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This absolutely SUCKS. It started out as me trying to make a present for MY Mikey, with Quaid but I got off track. And this just came out. I wasn't even thinking while I wrote it and it came out easier than anything I've written in a while...
Vikki shook her head as she looked up at her father, eyes showing hurt and betrayal.
“Daddy… I…”
“Victoria… he is mine too.” Quincy stated firmly.
Vikki sneered as she glanced at the older boy. Quaid McDaniels…
“I can’t believe you.” She shook her head.
“Don’t speak to me like that.” He scolded.
“I’ll speak to you however I want. You aren’t my fucking father anymore, Quincy.”
“Young lady, I’m your dad whether you like it or not and you will speak to me and Quaid with respect.”
Quincy had been with Jennifer cause he’d had a hunch that she might know where their children were…
Zac and the octuplets couldn’t believe that their father would make them live with this horrible woman just to find her children who may be psychotic like their mother… they felt as if they weren’t good enough…
Quincy hadn’t been thinking clearly lately…. He just needed his babies back… he needed them like one needed air, water and food. His life wasn’t complete without them. Zac had been trying to take his children away but as usual, it took a long time to get done with all the legal processes. As Zac knew she would, Jennifer had been hitting on his children when Quincy wasn’t around. The boys would come home with bruises. When Zac asked they’d grumble “nothing” or make some excuse. But Zac knew… Only ones who fought back were the girls. Vikki and Colbie. After the first time, Jen didn’t dare mess with Colbie but she took pleasure in fucking with Vikki. She loved how much she could piss the young girl off, even if it got her beaten on a bit. Her and Vikki were an equal match. When they fought, which was often, most of Vikki’s siblings cheered her on. But she rarely won.
Quincy would come home to find Vikki crying, as she sat on the ground, unable to move.
“Vikki, baby what happened?” He would coo worriedly. She simply glared up at him as Jennifer walked in, answering before anyone else could.
“Oh, Brayden hit her.”
Quincy knew that her and Brayden fought so he never questioned it. Especially when Brayden would sigh and nod, confessing something he had not done, just to save the trouble.
But he also covered for Jennifer because he was scared…
If he told his father the truth, what if Quincy didn’t care? What if he just walked off, and pretended not to notice. Called them liars… just pretended everything was fine as Jen abused them?
The children were scared so they never said a word…
Quincy was so desperate to find his other children… he needed Jennifer right now as much as he hated it. So he did pretend. Pretended Jennifer spoke the truth and his babies were fine.
He waited on Jennifer, hand and foot, doing whatever she wanted in order to get her to reveal the whereabouts of their children.
She would demand him to make love to her.
But it wasn’t making love. No. It was fucking… it was a horrible act that he almost couldn’t make himself do… an act that was so disgusting to him now he would literally go to the bathroom and barf afterwards.
There had been a time when he loved Jennifer… so much. But now…
He wanted Zac. So badly…
He would pound into Jennifer’s wet pussy as she called his name, nagging him, even in her state of ecstasy that she needed it harder, needed someone with a bigger dick… His eyes were always clenched shut tightly though. In his mind, pretending it was Zac underneath him again. He drowned out her shrill, high pitched voice, filling his ears with Zac’s soft, sweet tone. He imagined and longed for the way Zac moaned, his lips parted ever so slightly, eyes shut peacefully in bliss. For the way Zac’s legs flew around his waist. For the way Zac panted lightly after they finished and in between pants Quincy could just barely make out his whispered praises. Words like ‘sex god’, ‘amazing’, ‘sexy’, ‘indescribable’. The list went on and on. The way Zac would look over after a bit and just give him one, single, dazzling, smile, flashing his straight, pearly white teeth. He would imagine all this when it was really Jennifer below him. He always made sure to stop just before he came. If he didn’t he would shout Zac’s name instead of hers and she would have a cow and that would ruin his whole plan.
Now, as Vikki looked up at him, with those eyes that so resembled her mother’s she shook her head again.
“I don’t want anything to do with Quaid…” She spoke, voice trembling slightly.
Quincy sighed, shoulders sagging. He’d been expecting this though. What he hadn’t been expecting was her next words…
“His mother is… crazy. A bitch. And… his father…”
“Is also your father. He is your brother, Vikki.”
“It’s Victoria to you now, Quincy. His father… his father is a prick…” She spoke, firmly. He was about to scold her, his mouth was open, his eyes narrowed. But then she said it. “A monster.”
Those two words stabbed Quincy right in the heart. He blinked at his daughter, unable to respond, as if the breath had been knocked out of him. His entire world spun as Vikki reached up, slapped him across the face and walked out.
His daughter… his sweet baby…. Had just called him a monster…
He pretended he wasn’t crying as Riley stepped up and hugged him.
He sighed of relief. At least one child cared. But as Riley pulled back, Quincy noticed the suitcases he held.
“Goodbye daddy…”
“Daddy… I love you but… I can’t take this anymore…”
“Take what?”
“Jennifer. She’s awful and you don’t even care…”
“I-I do care..”
