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Post by Ezra Nielsen on Sun Jul 24, 2011 4:37 pm

Okay, I just wrote this cause I was extremely bored and I sort of had this little scene in my head. We haven't used Dayton much so I'm pretty sure my writing of him sucks but oh well. All my writing sucks. I hope you like tihs Mikey <333
“Damnit Sean what were you thinking!?” Sage snapped at him, holding the boy up against the wall.
Sean rolled his eyes.
“I’m fine dipshit! Not like he raped me! I was so willing!”
“No he just fucked you and is now gonna go fuck someone else! You don’t deserve that Sean!”
“You’re not my mother goddamnit!” He stomped his foot.
“No but I bet your mother would agree with me! That was such a… slutty thing to do Sean!”
“Oh and selling your fucking virginity so you can get your precious drugs isn’t!?”
Sage went silent for a moment before speaking. His voice was much more calm.
“Sean… I’m not as important as you… I don’t matter to me. You’re sweet and innocent. You deserve a boyfriend. Not a quick fuck.”
“Well guess what Sage? I’m so sick and tired of being the sweet, innocent, good one.” He walked off, his middle finger high in the air.

*A Few Months Later*

Sean stood in front of the body length mirror with just his boxers on. Sage and David were behind him. Sage always accompanied him to his therapy sessions with David. They’d made up by now.
“Sean, honey, how do you think you look?” David was expecting the usual answer of huge or fat or something along those lines but that’s not what he got.
“I look… like I’m dying.” It was just a whisper as the boy’s hands came down to rest on his ribs that poked out.
David blinked at him.
“What do you mean, hun?”
“I… I look sick David…”
“You are sick baby.”
Sean turned to face David with wide, fearful eyes.
“Can I talk to Sage a second…?”
“Of course.” David walked away, leaving the two boys alone.
Sage moved up, hugging Sean around the neck from behind.
“S-Sage… can I ask you a question?”
“How long have I looked so sick…?”
“Since I met you babe…” They’d met each other at a drug dealer. Sage had wanted cocaine and Sean was looking for illegal weight loss pills when he was already sickly small.
Sage nodded slowly.
“I’m… I was dying.” He hung his head.
“Yes you were.. You still could babe. This is why we try and get you to eat…”
From that day on, Sean ate more without barfing. He gained weight but not so much he was huge. Just normal sized for their family, still on the small side but he wasn’t sickly anymore… He was the healthiest he’d ever been. He always seemed to be grinning nowadays, joking around with his family and friends. He was never just silent and sick lately. He would go out to bars and meet men but not fuck them. Just talk.
Sage nor David knew what had suddenly made Sean see himself as he really was instead of some fat ass. But they both thanked God for it… Little did they know it was actually David’s son, not David who had cured Sean McDaniels.
Dayton Nielsen had done it.
Ever since that first fuck Dayton and Sean had a sort of friends with benefits relationship. They were good friends but whenever one got horny they fucked. Now even though Sean had a crush on Dayton at first and wanted a real boyfriend, this didn’t bother him anymore. He’d stopped crushing over Dayton. They were just fuck buddies, nothing more. Sean even flirted with other men at bars and stuff. He wasn’t a slut by any means. He’d only been with Dayton still but he did dress like a whore. He usually wore Gabriel’s old outfits. He was beautiful now he’d gained weight. He had a lot of dates, offers to be his boyfriend but of course none of them wanted Sean when they found out about his fucking relationship with Dayton. But Sean refused to give that up. Dayton Nielsen made him feel sexy and wanted. Dayton Nielsen had given him the confidence boost he needed to make him realize he was a beautiful but sickly boy and he needed to fix that sickly part.
Today Sean had his last therapy session with David. David had thought he was ready to stop them about a month ago but Quincy had insisted he keep on with them to make sure.
There was really nothing wrong with Sean anymore. The therapy sessions had turned into Sean just telling David what he had done in the past week including funny stories about his son Dayton.
