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Hayden Parker McDaniels

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Hayden Parker McDaniels
As Played By: Hannah
Favorite Parings: None yet
Pairings I'd Try: Pretty much anything, Hayden/Lance
Pairings I Wouldn't Touch With a Ten Foot Pole: Hayden/Zac, Hayden/Quincy
Topics I Like: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Romance
Smut?: YESHHH But i can do without

How I Write This Character (Sample and/or Description):
Quincy was outside, working out. He had the punching bag out like normally and was throwing punches. Hayden was hidden behind a tree but he was watching. He loved his father and did this a lot. Just watched. And then later, he would most likely come out here and punch the bag with his own tiny fists.
He admired everything his father did. He was more quiet than Riley but not as quiet as Gabriel. He just preferred to watch things happen than to be the one making them happen. Hayden continued to watch until Quincy finished. He took a drink of water before hopping in the shower. While his father was in the shower, Hayden wandered around his parents' bedroom, eventually settling on hiding under the bed. He laid down on the floor, directly under the mattress.
He heard the bedroom door open and saw his mother's feet appear in the room. He watched the feet move to the bathroom and disappear into the steamy room. Zac quietly took Quincy's clothes and crept back out of the room, snickering. Zac plopped down on the bed, causing the mattress to move just a hair closer to Hayden's face. But Zac wasn't heavy. Hayden watched with a confused face as clothes hit the ground. His mother's and his father's that Zac had stolen.
Soon, Quincy walked out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist, looking confused for a minute before chuckling as he saw Zac, lying on the bed, naked.
Hayden watched their feet as Zac stood and wrapped his arms around Quincy's neck. He heard lips smacking together and soon Zac's feet disappeared. Quincy had lifted him. Quincy threw Zac lightly on the bed. Zac giggled as he landed with a small 'oof!' Quincy hopped on the bed with his tiny lover, causing the mattress to smush Hayden's face.
Hayden was confused but listened closely. There was panting, small giggles from his mother, a loud, pleasured groan from them both, grunts and growls from his father. The mattress was bouncing so it repeatedly slammed against his tiny cheek, leaving red marks.
What were they doing up there?
Eventually Hayden got curious so he rolled out from his hiding place and stood up. Zac gasped, immediately tugging the covers over him. Quincy was lost in pleasure.
"ZAC!" He shouted. Hayden just watched, extremely confused. Zac, who had been trying to act normal since his baby was there all of a sudden, twitched.
"OH!" His back arched for a moment before he collapsed back down, panting again.
"Quincy. Hayden!" Zac snapped.
Quincy cursed to himself as he looked over at the child.
"Mwomma, Daddy, what wew you dowing?" Hayden asked, head tilted to the side.
"Well, err..." Zac paused. "Daddy, why don't you tell him?"
"Well, you see...." He thought for a moment. "You're momma was feeling sick. I was simply making him feel better."
"Oh... otay, wew, you duys bownce a wot!" He rubbed his still red cheek and walked out.

Hayden Parker McDaniels

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