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Stay with me

Post by CM Punk on Sun Nov 21, 2010 3:47 am

Stay with me,
( a prelude fic for mine and Jeffy’s thread “Don’t try to fix me, I’m not broken)

“Raven please open up” begged Stevie “you promised” it had been two days since his last fix, Raven had kepted stalling, telling him he’d give it to him later and he finally had locked him out of the locker room. “Raven I need it please” tried Stevie again as he started to shake with pain. Raven just laughed “to bad” Stevie started crying as the pain became worse, he wondered why he was even with Raven. all he had done was hurt him, cut him off from his friends and family and had gotten him addicted.

Tommy was walking down the hallway when he heard crying he looked and saw Stevie sitting outside his and Raven’s locker room “Stevie?” he asked softly as he nelt by him “whats wrong?” Stevie stummered “Raven locked me out without my fix” Tommy sighed Raven was always doing stuff like this to Stevie, he got up and gently lifted Stevie up “what are you doing?” asked Stevie shakeing even more afraid Raven would see them like this “I’m going to help you Stevie” answered Tommy gently as he carried Stevie to his locker room “why?”asked Stevie the pain almost becoming unbearable “after every I’ve done why” “because he shouldn’t treat you like that Stevie “ answered Tommy gently “you deserve better then that” Stevie shook his head “no that’s not true he’s all I have Raven said no one else wants me” Tommy silently cursed Raven and everything he did to Stevie “ that’s not true”said Tommy softly as he gently sat Stevie on the couch in his locker room Stevie just shook his head stubbornly “yes it is he said so”

Tommy gently cupped Stevie’s face “that’s not true” Stevie just shook his head sadly “even if its not true i can’t leave him, he wont let me” “let me help you” said Tommy softly “but he’ll hurt you if you help me” whimpered Stevie softly “I don’t care as long as he doesn’t hurt you again” replied Tommy before he kissed Stevie gently. Stevie frooze for a second before he started to kiss back when they pulled apart for air Tommy smiled softly at Stevie “stay with me?” he asked Stevie nodded happily feeling safe for the first time in a long time.


*Made by Alex Smile *
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