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my fic

Post by Christian on Thu Nov 11, 2010 12:54 am

(Matt’s pov) You know it seems like Karma hates me. Of course it does not help that Cody keeps saying we needed super hero names or that Evan and Jeff are fighting about who has better powers. I look at Christian and see him stare intently at his bag across the room suddenly it starts to rise slowly but after a few inches it falls again. I had been staring at the Japanese peace lily that was in the room and suddenly it started to bloom! But after a few minutes the plant went back to normal. Suddenly I hear Cody say “I got the perfect name for you Evan, the Tornado.” Jeff looks at Cody and asks “What about me?” Cody laughs and says “You and Christian already have names, its Matt, Evan and Me that need names.” Evan laughs says “Yeah Mr. Charismatic Enigma.” Christian looks confused and asks “What’s my name?” Cody and Evan answer at the same time “Captain Charisma.” I start laughing and ask “What about me?’ Jeff answers “The Sensei cause you used to be the sensei of mattitude, remember?” Then Evan asks Cody “What about you?” Cody answers “The Cross Rhodes.” Christian, Jeff and Evan start laughing and I chuckle and say “You named your self after your own move.” Cody blush’s and answers “What, it was the only thing I could think of.” We all just laughing again Evan kisses Cody’s cheek gently “that’s ok baby” he whispers softly “I like it”


*Christmas gift from Mikey Smile *

*made by Britt*

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