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Post by Alex Riley on Wed Feb 02, 2011 10:38 am

Ahh, the high school days... i totally got in this chick's pants that night...

Gah, how the fuck did this get in here?! ALEX YOU ARE DEAD.

Alright, here are all my high school pics, courtesy of Alex Rolling Eyes

There we go. That is enough of my whoreishness to lasst you all for a while Wink

But here are more pictures of my sexy!

Alright I am SEXY in that jacket, i mean c'mon, how many men can say with confidence that they look fuckin sexy in a winter coat? ME.

But even I gotta admit, my sexy does not compare to my baby's. DAMN. Just look at that face Smile

He is even sexy whilemaking retared faces! How does he do it?!

Is that guyliner Dustin? BLACKMAIL Wink

Last but not least my baby boy. Love him to death although I don't act like it sometimes :/


*made by MY Mikey* Smile
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