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Post by Critter on Fri Nov 05, 2010 2:35 am

Can you say sexy? Alex and Sarah sure as hell can Razz

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! That was the picture on the card I gave Sarah. Cool

Sexy as hell. Am I not? Sure I am. Twisted Evil

Hehheheh I look fucking evil...but still sexy Smile

Fuck, im not my usual sexy in this one. Damn you Daffy for taking the picture XD

GAH! The sun is blinding my sexy!

Black and White sexy?
Hell yes.

Flexing the guns.

Okay, I honestly can't remember what I was doing here but I was fine as hell while doing it.

But then im fine as hell doing everything.

Did I not tell you? Did you not believe me? Im fine as hell doing ANYTHING.

And I do mean anything. Smile

Heheheh Cameron liked to take pictures of her daddy <3
I miss my baby...


Monkey man? Sexy monkey man. *nod*

SE-.....Im vain aren't I?........Nah, everything I do is sexy.

My and Alex's wedding day. By far the HAPPIEST Day of my life.


And then Alex left and took my happiness with him.

Alex, he was the love of my life and I will always love him but now...Now there is Devin

This is my whole world now...I am going to marry him and make him happy

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