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Post by Mike Mizanin on Fri Oct 29, 2010 12:24 pm


Let Him Cry*With Christian*
Smiler's Lounge *With Jeff Jarret*
My skin belongs to the gentlemen.*With Rayner*

50 things about you *With Jeff*
How Much? *With Alex*
Mending *With Alex*
out. *With Alex*
Undesired *With Alex*
She Will Be loved*With Alex*
When Crickets Cry.*With Alex*


1. If I Had You *With Edge*
2. What If I Said *With Edge*
3. Futuristic Lover*With Alex*
4. This Is Goodbye*With Alex*
5. Demolition Lovers*With Alex*
6. I Will Not Say Goodbye*With Jeff*
7. Do You Want To Know A Secret*With Alex*
8. I Came To Play*With Jeff*
9. One Last Breath*With Jeff*
10. This Changes Everything*With Jeff*
11. Be My Protector*With Jeff*
12. Whatever it Takes*With Jeff*
13. Best Friends Make the Best Lovers*With Alex*
14. Not Exactly Their Little Angel*With Jeff*
15. I Know I Can Stop The Pain if I Will it All Away*With Jeff*
16. Maybe I'm Amazed*With Alex*
17. Congratulations!*With Alex*
18. Halloween Horror*With Alex*
19. You Don't Have to Lie to Me*With Alex*
20. Your Guardian Angel*With Alex*
21. Stuck Like Glue*With Alex*
22. Holding Heaven*With Alex*
23. Love The Way You Lie*With Alex*
24. Rose Colored Glasses*With Alex*
25. Smutfest (Dolph/Rock)*With Alex*
26. Smutfest (Husky Harris/Chris Jericho)*With Alex*
27. Cold As You*With Alex*
28. Mistakes*With Alex*
29. Can't Be Strong*With Alex*
30. Perfect(Discontinued)
31. Birthday! (Discontinued)
32. Vanilla Twilight (Discontinued)
34. Where'd You Go? (Discontinued)
35. The Day the World Died (Discontinued)
36. 50 Me's and You's (Discontinued)
37. Whatever it takes (Discontinued)
38. My Scars Are The Story Of My Life And This One Is For You*With Alex*
39. How You Remind Me*With Alex*
40. SmutFest (Critter/Alex)*With Alex*
41. If Your Reading This*With Alex*
42. I Will Stand By You Forever*With Alex*
43. If I Had You(At The Hotel)(Discontinued)
44. What If I Said(Date)(Discontinued)
45. Chilling Down A Temper(Discontinued)
46. I Dream Of Death *With Alex*
47. Dirty Little Secret *With Alex*
48. Time To Celebrate *With Alex*
49. God's Child *With Rayner*
50. Boy At The Rock Show*With Alex*
51. Just A Match, Right?*With Alex*
52. Just Go With The Flow...*With Alex*
53. Misfit*With Alex*
54. Free Your Mind *With Rayner*
55. If It Ain't A TLC Match, Vince Ain't Happy*With Alex*
56. Only For You*With Alex*
57. Not What You'd Call Normal *With Alex*
58. I Like It *With Alex*
59. Guess The Feelings Are Mutual *With Alex*
60. Man Sitting With Me Say What?*With Alex*
61. What Next? *With Alex*
62. 50 Is Only The Beginning *With Christian*
63. Alone.... *With Alex*
64. Your Having A Bastard! *With Alex*
65. The Lie Behind Her Eyes*With Jeff*(Discontinued)
66. Fall For You *With Alex*
67. Momma's Song *With Alex*
67. Story Of The Year *With Alex*he
68. Listen To The Thunder *With Alex*
69. Air Supply. *With Alex*
70. Misery Business *With Alex*
71. Somewhere With You *With Alex*
72. Strib Nitch Vor Mir *With Rayner*
73. Im losing what I dont deserve *With Christian*
74. Just a Number *With Alex*

Favorite Couples
1. Miz/ Alex Riley
2. Miz/Jack Swagger
3. Miz/JoMo
4. Miz/ Randy Orton
5. Wade Barrett/Chris Jericho
6. Sheamus /Drew
7. Jack Swagger/Dolph Ziggler
8. Miz/Chris Jericho
9. Miz/Zack Ryder
Favorite three way is Miz/Alex/Critter but I cant do that because Alex is a one man kinda guy.
~But i'll try almost anything =D~
(I do Angst, tragedy, hurt/comfort, romance, smutt, mpreg. But I love depressing fics.)

My People

1. Mike Mizanin
2. Sheamus
3. Jack Swagger
4. The Rock
5. Chris Jericho
6. The Undertaker
7. Ted Dibiase
8. Critter
9. Daffy
10. Alex Jr
11. Quinton
12. Quincy
13. Caylen Croft
14. Rey Mysterio
15. Randy Orton
16. Michael Migilicutty
17. Kevin Riley
18. Levi Lexington
19. Gavin Price
20. Biddy
21. Ryan Nemeth
22. Gabe Evan McDaniel's
23. Colbie Michelle McDaniels
24. Riley Cameron McDaniel's
25. Angel Precious McDaniel's
26. Higgy

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