“I can’t stick around and watch her break you down. Goodbye.” Riley repeated and he was out the door too, following Vikki.
Quincy trembled as he watched his babies leave.
Aaron walked straight past, hand also holding a bag.
“Bye dad. Love ya.” He wasn’t sure where he was going but he felt the same as Riley. He was older. He could get along without someone guiding him…
“But…” Quincy was in shock as he watched Aaron…
Then Hayden walked in and Quincy sighed of relief once again. Hayden would always love him… stay by his side. But he gasped as Hayden carried his own suitcase, tears rolling down his cheeks.
“Daddy… I’ll miss you so much… I love you…..” He kissed his father’s cheek and hugged him close before walking out.
Quincy let out a heart breaking sob as his heart constricted painfully… all his babies… gone… only Quaid remained. Quaid hugged his father even though they’d just met recently.
“Baby… lets go. There’s someone I need to see right now…” He took Quaid’s hand and tugged him out the door. Quaid followed silently.
Quincy made his way to his old home where Zac now lived with their children. They all lived there, along with the ones who had just left him… Quincy quietly knocked on the door, tears pouring down his face. Moments later Zac opened the door, gasping.
Quaid stood back, out of sight. Zac hugged Quincy around the waist and Quincy lifted him, showering his face with kisses.
Zac cried out in happiness, latching onto him and never wanting to let go…
Quincy hugged him tight, sobbing into his shoulder.
“Shh, my sweet baby… it’s okay.” Zac cooed. None of the kids had told him what all had happened yet.
“Z-Zac…” He cried, clutching onto him.
Just then, Quaid stepped forward. Zac’s face fell, going blank. He gently pushed Quincy back, hopping down from his arms.
“Who is he?” He whispered, eyes shining with hurt.
Quincy said nothing.
“B-baby…” Quincy stammered finally. “H-he’s my son…”
Zac looked at Quaid.
“He didn’t come out of my stomach…”
Quincy stayed silent.
Zac shook his head and turned to Quaid.
“Who is your mother?”
Zac closed his eyes, shaking his head.
“B-baby… Zac… all the k-kids left… I don’t want J-Jennifer anymore. I’m s-sorry…. Q-Quaid and I n-need a place to s-stay… Take me b-back, p-please…” Quincy begged.
It was hard for Zac to see Quincy cry and not comfort him but he kept his eyes shut.
“No.” He spoke firmly.
“Wh-what?” Quincy cried harder. He had counted on Zac to be there.
Zac looked up at him like he was crazy.
“You honestly expect me to take you back without question after you just left me? Left me for that psycho who killed you and your children? Fucked her, let her beat on my babies? Broke my fucking heart into a thousand tiny pieces and then fucking stomped on them? Is that how needy and dependent on you you think I am? Do you think you’re some kind of god that I can’t possibly get along without!?” Zac snapped, glaring at him.
Yes… deep down, subconsciously that was what Quincy had thought. He hadn’t even thought that Zac might not want him back….
“I…. Zac baby… No of course not… precious.”
“DON’T fucking call me that.” Zac snarled. “Go take your fucking child and have a happy fucking life with your psychotic wife. I hope she fucking kills your baby again.” And just like that, Zac slapped him, exactly as Vikki had earlier. Quincy turned to Quaid.
“Honey, go home please…” He whispered.
Quaid obeyed silently, jogging off. Quincy was going to bawl even harder and he didn’t want his son seeing that…
“You’re a monster.” Zac hissed, just for the hell of it as he turned to slam the door.
But that word, for the second time that day, along with everything else he’d just gone through had triggered something deep inside him. A part of himself he’d pushed down for so many years now. But Jennifer had been making it rise to the surface while he’d been with her. Today’s events pushed it out.
The part that had raped Mike. The part that had molested Kevin. The monster. He was here to play. Just as Zac was about to slam the door, Quincy’s foot slid in between the door frame and the door.
“Asshole. Go away.” Zac rolled his eyes as he turned. But, the look in Quincy’s eyes… he’d never seen before. Evil… it was clear. That was the look…
Zac slowly backed away and as Quincy took a step forward, his slow backward steps turned into a full on run. But it was too late. Quincy’s hand shot out, grabbing him by the hair.
Zac yelped, shaking with fear.
The kids had gone over to Mike’s house…. Zac was all alone…. No one to help him now.
Zac whimpered and tried to scramble away, earning a gruff tug on his hair which was wrapped around Quincy’s fist.
“Quincy…” Zac whispered, turning to look at him.
“What bitch?” Quincy growled.
Quincy had never ever called him bitch.. Never used that tone with him…
Zac stayed silent as he began to cry. Quincy’s own tears had stopped. He threw Zac over his shoulder and carried him to the bedroom. The same bedroom he had molested Kevin for years… He growled as he threw Zac on the bed, his head smashing against the wall with a sickening crack. As Quincy crawled on the bed, Zac tried to scramble away but Quincy grabbed him. He punched Zac hard in the jaw.
