

Ah ace had em fer so long...I hate ah gave em up...Quincy would shit if heh knew esxactly who this boy was

He truly is gorgeous...Ah hope Carter is takin care of mah baby

My precious momma...I miss we so much, afta Trever killed er sha is ve'ry distant...

Mah father....ah dunt know em very well

My big brother, always there fer meh...Always takin care of meh.

Ah dunt know what I would do without es crude ass, tahts trever fer ya though

Heh is also sexy, though tell him thah an hell ay heh knows et.
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