“Yeah so like, then I tripped and pretty much dived off the rock wall and he caught me. It was such a cliché movie scene.” Sean laughed lightly. He didn’t mention how then they had fucked behind a tree in the children’s park where the rock wall was and had accidentally traumatized a few kids.
David smiled softly as he listened to the boy talk.
“Sounds fun.” He chuckled softly.
“Yupp…” He looked over at the clock. “Oh its time for me to go.”
“Yeah but first I wanna tell you something.”
“Yeah, Sean this is your last therapy session with me..”
David smiled at him and nodded.
“Oh thank you!” He practically tackled David in a hug.
David laughed, kissing the boy’s cheek.
“You can tell your parents you are completely cured. You no longer have bulimia nervosa or anorexia nervosa, Sean.”
Sean jumped up and down in circles around the room.
He was normal… fixed…
That night he walked up to his mother in the kitchen.
“Hey baby.” Zac hummed as he cooked dinner for them all.
“Guess what momma?”
“I don’t have bulimia or anorexia… I’m cured.” Sean was still grinning.
“Oh baby… that’s great!” Zac beamed at him, hugging his baby closely.
At this point, Jude came toddling into the kitchen, smiling at them.
“Hi mwomma, hi Sean!” He smiled, reaching up at Sean.
Sean giggled and picked up the child.
“Hey sweety.”
Jude frowned lightly, lifting up Sean’s shirt a little.
“What is it sweety?” Sean hummed.
“I don’t see those pokey things anymore.” He pouted, rubbing where Sean’s ribs used to stick out.
“I know. Ain’t that good?” Sean smiled.
“No I liked them… now ew are fattt.” The child whined.
Zac gasped, shaking his head.
“Judy baby, you can’t say that..” He panicked, not wanting Sean to start all over.
But Sean simply laughed, kissing Jude’s cheek.
“I know right?” He winked, patting his flat stomach.
Zac blinked and hugged both of his children close.
“Oh Sean baby… you’re healthy!” Zac could cry as he kissed Sean’s cheek.
Sean smiled at him brightly. There were no dark bags under his eyes, no sick look on his face, you could see no real bones sticking out of his pale skin. He looked normal…
They all sat down for dinner in a little while. Sean cleared his whole plate and then got dressed in one of Gabriel’s outfits to go out in. He kissed his mother’s cheek before heading out to some club.
He went out on the dance floor and drank a little bit, a few guys stepping up to him and asking to fuck him but he turned them all down. Then a half decent guy began talking to him, being really sweet, telling him he was beautiful and should be in a better place then this shitty club.
Sean smiled and talked to the guy for a good half hour, about to ask if he’d like to go on a date when Dayton arrived at the club.
He was good about letting Sean go out with other men, didn’t care really since he fucked other people. They weren’t dating by any means. But he just didn’t like something about that guy. So he strolled up to Sean, one arm hugging him from behind as the other squeezed his ass.
“Hey babe.” He purred in his ear.
Sean chuckled lightly.
“Oh I didn’t know you had a boyfriend..” The man he’d been talking to frowned.
“I d-” Sean was about to deny it but Dayton gave the man a look and he was gone. “Damnit Dayton.” Sean groaned, spinning around and kneeing Dayton in the nuts lightly.
“Fuck.” Dayton cursed, clutching his crotch.
“That’s what you get.” Sean sighed but led Dayton to a table and sat down with him.
“He was a scumbag.” Dayton pouted.
“You are a scumbag.” Sean rolled his eyes.
“Maybe just a little.” Dayton smirked, feeling better by this point.
“Why must you do that?”
“Do what?”
“Get rid of guys I like.”
“I don’t do that! I did it one time, tonight.” Dayton protested.
“You do it all the time!”
“Do not!”
“Do too!”
“Do not!”
“Do too but shut up now. Who you fuckin tonight?” Sean hummed.
“… you?” Dayton raised an eyebrow. “No one good I haven’t fucked before is here tonight.”
“Sure.” Sean shrugged, fixing his hair. “Where?”
“Hmm… surprise me.” Dayton winked.
Sean chuckled and took Dayton’s hand, leading him out of the bar. He felt Dayton’s eyes on his ass as they walked off.
What David had spent years trying to do, Dayton had done. He had made Sean see himself as he really was. Turns out the boy didn't need any fancy treatments or surgeries. All he needed was a confidence boost...
Yes, Dayton Nielsen had fixed Sean without even trying…

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