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Boredom. Empty Boredom.

Post by Zac McGuire on Tue Apr 26, 2011 4:33 am

Well in our thread Tough Little Boys, Chris goes to stay with Rick. I'd love to mention this stuff in the thread but it'd take too long so I figured I'd write this. Enjoy, just them goofing around.

Chris sighed as he ate his feelings with yet another tub of ice cream. He was staying with Rick alone in the large house and as everyone should know, they were fucking around 24/7. Rick had just wandered off and Chris wondered what he was doing.
Ten minutes later, Rick walked into the room, walking bowlegged with a cowboy hat on.
“Well howdy there, partner!” He spoke with a ridiculously thick southern accent. When he opened his mouth you could see a pair of goofy teeth in. He was chewing on a toothpick too.
“What the hell are you doing?” Chris raised an eyebrow.
“Chrissy! It’s me! Dustin! Don’cha recognize me?!” He drawled.
Chris chuckled at the accent.
“Rick… kn-knock it off.” He held back giggles.
But instead, Rick hobbled over and plopped beside Chris, throwing an arm around Rick’s shoulder.
Did he mention he was shirtless? In only loose fitting jeans hiked up to his nipples and suspenders?
“Y’know, I could use me a drink Chrissy! A nice bottle o’ tequila!” He exclaimed.
Chris put his head in his hands and shook his head.
“Rick…” He couldn’t help but chuckle.
“Y’know, ah wrote a song ‘bout tequila!” Rick pronounced with a drunken slur and with that he broke into song.
Chris finally gave in and bust into hysterics.
“S-stop it…” He shouldn’t laugh at his lover… but Rick was making it so hard not to.
“I write a lotta songs Chrissy! Y’know that?!”
“I gots one about a tractor! And one about a girl! I gots lotsa songs bout girls!” He guffawed. “And sometimes, I try to sound all smart and shit but it just don’t work! Cause I’m a dumbass!” He chuckled and let his head loll to the side, drool falling from his mouth as if he was mentally retarded.
“R-Rick… qu-quit it!” Chris chuckled as he watched him.
“Uh… Chrissy can ya dumb that down a bit? I can’t understand you?” Rick drawled in his fake accent.
Chris gave in and let himself laugh at Rick’s impression.
Rick grinned proudly and stood, bowing.
“Thank you! Thank you! Really, thank you!”
Chris fell backwards off the couch, onto his ass laughing.
Rick smiled and plopped down beside him.
“Did you enjoy my impression Chris?”
“You’re such an asshole…” Chris shook his head when he stopped laughing.
“You laughed!” Rick pointed out.
“I was being nice! It was a pity laugh!”
“Liar liar pants on fire!” Rick began to tickle him.
Chris squealed before grinning.
“Fine, guess who I am!”
Rick just tickled him more.
Chris gasped for breath all of a sudden and his eyes filled with tears.
“Rick! You broke my rib!”
“Rick! Call momma!” His breaths got faster and soon he pretended to faint, sticking his tongue out and letting it loll out of his mouth.
“I’m doing an impression. Gosh. You should be used to this by now.”
“Do it again.” Rick gently nudged him.
“OW! My spine!” Chris collapsed, making his body twitch.
Rick kissed his cheek.
“Oh god! I’m having a seizure!” Chris screamed.
After a minute, Rick got it.
“That’s not fucking funny!” He snapped.
Chris giggled.
“I thought it was. Accurate too…”
Rick frowned.
“Not funny…” He grumbled.
Chris shrugged.
Hours passed and they were drunk off their ass.
“This one goes out to Alex cock sucking Riley!” Chris slurred, using a hairbrush as a microphone. Rick was his audience of one.
“I thought that I could always count on you,
I thought that nothing could come between us two.
We said as long as we would stick together,
We’d be alright,
We’d be ok.
But I was stupid
And you broke me down
I’ll never be the same again.

So thank you for showing me,
That best friends can not be trusted,
And thank you for lying to me,
Your friendship and good times we had you can have them back


I wonder why it always has to hurt,
For every lesson that you have to learn.
I won’t forget what you did to me,
How you showed me things,
I wish I’d never seen.
But I was stupid,
And you broke me down,
I’ll never be the same again.

So thank you for showing me,
That best friends can not be trusted,
And thank you for lying to me,
Your friendship the good times we had you can have them back

When the tables turn again,
You’ll remember me my friend,
You’ll be wishing I was there for you.
I’ll be the one you’ll miss the most,
But you’ll only find my ghost.
As time goes by,
You’ll wonder why,
You’re all alone.

So thank you for showing me,
That best friends can not be trusted,
And thank you for lying to me,
Your friendship and good times we had you can have them back.

So thank you, for lying to me,
So thank you, for all the times you let me down
So thank you, for lying to me,
So thank you, your friendship you can have it back!” Chris slurred into the mic, sobbing when he finished.
Rick sighed, stood and lifted his brother bridal style. He didn’t know how to calm him…
He was drunk so the first thing that came to mind was what they’d done when they were toddlers. When Rick was upset, Chris always scooped him up, kissed him and put him to sleep while singing. So he would do just that.
He held Chris to his chest and kissed him softly. He carried him up the stairs to the bedroom and spooned him from behind, whispering in his ear.
“It’s alright Chrissy… I’ll get you through this.. You got me Chrissy. Always do… I’ll never leave you…” He cooed.
Soon Chris's soft snores filled the room.
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