Mikey's Present Day 1!!!! :D

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Mikey's Present Day 1!!!! :D

Post by Drew McIntyre on Sat Dec 25, 2010 9:29 am

PS: There is a fic to go with that pic of Mike/Alex, I'm putting the finishing touches on it <3

Mike cursed under his breath as he raked a clammy hand through his hair. It was the final exam of the year and this would count for 75% of their final grade. And he had absolutely no fucking clue what he was doing. All of the letters and numbers just appeared as a jumbled mess to him. Luckily, the class had a sort of code. No one talked about it with one another but everyone knew what it meant. You tapped your pencil on the desk, the number of times of the number problem you were on. Then anyone who knew the answer flashed you the letter of the answer if it was multiple choice.
Mike sighed and tapped his pencil five times on the desk. No one answered. He scanned the room a few times and no letters popped up. He did it again, louder this time. Still nothing. On the third try, the boy in front of him flashed an A with his fingers over his shoulder. Mike sighed of relief as he circled the A on his paper. Mike was stuck on practically every question. He’d tap his pencil numerous times and every time, the boy answered. God, this boy was a life saver.
Then, fuck, of course. Mike had forgotten completely about the essay question at the end. Apparently, his whine was pretty loud. He watched the boy’s shoulders shake slightly and he heard a small, low rumbling chuckle. Then a crumbled up piece of paper was tossed on his desk. Mike’s brow furrowed as he quietly unfolded it.
“Chillax dude, here, just write this. Make sure to mix up some of the words or else they’ll realize it’s the exact same as mine Wink
There, written in the boy’s clumsy scrawl was an essay. Mike wanted to scream out in joy. He wanted to hug the boy but he settled for beaming at his paper as he frantically wrote the essay, rewording things. He finished just as the bell rang. He handed his test in and grabbed his books. He ran to catch up with the boy who had helped him so much.
“Hey, wait up!” He called. The boy stopped and turned around to face him.
“Me?” He asked.
Mike fought back a shudder. The boy’s voice was so low and mesmerizing. It was so… he couldn’t describe it.
“Yeah, you.” He managed.
“Then come up here and walk with me.” The boy jerked his head to his side.
Mike knew the boy. He was QB on the high school football team. But he didn’t know his first name, just that his last was Riley. Mike hopped to the boy’s side.
“So, what’s your name?” Mike asked.
“Alex. Alex Riley.”
Mike nodded.
“You’re Mike Mizanin. Trust me I know.” Alex winked.
Mike blinked. He was slightly shocked. He wasn’t very popular, quite the opposite actually. Alex was one of the most popular guys in school.
“Hey, Lex! Over here!” One of his jock friends called to Alex from across the hall. “Whatcha doin’ with the nerd?” The guy asked, chuckling.
“He ain’t a nerd.” Alex said defensively.
Mike was touched that Alex said that.
Alex rolled his eyes at his friend.
“Well I gotta go. See ya ‘round Mike.” He smirked and turned.
“Oh, Alex! One more thing, thanks so much for helping me.” Mike grinned.
“Anything for you.” He winked and swiftly pecked Mike’s lips. He gave a smirk before spinning on his heel and catching up with his friend.
Mike simply stood there, jaw hitting the floor. There was no way that had just happened. The day went on like normal. Mike sadly did not have any other classes with Alex. But Mike was slightly dazed, every once in a while he’d let his hand drift up and brush over his lips, remembering that small peck. He was so out of it, he didn’t even hear when the lunch bell rang.
“Mike!” Savannah, his only friend at this school snapped her fingers in front of his face.
“Wha-?” He said, looking up at her, snapping out of his daze.
“Lunch.” She tugged on his arm. “C’mon, I’m starving.”
“Yeah, sorry.” He shrugged off the last remaining dirty thoughts he’d been having before standing and following her to the cafeteria.
Mike sat down at their usual table in the back corner of the large lunch room. It was just the two of them every day. But Savannah had been starting to make new, more popular friends and he knew it was only a matter of time before he was left alone.
Mike looked up to see someone signaling Savannah over to their table. She beamed but it faded as she turned to Mike.
“Just go.” He sighed.
She smiled sympathetically at her friend but jogged over with the other girls.
As Mike predicted, he was now alone. Well at least now he could fantasize again.
“Hey, why you alone?”
Mike gasped, as he looked up and met those familiar cobalt blue eyes from earlier.
“No one wants to sit here.” He shrugged. Alex plopped his tray of food down on the table and pulled up a chair.
“False. Someone does want to sit here. I do. And I’m better than most of the other losers around here anyways.” Alex winked as he sat down.
Mike stared at him incredulously, wide eyed and open mouthed. Alex laughed as he ruffled Mike’s hair.
“You’re cute, y’know that kid?”
Mike couldn’t help the small blush that crept to his cheeks.
“Lex!” One of Alex’s friends called. “Why you with the nerd again instead of with us?”
“He’s not a nerd and if ya don’t quit saying that I’ll clock ya.” Alex said sweetly.
Mike blushed again. Why had Alex taken this interest in him all of a sudden?
The friend rolled his eyes and sat back down.
“Don’t listen to him, he’s an ass.” Alex reassured. Mike nodded slowly.
They sat in silence for a few moments before Alex’s brow furrowed.
“Why aren’t you eating?” He asked Mike.
“I forgot my lunch money this morning.” Mike shrugged.
“Well you gotta eat something.” Alex frowned. He handed Mike the apple off of his tray.
“Not hungry.” Mike handed back the apple.
“You’re eating something.” Alex extended the contents of his tray to Mike. “Pick.” He insisted.
Mike shook his head.
Alex ripped his sandwich in half and sat one half in front of Mike.
“Just eat it.”
Mike sighed.
