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Post by Devin Riley-McDaniels on Sat May 14, 2011 10:49 am

This is weird for me, but I don't like this pic... I look too much like dad.

I look fat in this one! Damn, where are all my sexy pics?

If I find one more pic I look weird in, imma scream. I swear I'm sexy!!

Here we go. Sexy smile Smile

Took this at some bar. Damn people wouldn't get offa me.

Hot damn, look at my dimple:) I look like dad again though.

More of my sexy. Don't really have a caption for this one.

Singing at some bar, see all the people grabbing at me? Sexy and talented;)

Alright from now on I'm not gonna say anything when its just a pic of my sexy. I'll let you enjoy it in silence.

No clue what I was dressed up for but hey, at least I look good.

Hey now, who took a picture of me like this? I don't remember this. Must have been Lane... *sigh*

I look like momma here... figures. This is the pic of me Lane has beside his bed.

Ew.... what the fuck? I look like crap.

Damn i look good now. I just made up for the last one:)

On stage again. why am I making this face, you ask? They were shouting for me to sing one of my dads songs Rolling Eyes

I look angelic.... thats one sexy angel I tell ya Wink

I look like momma here again. Ugh, I hate when I look like that prick...

Hahaa, you're welcome. I'm sure I just made your day.

I look good in skinny jeans. Damn

Black and white sexy. My fave pic of myself

I can't leave the dang house without someone taking a pic of me.

I have nice eyes, wouldn't you agree?

Me with my guitar, Zac taught me how to play:)

Playing my guitar, damn so much sexy.

Blowing a kiss to Zac. Its fun pissing Quincy off.

More sexy. Hmm, not sure who's behind me there.

Walked in on daddy and chris fucking...
haha just kidding. I have no clue what this face was about.
But I have walked in on them before. My reaction was more... "Damn... must not let this turn me on..."

At the beach with Lane...

I'm not talking to my hand.. alright maybe I am.

Daddy took this one day. Even he knows I'm sexy and need to be photographed.

I was on the phone and dad came in, trying to take a pic. I gave him a little smile, he told me that smile wasn't big enough. I retorted by giving him this huge smile and telling him his dick wasn't big enough... yes I'm a smartass:)

Yum, all I can say to this.

Dad was teaching me how to drive. I got bored.

Holdin a dog at some random girl's house. *shrug*

I'm even sexy in that outfit. You gotta give me kudos for this.

Got into a fight with some guy at a bar....

Here's another pic of it. I was out lookin for a fuck, this guy wanted to fuck but the dumbass thought he was gonna top me. like thats gonna happen.

Ridin one of dad's horses. My hair is fucked up here.

Shit quality but I'm listening to music here.

Don't take a pic of me eating peoplee. I know I'm sexy but can't it wait?

I have emo hair here:p

Oh yes I have guns... oh and water guns too Wink

Daddy took me fishing. Actually bonded for once.

Day at the beach with Lane again.

Out with daddy in the woods.

My very first fuck. He was a whore. Not tight really.

He was really good. One of the best. He was a virgin.

Baby me.. I was so cute wasn't I? Smile

Titan... I'll always feel bad for mkaing him go off to war... I love him to death <3

Momma.... my first relationship is hell cause of you but I love you...

I'm a pain in his ass I know. But I love him to death. Always there for me.

I... no comment.
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