Zac yelped as his jaw cracked. Quincy smashed their lips together in a bruising kiss, teeth clanking together as Zac tried to push him off to no avail.
Tears rolled down Zac’s pale cheeks as he sobbed into Quincy’s mouth.
Quincy tore off Zac’s clothes along with his own, wicked grin claiming his features as they both lay there naked. Zac trapped under his former lover’s thick, tree trunk like thighs, holding him in place.
“Quincy… Quincy please.” Zac begged, eyes wide in terror like a deer caught in headlights…
“Hmm, lemme think…” Quincy said, as if seriously thinking. Then he smirked. “Nope.” He stroked his cock before aligning himself with Zac’s hole.
Zac was trembling. He hadn’t fucked in a while… He was so tight… And he was about to be raped without lube or prep… by the love of his life.
“Quincy, its me. Zac… don’t hurt me… you don’t want to hurt me….” Zac whispered.
Quincy snorted as he thrust his hips, into Zac with bruising force. Zac screamed as he felt himself tear. He couldn’t believe his Quincy was doing this to him…
He started bleeding, coating Quincy’s cock in blood as he cried. Quincy snickered as he pounded into him harder and harder.
Downstairs, the door opened and Riley stepped in. He heard screaming…his mother’s screaming.
“Momma?” He called. “Where are you?” He asked worriedly.
“RILEY!” Zac sobbed at the top of his lungs.
“Shut up!” Quincy hissed.
Zac did as he was told as Quincy punched him. He shut his mouth, crying silently. His eyes was black and his lip was bleeding…
Riley ran to the bedroom where he’d thought the scream came from.
He gasped at what he saw.
Quincy cursed. Riley lunged at his father, pushing him off of Zac and onto the floor, raining punches down on him.
Quincy started to fight back but then… he stopped. The real Quincy came back. The one who loved his babies and Zac more than anything… He glanced up at his son, hitting him and then at Zac, abused hole bleeding along with his lip. Quincy gasped.
“O-oh… oh my god…” Quincy blinked as the tears fell once again.
Riley, out of shock, stopped his attack.
“Dad… what… what were you doing?” Riley asked firmly.
“I… I don’t know!” Quincy cried hard as he got up and climbed beside Zac, hugging him to his chest.
Zac pushed him off however, looking up at him with pained eyes.
Riley pushed Quincy away also, hugging his mother.
“Momma… what did daddy do?”
“H-he… he r-raped me… he hit m-me….” Zac stammered, as he bawled into Riley’s chest.
“Dad… how could you?” He whispered, looking with horror and disbelief at his father.
“I…I… It wasn’t me…”
“You sound like grandpa Alex….” Riley shook his head, stroking his mother’s hair…
“But it really wasn’t…” Quincy cried hopelessly.
Zac let out a heart breaking cry and clutched onto his son… he wanted Quincy but not anymore… only his Quincy could fix this and his Quincy was gone…
“Riley… Zac… Oh precious….” He couldn’t believe himself. What had happened? How had he hurt the most precious thing he’d ever known?
He hated himself….
“Dad, just don’t.” Riley shook his head.
“I love you both…”
“No you don’t. Don’t say that.”
“I do…”
“If you did you wouldn’t have fucking raped momma damnit!” He snapped. Quincy cringed.
“I’m sorry.”
“Sorry doesn’t cut it dad. Go….”
Quincy sighed and stood.
Zac suddenly looked up at him.
“I love you Quincy.”
“I love you too.” Quincy replied.
Zac simply shook his head no and laid back on the bed, Riley holding him.
As Quincy walked out of the room, Riley’s words were heard and would ring in his ears for years to come.
“You and Jen…. Are a perfect match…”

Zac shot up in the bed with a startled gasp, tears pouring down his cheeks.
“Precious? Precious what’s the matter?” Quincy rubbed Zac’s back, frowning deeply.
Zac was shaking too much to answer.
“Oh baby, what’s the matter?” Quincy cooed.
It took Zac a moment… he looked around the room, then over at his lover.
“Oh g-god!” Zac stammered, throwing himself at Quincy.
“Baby are you alright?”
“I love you!” Zac cried, hugging Quincy close.
“I love you too…”
It had been just a dream… he was alright… Quincy would never rape him… it was all okay… He sniffled, wiping his eyes as their eldest son stepped in the room. Quaid McDaniels.
“Momma, are you okay?” He asked, sitting on the edge of the bed. Zac smiled softly.
“I’m fine baby….” He gave Quaid a light hug.
It hurt, seeing Quaid. The child Quincy had with another woman… but just as Kevin had for him, Zac loved Quaid. He pushed the thoughts of Jennifer away whenever he looked in Quaid’s eyes and pretended Quaid was his own. Vikki was the last to except Quaid but even she eventually had given in.
Quaid was welcomed into their family, reluctantly, with difficulty, but he was welcome.
And here is a shitty pic to go with it. And another shitty pic I made just for the hell of it. Enjoy the shittiness <3

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