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Post by Jeff Jarrett on Sun Oct 31, 2010 5:18 pm

Potential thread topic:

Alright, so... here's my idea.

Jeff Jarrett is under a lot of stress lately what with being in charge of promoting and merchandising, and essentially everything people don't want to do. Eventually all work and no play make Jeff a dull boy and he... snaps. He regresses back to his old WWF gimmick, which in his frazzeled mental state he currently thinks is real.

...Meaning he thinks he's on his way to be coming a country western superstar. Glitter and ridiculous costumes will follow. (whether or not he still believes it to be 1994 I haven't decided yet)

What I am looking for:

Anyone, really. I know there's very few people playing TNA characters here, but that doesn't matter. This can work with pretty much anything as I was thinking the opening post could be in a bar.

What type of thread this will be:

Comedy. Maybe some drama. I don't like angst or sad threads because my life is full of angst as it is XD I need to laugh <3

Jeff Jarrett
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