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Post by Rayner Evens on Wed Nov 10, 2010 4:40 am

Just some info about Mr Rayner

Birth name: Richard Kruspe
Legal name: Rayner Evens
Born: 6 October 1975 (35)
Home tome: Chemnitz, Germany
Resides: Winnipeg, Canada
Sexual Position: Uke (Bottom)

Rayner was born on the 6th of October to his German father Hanz and his Hilda. He was born in the town of Chemnitz and lived there for the majority of his life. As he grew older, he started showing signs of interest in the same sex. This started when he was 8, when he admitted that he had a crush on Queen front man Freddy Mercury.

When he was 15 years old a law was past in Chemnizt, banning same sex relations and anyone caught in a gay relationship would be jailed.

After repressing his sexual orientation for years he began dating a young German by the name of Albert. Shortly after beginning to date Albert he lost his virginity to the man. When Rayner was 22 Albert was arrested after admitting that he was gay. He told Rayner to leave the town to escape authorities. Albert was never heard from again.

Rayner escaped to Canada where he began training in wrestling. Now at the age of 35 he has been signed to the WWE to wrestle on their flagship brand RAW.
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