Easy manipulation part 2

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Easy manipulation part 2

Post by CM Punk on Fri Dec 31, 2010 3:52 am

Easy manipulation part 2,
( a prelude fic for mine and Mikey thread I'm losing what i don't deserve and a sequel to easy manipulation )

It had been four weeks since Phil had started this ‘relationship’ with Chris and Chris had already convinced Phil to move in with him. The first two weeks Chris had been very attentive but by the third week Chris started going out every other night and staying out a little later every time but Phil never said anything.

Chris smirked as he was getting ready to go out, he had been right Phil was perfect. Phil wasn’t clingy and never complained when Chris went out partying. Plus Phil was great in bed; yes Chris was very pleased with his selection.

Phil sighed as Chris left, he was going out with Mike and Wade again. He still didn’t know why he had jumped into this with Chris. But he realized he was starting to feel strongly for Chris and he didn’t know if Chris even felt the same.

Chris drank another shot, grinning at his other lover Wade. Chris had been sleeping with Wade for a while and even though he had Phil he continued to see him. He didn’t care that he was cheating, he never did it was his nature.

Phil sighed as he finished getting ready for bed, it was past midnight and Chris was still out. Phil wondered if it was always going to like this. Was he always going to be in love with someone who probably didn’t love him back? Or would something change only time would tell.


*Made by Alex Smile *
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