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Zac Evan McGuire/McDaniels

Post by Brayden Kevin McDaniels on Thu Mar 10, 2011 10:17 pm

I am NOT a twink.. and I do not look like Adam Lambert damnit!

Ugh, i hate Gabriel. Him and his effing camera...

Old friend of Gabe's.

Yummmm Smile

Ewww, depressed face. I make them a lot don't I? tongue

Ugh, momma.. someone take his camera away. Please.

Quincy and I having one of our picture fights. I was trying to get one of him and he totally cheated. The bastard.

I totally forget why I made that face. But Dickface aka Quincy just had to take a pic.

While pregnant, during one of my moodswing hehehe DO YOU SEE THE FACIAL HAIR! PUBERTY HERE I COME!

On my birthday. Quincy wouldn't give me my birthday sex damnit!!!

Old friend. Haha, she had a crush on me.... til she found out I was bi Razz

What can I say? Guess I was a chick magnet Wink

Imma ban cameras from the entire house.

Ohmygosh! I look fucking retarded! QUINCY CARSON MCDANIELS!

at my surprise b-day party Smile

Aww, sad face hehehe

How I'm cold with a giant man, seeping with warmth cuddling me? I have no clue.

Right after Gabriel sold me out....

(Don't ask about the couch...Razz)

At OUR park <333 My favorite place...

Quincy says I look liek a dog here. When I got offended he said "A precious dog! Just like... scratching it ass or something." he's mean to me Razz

It's gettin hot in here... so take off all your clothes! Wink

clothes shoppinggg tongue

me and that dang tongue face again Razz

Now you might be thinking "why the hell is he holding a feather?"
My answer?
No fucking clue.

I don't remember taking this! People stalk me!!! What a Face

some big ass candy bars, and you wonder why I'm hyper.

I'm in 3D BITCHES!! Razz

Nerdy pout faceeee Smile

Big ass candy bar, now big ass lollipop, damn how am I so skinny again?

My face after Quincy proposed hehe Embarassed

i dont even know tongue

Rubber ducky, you're the one! You make bath time lots of funnn! ;D

Nother reason I'm so hyper, mountain dew babayy

Quincy caught me again!! Bastard!

Thats right I'm eatin a green apple, not no gay ass red one tongue

ewwie total chick clothessss Embarassed

No.. I do not know what is on my fingers O.o

Only Quincy has energy to pull out a camera after fucking. Really Quincy?


Day i became Zac Evan McDaniels <3

My eight beautiful babies <333

And last but definitely not least... the man I hold solely responsible for changing my life for the better, my world, my everything, the first and only love of my life... Quincy Carson McDaniels <3
Brayden Kevin McDaniels

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