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Cade Johnson
As Played By: Hannah

Favorite Parings: Cade/Kelton
Pairings I'd Try:Cade/Angel maybe? Pretty much anything.
Pairings I Wouldn't Touch With a Ten Foot Pole: Dunno
Topics I Like: Angst, Drama, Romance
Smut?: Indeed

How I Write This Character (Sample and/or Description):
Cade kicked the door open lightly, tray of food in his hands. The tray held some soft toast, scrambled eggs, orange juice and an omelet.
He walked over to the bed where his mother lie sleeping.
"Momma..." He whispered and shook him lightly. Angel blinked his eyes open and smiled tiredly at his son.
"What baby?"
"Happy mother's day." He smiled and offered the tray to him.
Angel grinned brightly. This was so sweet it could bring tears to his eyes.
"Oh thank you honey.." He opened his arms for a hug. Cade set the tray down on the foot of the bed and hugged his mother close. This was so sweet and wonderful but he knew this feeling wouldn't last for long. "Where's your daddy?"
"I think he's in the shower." Cade nodded. "But don't worry momma. I'll make sure he doesn't touch you today..."
“Baby don’t get yourself hurt…” Angel sighed gently, reaching for his son’s hand.
Cade kissed it and shook his head.
“I’ll die today before I let him touch you. It’s your day momma. You’re a damn good momma and I’m gonna make sure you get a nice peaceful day to yourself.”
“Babe I don’t get days about me…” He sighed.
As he said this Gabriel walked in the room, pissed look on his face. He was coming towards Angel but Cade stood, standing in front of the bed with his arms folded.
“Move.” Gabriel grunted.
“Move before I move you.”
“Do it then. Move me.”
Gabriel rolled his eyes. He lifted Cade like it was nothing and literally threw him over his shoulder. Cade had been prepared though, he was able to land on his feet. He kicked his father in the back so he fell to his knees.
“Leave momma alone.” He snapped.
Gabriel snarled as he stood.
“Watch who you’re talking to. I’m your father.”
“Well dad, you’re being an ass. It’s mothers day. Don’t touch him.”
“I’ll touch him however I want.” He grabbed Angel by the throat only to have Cade kick him in the nuts. He let go and cursed, striking his son across the face.
Cade felt his tooth come loose and he growled. He stood back and charged, ramming into his father full force and knocking him off his feet into the wall.
And it was on.
They carried on like this, back and forth, for a good hour until finally Cade dropped to his knees, blood pouring from his head which had just been sliced open after being bashed against the bedside table.
He laid there for ten minutes straight, slowly bleeding to death. Angel watched in horror as his baby died.
He hated this, it made him feel like a piece of shit… because of him, his baby died over and over again…

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