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Titan McDaniels-Riley

Post by Titan McDaniels-Riley on Sun May 01, 2011 5:25 pm

Titan McDaniels Riley
As Played By: Savannah

Favorite Parings: Titan/Devin, Titan/Gabriel(McDaniels), Titan/Quincy.
Pairings I'd Try:Titan/Lance, Titan/ Kyndal
Pairings I Wouldn't Touch With a Ten Foot Pole: Titan/Dustin
Topics I Like:Angst, tragedy, romance, sick fics, Drama
Smut?:HELL YEsh!

How I Write This Character (Sample and/or Description):
Titan sighed softly, his eyes trained on his brother as Devin flirted with Zac. He hated it, it annoyed the hell out of him but no one noticed, they never really did notice him but then again he didn't want them to most of the time. The boy looked over as Quincy, the lover of the man Devin was flirting with started towards him with a look of pure rage and hate in his eyes. Titan was quick to stand and get in his way, stopping him and standing not quite nose to nose to the man, he was much small but he wouldn't back up.
"Hey....Umm....Mr.Quincy. Whatcha going to do?"
"Kill your whore or a brother." Quincy snapped.
"Umm, why not just....Make Zac jealous! Yeah! Nothing will piss him off more than if Zac ignores him for some reason."
Quincy paused, thinking about it. "Fine kid. But who am I flirting with?"
"Ummm, me but not any touching!"
"Wouldnt dream of it."
A small smirked played on Titan's lips, yeah he was quiet but he was the best at strategies.
This was all just a game to him.
Titan McDaniels-Riley

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