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Who Am I?

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Who Am I? Empty Who Am I?

Post by Trever Murdock on Wed Jul 13, 2011 2:09 am

Dear My Stalker,

You started calling my about two years ago, told me my name, who I was, who I really was, who my family is an d where I lived, what I liked to do.

I asked my friend about you and he says he knows nothing.

I didn't really expect him too.

but I am calling to ask that maybe you could help me out. You see I do fear you in a way so sleeping at night is hard and going out of my home is even harder.

You even know my new location. Where I moved to live with my lover.

The police will not help me, they say having a stalker is not very important and since im not a big bad politician I wont ever be important.


But I have my own means of protection. I tried to get a body guard but I dont have that kind of money and I refuse to ask Carter,

He would throw a fit to know someone was stalking me, watching me as I fucked and lvoed him.

So I tell him nothing.

But I am getting weapons, or I was trying too. They say since I dont have probable because I am not eligible for a gun.

Or a knife.

Or anything else I could use to dismember you.

So I ask you give them evidence for me.

Why would you do this?

Because it makes our little game all the more fun if I have a way of protecting myself.

Yours in your mind,

P.S. - Just put a few bullet holes through the window, works for me and scares my lover.
Now can you guess which of my OOC'S wrote this little letter to their stalker?
Not Lance.

Who Am I? Trevsi10
Trever Murdock
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