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Post by Gabriel Evans McDaniel's on Fri Mar 11, 2011 12:47 am

Hello, how you doin??

Check out the ass, everyone and I mean EVERYONE loves the ass Wink

Can you blame me for flaunting what I got?

Im a whore, I know.

Its sad, very sad. Sad

But im still sexy as fuck

But im mute so be mute with me SHHHH

Dayummmm not wonder I can be a whore, I got it like that

Sexy, sexy, sexayyyyyyyyyyyyy

You know you want this!

I don't like this one, my jaws look weird.

In the light, im even sexier

I a pissed of Chinese girl...a sexy one

Oh yesh!! so strong! look a my muscle of steal!

Ugh! she said what!?

Modeling, what I do for money *wink wink*

In the dark! Still sexy!!

I have no idea what I was doing, but I was beautiful doing it.

Ohh! Who's that? He hasent fucked me yet

King*Queen* Bitch!

Normal, sexy normal

I like that hat on me...

Get ready for me Wink


Im a dorky sexy bitch

Like mother lie son? Its getting hot in here....heheh


Look into the eyes of sexy

Rubbing and touching Smile

I look like my momma....damnit

Now I look like a kid getting ready for war with my hair.


Imma murder Riley and his fucking camera

Metallica. they rock, nuff said XD SEXY NERD!!!

Okay....the gayest looking pic in the world.

Cant have enough pics of my sexy

One red rose...from daddy....

All alone....and you wonder why I fuck around...

Damn me looking like momma.

Daddy said I looked like an angel...He is full of shit

If you got, flaunt it.

Damn people, popping up randomly to take sexy pics

My mother all over again....fuck me....literally Wink

Well fuck you too Colbie

Once again, daddy is full of shit, I am no angel

Chase...He was my very first

In the dark, like always, thats what it feel like.

Pose like the sexy beast I am

Working my stuff Wink

Belly button!!! LOOKIT!

Chase...again....This is where is started

Smirk of Sexy

First kiss...we could feel the poison set in

I am...the worst thing in the world....farthest from perfect you can get.

I dont like this one either....

Mute....shhhh...for me and Angel...shhhh

Rose....every one has its thorn

Touch me...Your not good enough too Ha Ha!!


Waiting for my sex

Still waiting for my sex...GIVE IT TO ME


Dont look at me!!!!!!!!

Damn....Im such a fucking geek. DONT LOOK AT ME!!!!!....AGAIN!

I was not smirking...its cold

Random camera bitches....

Watch and learn how to get a man up hehe

Not the face...

Sexy....if im so sexy why dont I feel like it?

Waking up....some random guy I was with took my picture.

Damn me and my fucking momma face..

U.S. Army!

Pouty face


Laugh lines?

I look so helpless

Showing off, I got the goods

We lasted...for longer than anyone ever did...And then he just drops me...

I was so upset...

The darkness is my only friend.....only one I can trust.... Even though it hurts me


Dorthea and ToTo

Why me??

Lay it down!!!

Morning pics, gotta love em

Again with me and my army person hair

Look of utter depression

I got my ass beat...shouldnt have been with this guy

Damn people and their camera again

Free Falling...



Never talks but I love him

I love him too...

So sweet..

Trouble maker but he is my bro, I love him

Always there for me

She hates me now

Angel, Crazy but I love him

Daddy I love em

Momma...I wish you would love me Sad

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