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Trent/??? Empty Trent/???

Post by Trent Barreta on Tue Dec 14, 2010 5:40 pm

Kay, I actually like this idea a bit so I'm gonna be picky about who I do it with. I don't like everyone who is played on this website so I'm sorry if I say no <3
So, anyone who has put up with my pouting about it knows that Caylen Croft was recently fired from the WWE. Well, he and Trent were a tag team so I want to do something where Trent refuses to move on from Caylen and they agree to keep up a long distance relationship. About a month or two after Caylen is fired, Trent decides to surprise Caylen with a visit. When he walks in to where ever Caylen is staying he finds Caylen fucking (insert random guy here tongue ) He storms out and goes to a bar, determined to get Caylen back. He's going to fuck the first man who offers. That will be character 2. So, they fuck and Trent plans to leave it at that. But they begin really falling in love. After, (insert long amount of time here lol) of them dating, it somehow slips that Trent just wanted a fuck that night. Character two gets upset, they fight and I guess it can go from there Smile and again, imma be picky about who I do this with, sorry Smile
Trent Barreta
Trent Barreta

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Trent/??? Empty Re: Trent/???

Post by Mike Mizanin on Tue Dec 14, 2010 6:06 pm

Any of my people you wanna do it with?

Trent/??? Sigra10
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