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Kickers Don't Get Hit:)

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Kickers Don't Get Hit:) Empty Kickers Don't Get Hit:)

Post by Aristotle VanArnam on Sat Jun 18, 2011 1:18 am

I don't like how this ended, I might come back and redo it but until then this is my fic. I wrote this because im for lack of a better word depressed and needed something to cheer me up. It helped for a little while<333
“Alright Austin, we are about to get you ready for football; season. Your old enough this year.” Biddy grinned, bounding out of the home with a pigskin football in his hands. His son, six years old toddled out of the home behind him.
“Bwut mwomma.” He boy whined at his hyper bubbly mother. “Im nowt aws gwood awed de oder tids.”
And Biddy knew this, he had watched the try out they had held the other day and his son had been the smallest on the team and the worst out of them all. Austin was too sweet, unlike the other boys he had been much more occupied with putting a dandelion in his helmet and chasing around a butterfly. Biddy was about to fix this for his son.
“I know baby, that’s what this extra practice is for so chin up, by the time im done you will be the best on the team.”
“How tomwe ew ewre tweachjing mwe awnd nowt Dawdy?”
“Because your father is….British I think? He like from around the U.K. I would say after listening to his voice so to him, our football is actually soccer. But no, so since I know the game im teaching now stop complaining and get ready.” Biddy winked at his son, jogging off a bit before turning and waving.
He gently tossed the ball, easily getting it to spin. The ball spiraled through the air and popped Austin in the chest. The small boy fell back on his ass and stared at his mother. That had hurt but he didn’t complain, he just whined again and pulled himself up.
“Austin baby! Ya gotta catch the ball, and throw it! So come on, get it in gear!!” Biddy hollered from his place maybe ten feet away from his son. He enjoyed feeling all official coach like.
Austin got to his small feet and reached down for the ball, wrapping his tiny chubby fingers around the ball and trying to throw it like his mother had. The ball twisted and turned in the air, falling in front of Biddy’s feet. The shaggy blond boy smiled softly and shook his head, he would make sure his son was ready. Biddy Brey never gave up, not even now with his son.
By that time the next day, when Biddy reared back and let his football fly, it w3as caught by his son with little trouble. But not only that, Austin was able to throw it back and even get the ball to spin in the air like it was supposed to, not many of the kids on the team could accomplish that.
The ball landed in the small childs arms for the eleventh time that day. Austin dropped the ball and squeaked, putting both hands behind his head, he swung his hips back and forth. Biddy grinned and shook his head, stepping over to his son.
“That’s ten in a row!”
“I douwt wt was eleven?”
“Im not counting the last one because of that dance.” Biddy winked at his son “But now for the funniest part!”
Austin blinked at him, his eye brows raised. “Whats de fwunnest?”
“The tackling!”
And immediately Austin’s eyes were wide and terrified. “Bwut mwomma….Tawnt I bwe a ticker?”
“How come?”
“Tose tickers downt det hit.”
“Yeah but kickers are also pussy’s! Come on Austin, this is going to be great….Are you scared to get hit babe?”
Austin lowered his head, chewing on his lip and nodding at his mother, an embarrassed blush covering his cheeks.
“Awwww Austin, ya just gotta hit them before they hit you, go ahead and get them good and scared so that they are the ones not wanting to hit.”
Austin sighed softly, peeking up at his momma through his bangs of light brown hair. Austin looked so much like Rick it was amazing…
“Otay mwomma….I dess.”:
Biddy grinned once more in a way only Biddy could before pressing his hands to his son’s tiny chest and shoving him. He didn’t hit to hard but hard enough Austin fell back into the small slide he was standing in front of. Blake had built it especially for him.
“Mwomma! Dat hwurt!”
“Oh yeah? Im sorry how about this?” He shoved Austin again, a little bit harder.
“Mwomma stwop et!!!”
“What im not doing anything?” Once again he shoved his only child into the slide.
“Mwomma!!” Austin hollered once more time, being pushed again before he got frustrated and shoved his mother back, pushing Biddy down to the plush green grass of their back yard. There was a silence before Biddy giggled at his son’s face of astonishment at what he had done.
“See Austin? You can do it!”
“I tan!!! And dawt was fwun!!”
“Mhmmm.” Biddy stood up just to have Austin try to tackle his legs again.
“I wike dis!”
“Yeah., now stop babe.” Biddy glanced down at him.
