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Jeff Jarrett

Post by Jeff Jarrett on Fri Oct 29, 2010 10:52 pm

Jeff Jarrett

Played by: DJ

Favorite Pairings: Jeff Jarrett/Kurt Angle (actual OTP) Jeff Jarrett/James Storm, Jeff Jarrett/Anyone, really.

Pairings I'd try: I'd try anything once.

Pairings I wouldn't try: Anything with Drew. Nothing against Drew, he's hot, but he looks like my cousin, and that kind of squicks me out.

Smut: Oh, yes please. Very Happy I can def. do without it too. I'd prefer it to come later as I am heavy into characterization.

How I write this character: Jeff's complex. He's got a chip on his shoulder for a lot of reasons, but he's got a good heart. ...And a bit of a wild side that I won't speak of here. I'll let him explain it should it ever come up.

Writing sample: Jeff paused to look into a mirror propped up backstage. His locks were short again, a reminder of his new heel role. He traced a brief ridge that ran down from under his eye to his cheek. A new wrinkle, a reminder of how little sleep he had in the course of a few weeks. Too much travel, too much promoting- not enough fun. He shut his eyes for a moment, remembering briefly what it was like to be a young man out there in the ring without a care for the backstage politics that ruled his life now. His lips twitched into a brief smile. At least with the heel turn, he could at least walk on the wild side once more. He didn't have to care about what the fans thought, so long as he was pissing them off. He opened up his eyes, smirking at his reflection. And that was one thing Jeff Jarrett was very good at.
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