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Post by Sean McDaniels on Mon Aug 01, 2011 8:36 pm

My hair gets all wavy when I'm hot.

I took a nap after a fuck with Dayton. he took this like right when I woke up.

Car momma bought me for my sixteenth birthday Smile

I'm in the car in this one. Not sure what I was looking at...

Someone video taped me. I dunno, everyone is always taking pictures. Damned people.

Look at my lollipop, it kicks ass.

Sage took this. I was irritated with him.

This is one of my favorite pictures of myself. Dayton took it at some club Smile

I think my best feature is my lips. Thats one of the only things I like about myself. *nods*

I gave a guy a blow job in this alleyway... I was upset with Dayton... then the guy took a pic.

I love this jacket, Sage gave it to me the night we met when I got cold.

Dayton shouted "Surprise picture!" so I had to stop in the middle of what I was doing and post Rolling Eyes

Right before I went out one night. I got bored and took a picture with my cell phone.

I forget what I was looking at in this one too. I don't even know who the hell took this one.

My hair looks stupid when it gets all wavy

I think this one was right after I fucked Dayton once. I'm all sweaty.

I was depressed cause Dayton was fucking some whore and Sage took a picture.

Look at my fucking hair. Grrrr.

Okay, I like my lips but they're like fucking huge in this one. I look like one of those Bratz dolls.

This time I remember what I was looking at! Daddy was yelling at me about Dayton Razz

I took this and sent it to Riley after I gained weight.

I zoned out while momma was yelling at me for smoking...

Damn I just noticed my nail polish is messed up in this one.

I actually look sexy in this one. This is the one Dayton has on his cell phone when I call.

Imma grow a mustache Smile

I was in the middle of yelling at Sage so what does he do? Takes a picture Rolling Eyes

Nother pic of my new fat self Razz

I'm so patriotic. I did this on the fourth of july cause I got bored hehe

i have a cop hat, oh yes Wink

I was spending the night at Daytons'. He brought a chick home so Iwent outside and sat in the rain.

I'd just been crying when Sage took this. Damn him.

I was playing on Jude's little bike xD

Some guy took a picture of me at this bar.

Then some dude randomly hugged me xD

Dayton and I got horny at a club so he took me to the hotel across the street, threw me on the bed and took this before we started Smile

Was just messin with a friend of Sage's. Razz

I'm not sure why I have a helmet... dont question me.

Was gonna try sexting but didn't want to chance any pictures getting online or anything. So this is all the further I went.

I took some drugs from Sage so he couldn't do them... he hit me.

I love him though. <3

Momma caught me smoking again. He can't stand smokers...

Me and Sage again. We rock Smile

Riley, I love my bubba I love you

Dayton. I love him too Smile
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