“Noooo!” He wrapped around his mothers legs and refused to let go, even as Biddy walked away and inside the home he had his son hanging onto his legs.
That night after putting his new football star down for bed he waited until Blake was asleep before picking up his phone and pressing it to his ear, dialing an all too familiar number.
Rick answered on the third ring.
“Hey Rick, its Biddy.”
A pause but you could hear the smile in Rick’s next words. “Hey Biddy Bird, whats up?”
“Just letting you know im trying your son out at football tomorrow and we have been practicing, he is really good.” Biddy boasted proudly to the father of his only child.
“Really? Isnt he a bit small for that?”
Biddy rolled his eyes, humming lightly. Like Rick would know, he hadn’t seen Austin since he was just a baby but at least he did care.
“Yeah, a little bit but he is doing good, I coached him myself.”
“Oh yeah….Blake Didn’t?”
There was a certain edge to Rick’s voice, one still assuring Biddy he was jealous of the relationship the other man had with his son.
“To Blake, out football is soccer, he is like…British or some shit.”
Biddy sighed softly, a smile still lighting his features. “Tell momma and daddy for me, we might swing by after try outs to let you know how he did okay?”
“Alright….make sure he knows I love him?”
“Of course Rick, I always do.”
“Okay…Love you?”
“Love you too, give Kev my love too.” He nodded waiting until the line went dead to hang his phone back and slide back between the sheets of his and Blake’s shared queen sized bed. Biddy snuggled close to Blake’s side and yawned, quickly falling into a light sleep, ready for football try outs the next day.
Around five in the afternoon when the sun was getting ready to go down, Biddy burst into the home of Mike and Alex Riley. He beamed at his parents who had been in the living room waiting to see him and their grandchild. Mike was in Alex’s lap, cuddling him with Jayden beside them, pretending to gag at his parents, and Rick was over in a lazy boy chair with Kevin in his own lap. Biddy thought nothing of it, it was normal for that home.
“May I introduce, the assaonator!!!” He grinned, Blake not far behind him. Soon Austin toddled in, clad in a ever dirty football uniform with the number eight printed on it. His helmet had grass and clay of all kind stuck in it.
Mike smiled into his lovers chest, looking up. “Aww so he made the team?”
“Nope.” Biddy giggled, hopping around excitedly.
Rick frowned, gently moving Kevin from his lap and standing to looked over his son.
“Why not?” He was wanting to be protective of his son….
“Because he was an animal!! You should have seen him! Laying the smack down on kids two times his size!!”
Rick just blinked at him. “So what?”
“He’s banned!!”
“What!” Rick hopped up. “Why are you happy about this Biddy?!”
“Because!!! He was so brutal no one could take him, he is ban for a whole year! Arent you proud Rick?” Biddy chirped, not noticing how his son’s eyes were focused on Jayden under his small red and white helmet.
Rick hummed lightly, looking down at his son and nodding slowly. “I guess…if he is happy I will be too….and proud he is happy.” He nodded, just having to smile at the way Biddy giggled and bound around the room.
Mike stood from Alex’s lap, kissing his forehead and smiling at Austin.
“How about you come into the kitchen and ill make you some cookies.” He took the small dirty hand and started off to the kitchen, discretely taking Jayden’s hand too and pulling them both off.
Once in the kitchen, Mike did a double take to maker sure Biddy wasn’t paying them any mind. Mike did this whenever he could, he would get the two boys and sneak off with them so they could spend time together. He nodded at Austin and Jayden, grinning as his son jumped and hugged the other boy, nuzzling his neck.
“I mished ew Owtin!”
Austin struggled with pulling his helmet off a moment, sitting it on the counted before grinning back.
“I mished you too Jayben!”
Mike chuckled at the two children, walking around to make cookies for them while the boys hugged and babbled about any and everything, large goofy grins on their small faces.
“Owtin?” Jayden took his hand, sitting in the tiny miniature chairs Mike had set up for the kids in the family.
“Does ewer mwomma stwill nowt want us todeder?”
Austin paused, sighing softly and nodding. “Yesh…”
The small boy sighed, looking over at his friend and nodding.
Mike frowned at the two as he made their cookies. One day he would fix this for them…Till then, Austin was a football player, he would have cheerleaders to lust after and Jayden was just adorable, he would have girls lusting after him. Yes, they would be fine and preoccupied until the day came when they could be together.
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