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Dewayne McDaniels

Post by Mike Mizanin on Thu Feb 10, 2011 7:05 pm


Now look all serious and junk.

Now smile again but...Maybe not I look bad here. Like I have buck teeth


I am so sexy....

Playing games, I WIN!

I look so young here Razz

Yeah, Momma and Daddy were fucking and I was just like....

First boyfriend...I miss him so much....

I was in love with him.... Really was.

First Girlfriend! Loved her too but we ended good.

You know you want my body I am just so sexy!

I hate how I was standing here, UGH!

Bitch just told me my hair looked bad.

ACHOO!~Sniffle~ I am even smexy while sneezing.

I was sick and daddy was being an ass...

Run forest! RUN!

WORK OUT! WHOOT! I stay so sexy in shape!

I know....Im sexy

Our first date....

At his mothers wedding....Day he said he loved me...

Very Happy

Think I havent had a threesome when im this sexy?

Wow...Nice ass!

I like sports and im extra sexy in a jersey.

I have a way with girls AND boys

Uncle Quincy with his wife, she is still living.

Uncle Quincy with Aaron...I cant get one of Uncle Quinton


Mom. I love him but I can only take so much.

Yeah...Mom again

My REAL MOMMMA! Where I get my sexy from.

Heheheh Momma<3

David...Love of my not life.

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