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Post by Brayden Kevin McDaniels on Fri Mar 25, 2011 10:08 pm

Pucker up baby Wink

You wanna piece of me??? Didn't think so.

Pouty face. Oh yes, look into the puppy dog eyes... wonder if these will work on Angel...

Alright, thats it momma. Why the fuck must you take pictures of me? *whine* i mean I know I'm sexy as hell but I wasn't ready!!

Think I went a bit overboard with the eyelinerr, oh well. Like mother like son <3

Waiting by momma and daddys park.

I'm totally emolicious in this oneee

.... Embarassed

while momma and daddy were lecturing me... bored out of my mind.

Almost overdosed that time... luckily momma got me. After that, he locked all the pills in cabinets... Rolling Eyes

Momma has a talent for editing pics:)

My nose looks weird here.... but look at my sexy ass hip dents...

Fuck you and your ruless

Imma use this line again... mother like son... It's gettin hot in here...

I'm protesting clothing... Razz

STuffed kitty... meow Smile

My... brother? Boyfriend? Not sure...
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