“Thank you.” He picked up the sandwich and began eating.
“That was PB&J, now you need a drink.” Alex took a large gulp of his milk before handing it over to Mike.
Mike would have refused but he was thirsty. He thanked Alex again. He tentatively held the bottle to his mouth and took a few sips. He savored the fact that Alex’s lips had touched the same bottle. Then he handed it back to Alex.
They ate lunch in silence except for Alex insisting to give Mike some of his food.
“Will ya stop with the blushing? I ain’t that hot.” Alex chuckled.
This only made Mike blush more. Alex reached out a hand and stroked Mike’s cheek. Mike looked down, muscles tightening. Alex smirked.
He loved the effect he had on this boy. He took his other hand and ran it down Mike’s arm.
“Wow, you’re more muscular than I thought.” Alex whispered.
Mike shuddered as Alex’s hot breath hit his ear. He completely forgot that they were in a room full of people. All he saw was Alex. Alex hovering over him. Alex with his hand still squeezing Mike’s arm…
Alex chuckled and pulled back when he saw a lunch lady staring at them with disgust.
He winked at her as he pecked Mike’s lips. He loved freaking people out and being called a fag didn’t phase him one bit.
Sure enough she wrinkled her nose and walked away in a huff.
This relationship between the two boys continued. Alex would hang around Mike whenever he got the chance, occasionally kissing him when no one was around. But it wasn’t official. They were not dating much to Mike’s disappointment. But he didn’t dare ask Alex to be more than they were, not wanting Alex to leave and stop talking to him altogether.
A few months passed and it was prom night. Mike debated on not going but Savannah would not have that. She showed up at Mike’s house with a brand new tux.
“C’mon I’m your date.” She grinned.
After a few minutes of persuasion, Mike agreed to go.
They walked into the dance with their arms hooked. Mike immediately searched the room for Alex. Eventually he found him, alone at a table, drinking punch.
He nervously walked up to him as Savannah went to the bathroom.
“Where’s your date…?” He asked quietly.
Alex looked up at him with a small smile.
“Don’t got one.”
“Why not?” Mike asked incredulously. Any girl in this room would let Alex fuck them with a snap of his fingers.
“I was sort of waiting for someone special to ask. But it looks like they’re taken now…” Alex smirked as he looked up at Mike.
“O-oh…” Mike looked down. There was no way he was that special someone…
“Hey nimrod, I’m talking about you.” Alex chuckled.
Mike blinked a few times, shocked.
“You are?” He asked with wide eyes.
“Yeah, but you got a date. She’s pretty. So go dance with her.” Alex pointed as Savannah came walking out of the bathroom.
“I…” He didn’t want to. He wanted to dance with Alex.
“Just go Mikey.” He smiled softly.
Mike sighed but nodded and went to dance with Savannah, eyeing Alex out of the corner of his eye to see if he had a date yet.
Alex never did. He simply sat there, his eyes glued to the way Mike moved on the dance floor.
Soon it was time to crown the prom king and queen. But the way they did it at this school, was the king was crowned and he then picked his queen.
“Alright, this years prom king is…” There was a pause in which the boy on stage opened the envelope. “Alex Riley!”
Everyone cheered.
Alex’s head snapped up at the sound of his name. He hadn’t been paying attention. It took him a moment to figure out what was going on. But once he did, he put on one of his dazzling smiles and jogged onto the stage.
“Oh, I won. I’m so surprised. I didn’t expect this at all.” Alex said sarcastically, everyone in the room laughed.
Everyone, including Alex knew that he was going to win.
He grinned as the crown was placed on his head.
“Well, now is where I pick a queen, right?” He asked into the microphone.
All the girls were going crazy, dreaming it would be them who Alex picked.
Alex covered the mic and whispered something to the boy who had announced the winner.
“Um… I guess so.” The boy shrugged.
“Alright, good.” Alex grinned and uncovered the microphone. “Mike Mizanin, get your butt up here. Be my queen, well if ya wanna get technical my king.” He smirked as everyone gasped. No one had paid much attention to the fact that Alex was bi.
Mike’s eyes widened as he did a spit take in the back of the room.
“M-me?” He stammered.
“Yes you, ya nerd. Get up here.” Alex grinned widely.
Mike was still in shock but he scurried onto the stage.
Alex smiled as they handed him the queen tiara. He placed it on Mike’s head with a chuckle.
Mike was blushing as everyone stared at them in shock.
“Alright.. Well you two get your dance now…” The boy shook his head as they turned on a slow song. Alex took Mike’s hand and led him to the center of the dance floor.
Someone walked up to Alex with a mic and asked him why he had chosen another boy for his queen.
“Y’know, listen up everyone.” Alex said as he grabbed the microphone. “I know that Mike and I are not the only gay couple in this room! So, all you hidden gays in here who are dancing with a girl just to seem normal, knock it off! If Alex Riley can do this, then you can too.” He grabbed Mike and kissed him deeply.
The room went silent for a moment. But within moments, some boys had paired off.
Stephen and Drew.
Trent and Caylen.
Nick and Jake.
Alex grinned. It looked like he had just made his school gay friendly.
Mike was looking up at him wide eyed.
“Alex… did you just say we were a couple?” He asked softly.
For the first time since they’d met, Alex blushed.
“Yeah, I meant to ask you about that…” He paused and wrapped his arms around Mike’s waist. “Will you be my boyfriend?”
Mike nodded furiously as he placed his hands on Alex’s shoulders. He nuzzled his head in the crook of Alex’s neck.
“Cool…” Alex nodded, smiling like an idiot. “I mean, awesome.” Alex grinned as he tilted Mike’s chin up and kissed him.
And to this day, that is why Mike uses the word Awesome every chance he gets <3
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