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Riley Cameron McDaniel's
As Played By: Savannah

Favorite Parings: Riley/Hayden, Riley/Alex, Riley/Rick, Riley/Lance, Riley/Jayden
Pairings I'd Try:Riley/Chris,
Pairings I Wouldn't Touch With a Ten Foot Pole: Riley/Colbie, Riley/Zac
Topics I Like: Angst, Tragedy, Hurt/Comfort, Drama, Romance, Sick Fics
Smut?: HELL YESS But I can do without

How I Write This Character (Sample and/or Description):
Riley blinked his eyes open, it was the dead of night and it was freezing. He looked around the rooms, seeing his room mate Hayden and that was it. He knew where he was wanting to go but he knew if he got caught his father would not be pleased. He peeked out the window, shivering in his too big bright red flannel pj's that all but swallowed his small body. The child gently lowered himself onto the floor, hissing as his feet touched the icy wood. He looked at Hayden who was still sound asleep before dropping to his knees and crawling out the door to his room. He paused before passing his parent's room, never knowing if his father was awake or not. He took a deep breath as he crawled past the room, he had done this so much he knew just where every squeaky or loose board was. He passed his parents room and dashed for the door, quickly opening it and closing it softly as he sprinted to hi destination, only maybe ten minutes in which he ran through snow what came up to his waist.
He got to his great grandmothers house and walked out, he knew which window was what. He pulled himself up an a tree and jumped, hanging on to the window sill by one his fingers, he was a strong child so he gripped the window with one hand and tapped on the window with the other, waiting for who he wanted to see to open the window and pull him into the warm house. Just as he though, Alex peeked out the window with a gasp, quickly opening it and pulling the small six year old child up and pressing him to his chest. He shut the window, trying to keep the cold air away as he warmed up his greatgrand baby.
"Riley what in the hell are you doing? Is like zero degrees outside and its the middle of the night! Does your momma know you here?"
"No Sir, and I...I had a nightmare." He admitted softly, snuggling close to his grandpa.
Alex blinked but gave a small smile. Riley always game to him and he loved it, even when he was woken up at odd hours of the night.
"C-Can I sleep with you as long as im home before daddy is up?"
Alex didn't wanna get in trouble, Riley was not his so he didnt have a say but....the look on the small boys face left no room for discussion.
Alex got him a small change of close, his pjs were wet with snow and frozen.
He laid back beside his sleeping lover, smiling and kissing Mike's lips softly as he cradled the boy to his chest, falling asleep soon after Riley's light snores filled the room.
Riley Cameron McDaniel's

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