Death to thr person!

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Death to thr person! Empty Death to thr person!

Post by Chris Jericho on Sat Feb 05, 2011 2:24 am

Okay, we all know Mikey is an angst whore Wink And I wanna do a SHORT ANGSTY THREAD, usually i would want a LAT(LONG ANGSTY THREAD) but I have like six threads going at the moment and that does nothing but give me too much to do. Its late and this will only be up for a short time. I wanna maybe do a couple has a fight, one leaves, get in wreck, all lovers fault. Or maybe they fight and one commits suicide. I do not care I am just in an angst mood. I wanted to do a thread where Mike died in the Alex and Mike life series and that had yet to be done so this is going to be my exception for the night. Interested? PLEASE BEEEEE heheehe

Death to thr person! Chris_11
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