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Hold my hand (Anyone)

Post by Rayner Evens on Sun Feb 13, 2011 5:36 am

It had been a week. A week since he started his treatment. Cancer. He never thought he would ever become a patient to the disease. He sipped on his juice, trying to keep his blood sugar up. Moments after downing some of the juice he doubled over and threw up into the medical bag he held.

Rayner sniffled. He ran his fingers through his jet black hair, small clumps gathering in his hands. He had already lost his eyebrows and eyelashes. Each time he took a shower, the drain was either clogged with body hair or hair from his head.

His wrist flinched, the IV drip in his arm swaying slightly. He couldn't take it. His mouth tasted like medication and he was growing weaker. He didn't know if he would make it.
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