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Post by Kevin Riley on Mon Jan 03, 2011 4:03 am

1. Momma took me here right before Me and Rick got married.

2. Me and my older half-brother Dewayne.

Snapping pictures of Momma ans Daddy

Dewayne's friend kissed me...Rick was not happy. We were playing a game and me and Rick had just had a big fight and he was dared to kiss me, I was about to say no but I never got the chance.

Gowd, I look so fucking stupid. Damn people and their camera's

Serious, right after I whooped Quincy's ass.

Momma got my camera.

Me and that one friend of Dewayne's. The one that likes me.

Dewayne. I love my big brother even if he is not daddy's.

First day I felt good in a long time since having Rick Carson McGuire

I look like a fucking girl

I don't why but all of a sudden Jessie wanted me to sip something....Suspect

Momma adores this picture of me. Its my favorite too.

Small smile, I was feeling sick after eating while pregnant.

Giving momma one of my looks.

I look like a blond harry potter, Wtf?

I look young here...I am young

Trying to explain to Jessica why I hate cucumbers

I was thinking...I was thinking about Rick...And Sydney
crying or very sad

I remind momma of a dog here, he is so mean to me

He is so fucking sexy and he is all mine<3

Yeah, he made the mistake of say some "offensive." Things to me and that just didn't fly with Rick.

My daddy, yeah we have had a few argument but I love him so much and he loves my momma.

Momma goofing off

Momma and Daddy<3

Rick Carson McGuire, precious....

Our baby boy<3

Rick Jr<333
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