You Deserved To Die

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You Deserved To Die

Post by Alex Riley on Sat Nov 06, 2010 11:05 pm

Alright, Mikey you know how much I hate Daffy. Well I got bored while you were gone so I finished this. I know it sucks tongue


“Babe, I’ll be back later!” Alex called to Lane, who was sitting on the couch, with Cameron.
“Where ya goin boo?” Lane asked.
“Oh nowhere, just got some business to take care of.” Alex smirked, grabbed his keys and headed out to the truck.
He drove over to the cemetery. He got out of the truck and made his way over to a grave he’d never visited. Until now.
He sighed as he read the small inscription to make sure this was in fact the one he was looking for.
“Dustin “Daffy” McDaniels
1979 - 2030”
No, he wasn’t here to mourn the loss of this asshole. Exactly the opposite. He spat on the headstone. He knew he would probably go to hell for hating a dead man as much as he did but he didn’t give a damn. His hatred hadn’t ceased one bit. In fact it had gotten even worse since he died.
Daffy had taken to ‘haunting’ Alex.
Just little things like making his clothes disappear once when he went to the gym and got a shower. There were numerous other things and god, it was getting annoying.
Last night had been the last straw for Alex.
Daffy had just happened to walk in when he and Lane were making love.
Alex had never known Daffy could do a shockingly convincing impression of him until last night…
Alex let out a low moan as Lane struck his prostate.
Daffy’s eyes widened as he stepped into the room. He held back a snicker. His brain hatched an idea. He knew this was low even for him but he didn’t care.
“Oh god Mike.” He moaned, in his impression of Alex. He’d perfected it long ago to mock Alex behind his back. It was pretty good, he thought.
Lane’s motions immediately stopped. Alex was on his stomach on the mattress so Lane didn’t see that his mouth hadn’t moved. His face fell and Daffy saw the tears fill his eyes as he pulled out.
“Lane, baby that wasn’t me!” Alex exclaimed.
“Whatever.” Lane said quietly, knowing if he was any louder his voice would crack. “He’s never even topped you… were you just that desperate for his love again?”
“No darling! I swear, that was not me.”
“Alex, please don’t lie.”
“I’m not lying!”
At this point Daffy couldn’t hold back the laughter any more. He collapsed on the ground in a fit of giggles.
“Are you really fucking laughing at me!?!” Lane exclaimed furiously, face buried in the pillow.
“NO!” Alex shouted defensively.
The laughter had distracted Daffy. He was no longer making sure that he was transparent. He was clearly visible now.
“YOU!” Alex screamed at the ghost. “You fucking bastard! Get the fuck out of my house!”
Lane refused to cry.
“It’s my goddamn house!” He shouted.
“I’m not talking to you baby.” Alex cooed. “Look, he said that.” Alex lifted Lane and turned him to face Daffy.
“Asshole.” Lane muttered, wiping the tears that had just been about to fall.
*End of Flashback*
He had then proceeded to tease Alex about the size of his cock. And said that explained why Mike was practically begging for him to fuck him the second he died. Alex growled and lost it at that. He began throwing punches which of course went right through him. Lane had managed to calm Alex at least a little and forced Daffy to leave.
Alex was done.
He knew this wouldn’t do shit but it’d make him feel better.
He spat on the ground again and ground his foot into the dirt in front of the grave. He tore up handfuls of grass, tore petals off of the flowers people had placed there, everything. He knew it was childish but still.
Suddenly, he heard laughter. He looked up to see Daffy, sitting atop of the headstone, legs crossed at the knee, amused smirk on his face.
“Really Alex? Really?”
“Yes really, you redneck piece of shit.” Alex spat.
Daffy chuckled.
“God, I really know how to piss you off don’t I?”
“I fucking hate you.”
If looks could kill… well Daffy would have died numerous times…
“The feelings are mutual.” Daffy smirked. “Well I’d love to stick around and chat but… I gotta go show Mikey what a real man feels like.” He winked and then disappeared.
Alex sobbed, smashing his head off of the tombstone. He knew Daffy was lying but god, he just wanted to kill him… for a second time.
“You deserved to die…” Alex hissed at the grave.


*made by MY Mikey* Smile
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Re: You Deserved To Die

Post by Critter on Sat Nov 06, 2010 11:45 pm

Oh My God I loved that so,so Much!!!!!
Your Lane is so much better than mine.
Your writing all together is so much better than mine.
I adore this little fic
I laughed so hard and I loved it<3

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