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Spencer Lewis

Post by Rick McGuire on Thu Jan 13, 2011 9:53 pm


Spencer Lewis, Age 10
Spencer was ecstatic. His best friend Bruce was over to play. They were sitting beside each other right now on the bed, watching the TV. Bruce looked up as the door opened. Spencer’s father stumbled into the room, bottle of whisky in hand.
Spencer beamed at him.
“Hi daddy!” He grinned, waving. Bruce smiled.
“Hi Mr. Lewis.”
“Hi boys.” He nodded, slight slur in his words. “Spencer, baby, can you help daddy out with something?”
“Of course daddy!” Spencer grinned. He had always looked up to his father.
“Well ya see this?” He pointed to the very noticeable tent in his pants. Bruce stood back, watching.
“Yes…?” Spencer said, curiously tilting his head to the side.
“Well you haven’t had one of these have you?”
Spencer shook his head no.
“Well they hurt if they’re not taken care of.” His father said slowly.
“Oh, I don’t want you hurting daddy.” Spencer frowned. “How do I help?”
“I want you to get down on your hands and knees on the bed for me. And take off your pants. Underwear too.”
Spencer nodded.
“Yes daddy.”
Bruce raised an eyebrow as he stood off the bed and backed into the corner. He saw his momma watching cop shows sometime. This was bad…
Spencer did as he was told. He dropped his pants and underwear and got on all fours on the bed.
“Like this daddy?” He asked.
“Yes baby, that’s perfect.” His father licked his lips as he dropped his own jeans and boxers.
His father climbed on the bed and straddled his son from behind. He licked a finger and shoved it gruffly in his son’s almost minuscule hole.
Spencer yelped.
“Oh damn…” His father trailed off as he examined his son’s hole. It was ridiculously tight around his finger. And he had always been told he was very well endowed.
“What daddy, did I do something wrong?” Spencer asked worriedly. He just wanted to help his father…
“Oh no baby, you’re doing perfect just stay still and whatever you do, don’t move.”
“Okay.” Spencer nodded. And he wouldn’t.
His dad removed the finger and pumped his cock, smearing the precum as a sort of lubricant although he really didn’t give a fuck.
He gripped his sons hips tightly, there would be finger shaped bruises.
“Daddy… that hu-” Spencer was cut off by his own blood curdling scream as his father rammed into him.
Bruce’s eyes widened across the room.
“D-daddy….” Spencer whimpered, tears already pouring from his eyes.
“Baby please… remember, daddy could be hurt If you don’t do this for me.”
“R-right… well are you just gonna sit there?” He asked hopefully, he was not even close to used to it but he could deal if his father was going to stay still.
“No baby, I gotta move. Like this.”
His father still had a tight hold on his hips as he pulled out so just the head of his cock was in before slamming back in, deeper this time.
Spencer screamed again as he felt himself tear.
“Daddy… I d-don’t like this.” He shook his head furiously.
“Baby it’ll get better it just hurts at first.” His father lied.
Spencer’s hole was already bleeding horribly.
“DADDY!” He sobbed as his father repeated the process. “Please, just give me a minute. Please, it really hurts.” He sniffled.
But his father didn’t listen. He pushed the back of his head into the mattress as he rammed into his ten year old son.
Loud obscenities and moans would escape him as he slammed his hips repeatedly. This pace would be painful for a fucking prostitute. For a virgin ten year old boy… it was unimaginable.
“Daddy! Please STOP!” Spencer shouted. He was shaking with sobs.
“Um, sir, I think you’re hurting him…” Bruce piped up.
But he was too into it. He was screaming in ecstasy as his son screamed and cried in pain.
Bruce watched in horror… he didn’t know what was happening but apparently it hurt. Bad.
Finally around ten minutes later, his father pulled out, cum spurting from his blood covered cock. He had enough decency to not try and get his son pregnant.
“Thank you baby.” His dad panted, kissing the top of Spencer’s head as he stood and walked out of the room without another word, without cleaning Spencer up, anything.
Spencer went to curl up in a ball but he couldn’t move without it hurting like hell.
“Bruce…. I can’t move.” He looked up at his friend with his tear streaked face.
“Spencer, are you…. Are you okay?”
“No.” Spencer whimpered.
Bruce walked to the bathroom and grabbed a towel, cleaning his friend off the best he could. He put Spencer’s clothes back on, being as careful as possible with his hurt friend.
He then laid beside him, trying to sooth him, singing his favorite song quietly in his ear.
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