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Post by Rick McGuire on Mon Jan 17, 2011 7:46 pm

This took for fuckin everrrr Smile But Mikey, this is why I avoided the three way. I didn't want to do it, then get tired of it and not be able to finish your present, I've been working on this since yesterday Smile I hope you like it
“Oh god! RICK!” Kevin screamed out in ecstasy as Rick pounded into him faster and faster.
“GET AWAY FROM ME!” Higgy shouted as he threw Biddy into the closest door, bloody and battered. That door just happened to be Kevin and Rick’s bedroom where they were currently fucking.
Biddy groaned and covered his eyes.
Rick snapped his head around, cursing as he saw how beat up Biddy was. He pulled out of Kevin.
Kevin let out a loud whine.
“Riiiiick.” He squealed.
“Baby Biddy’s here.” Rick said softly.
“Huh? Aw damn.” Kevin frowned as he saw his brother.
“Gee, thanks for making me feel welcome.” Biddy rolled his eyes.
“Oh hush you two. Biddy c’mere, lemme check on you.” Rick said.
“Err… you’re like, naked.” Biddy raised an eyebrow.
“Yes, you should be happy. You’ll have something to look at while I work on ya.”
Biddy chuckled and climbed on the bed, humming softly as Rick cleaned him up and Kevin fingered himself.
“Dude I’m your brother and I’m like two inches away can ya quit the sex kitten act?” Biddy said, awkwardly turned on by watching his brother.
Kevin simply meowed at him and continued thrusting two fingers in and out of himself.
“You’re grosss…” Biddy pouted.
“And stop giving me a boner Kev.”
Biddy couldn’t help but look down. Sure enough Rick’s cock looked painfully erect. Biddy bit his lower lip as he reached down and tentatively wrapped his hand around Rick’s cock, pumping it slowly. Rick closed his eyes and groaned, assuming it was Kevin pumping him. Kevin immediately stopped and looked up at the two. His eyes widened as he smacked Biddy’s hand away and put his own hands on his bare hips.
“Ehem, just WHAT do you think you’re doing touching him like that?” He snapped at Biddy.
Rick opened his eyes.
“Whoops, sorry Kev, thought it was you…” Rick blushed.
Biddy shrugged.
“I got bored, and that cock looks fuckin good.”
Kevin made a face.
“It IS. Believe me. But it is MINE. Mine. Mine.” He pouted, folding his arms across his chest.
Rick chuckled and pulled Kevin to the side.
“Hey, he’s all beaten up and stuff. What if we let him join in? Make him feel better?” He whispered to Kevin.
Kevin glanced at Biddy for a moment before nodding.
“But I want YOU inside me.” He said firmly.
Rick grinned and nodded.
“I wouldn’t let him in you anyway. I’m possessive.” Rick winked as he looked back to Biddy. “What do ya say Biddy bird? Threeway?”
Biddy raised an eyebrow.
“Um hell yes.” He licked his lips and winked as he undressed himself quickly. He’d been horny today anyway and Higgy was too busy beating on him to fuck. “Er, where am I? Like what am I doin here?”
“Well, you can either top me, or you get Kevin’s mouth.” Rick said. “Either way I get Kevin’s ass.”
“Alright…” Biddy was going to ask to top Rick but he just knew, saw it in Rick’s eyes that he was a virgin. And he didn’t want to take that from him. So he eyed his brother before speaking. “I’ll take ol Kev’s mouth. I’ve heard good things about it.” He winked.
Kevin squirmed a bit and nodded.
“Okay now please before I lose my boner.” Kevin snapped.
“Damnnn, someone’s horny aren’t we.” Rick smirked as he ran a finger along Kevin’s erection. “Kay now Biddy I want you like this for the moment.” He positioned himself, showing Biddy where to go. He placed a knee on either side of Kevin’s head facing where Rick would be in a minute. He got down nice and low so his dick hung where Kevin could easily give him head. “Got it?”
Biddy nodded.
“Yes sir.” He winked and as Rick moved he got into position. Rick got into his own position, aligned with Kevin’s hole.
“Ready? Simultaneous.” Rick chuckled.
Biddy nodded.
“1...2...3.” Biddy and Rick simultaneously thrusted their hips, Rick into Kevin’s already loose hole and Biddy’s into his brothers wide open mouth.
Kevin groaned loudly, sending vibrations around Biddy’s cock.
Biddy moaned as Kevin began swirling his tongue around the rather large piece of meat in his mouth.
Rick simply groaned at the erotic sight and moved his hips, picking up he and Kevin’s usual bruising pace.
Kevin was the closest to coming already since he’d been fingering himself while they discussed.
Rick grunted and shouted Kevin’s name, as did Biddy. Biddy was digging his fingers into the mattress, jaw clenched as he tried his hardest not to fuck his brother’s mouth. Kevin simply grinned and took him in further until the head of his cock hit the back of his throat.
Rick licked his lips and leaned over. With one hand caressing Kevin’s defined hip bones, the other grabbed the back of Biddy’s neck, pulling him into a searing kiss.
Kevin groaned loudly at the erotic sight around him. He was being fucked by the love of his life, sucking his brother off while watching the other two men mouth fuck. He could not be enjoying this more. Biddy and Rick’s lips did not part once as Kevin licked up the side of his younger brother’s erection and Rick pumped his hips in and out of Kevin’s tight heat.
Kevin gave a final scream around Biddy’s cock, causing him to gag as he came hard.
“Awww FUCK!” Biddy shouted, throwing his head back causing he and Rick’s kiss to stop. Rick grinned as he continued fucking his fiance. He was close but he wanted to finish quickly so he wouldn’t hurt Kevin.
But Kevin was far too concerned with making his brother cum. He swallowed hard around Biddy’s cock. Rick moved his hips faster and faster. He was on the edge. But he wanted to hold back now. He wanted Biddy and him to cum at the same time to make the experience even better for Kevin. He began sucking on Biddy’s collar bone. He stopped thrusting, resting inside of Kevin. Biddy gasped and moaned.
“Rick! Aw Kev, so good!” He grunted loudly. “Dayum, gonna fuckin cum guys.” He shouted. Biddy was panting heavily as he screamed both of the other men’s names.
Rick grinned widely as he thrusted a few more times and came hard, screaming Kevin’s name.
And just like Rick had wanted, Biddy came only half of a second later.
Kevin gagged slightly as he screamed as his mouth was filled with Biddy’s seed. But he managed to swallow every single drop, hitting a rare second climax, his back arching up into Rick and his brother. The three boys simultaneously collapsed in an awkwardly positioned heap on the bed.
Biddy was the most worn out, he was less used to this than Kevin and Rick were. He was panting hard, hand over his heart as if he was about to faint.
Rick chuckled.
“Welcome to the club Biddy bird.” He winked.

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