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Kurt Angle

Post by Kurt Angle on Sun Mar 06, 2011 2:25 pm

Character Name: Kurt Angle
As Played By: DJ

Favorite Parings: Jeff Jarrett/Kurt Angle, HHH/Kurt Angle, HBK/Kurt Angle
Pairings I'd Try: anything really. Especially blonde/Kurt Angle. XD
Pairings I Wouldn't Touch With a Ten Foot Pole: ....can't think of anything.
Topics I Like: Anything really.

Smut?: YES.

How I write Kurt: Sometimes arrogant, because he is that damn good. But he cares about his friends and family, protecting them at whatever cost. He's friendly, but at a professional level when he doesn't know you. He doesn't like nonsense. He'll push himself to the limit and beyond but doesn't like to see when someone he loves taxes themselves too greatly.
Kurt Angle

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